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  1. How does it compare to Audiolense? Also, can't you just sent the recorded log sweep file to them, and they'll do the work for you and send you back a convolver?
  2. Thanks for your reply Chris, and yes I am sure that my interpretation was not the meaning you had intended. It was just the flavour I got from the name and quite possibly what some other perhaps more outside observers might glean from it also. I can see however how the original name ComputerAudiophile was starting to sound a little dated, as these days with the emergence of all manner of network audio devices the computer no longer holds the pivotal role that it once did, say in the era of the CAPS v1 developments! Perhaps the word "digital" might be more apt than "computer" these days.....DigitalAudiophile....hmmm....certainly doesn't rhyme very well....
  3. The problem here is the use of the term "style". This term serves to make our hobby sound superficial, image-oriented and somewhat ostentatious. The obvious connotation is to fashion - image-obsessed and transient. The use of this term here would seem to undermine the purpose of this site - taking the focus away from an approach based in science, electronics or computers and reinforcing the image of audiophiles being concerned with "style over substance".
  4. It's still running fine now. Only change is I have switched to a different DAC so added an SoTM tx-usbexp card.
  5. I've not frequented this site as much recently and am therefore a little out of the loop - but why was the name changed from Computeraudiophile to Audiophilestyle? I think I prefer the former as it is a clearer description of the site.
  6. Still trying to work out if this is tongue in cheek or not....?
  7. Yes, you really needed a fairly silent environment to pick up the hum (with no ambient noise in the background). I had worried about there being too much noise at the Lampizator testing lab and had mentioned this to them in my first email. But that is how I (and likely others) like the listening room - silent! From some of the comments, I'm surprised that this isn't a more recognised issue. It's not that I have super-sensitive hearing or that my room is an anechoic chamber or anything!
  8. A final update for anyone that is interested or experiencing a similar problem. I ended up returning the DAC to the manufacturer (Lampizator) a second time. This time they replaced the transformer with the one they are using in their newer DACs. I had thought that the noise was coming from the choke (what I had initially thought was a EI transformer), so was somewhat skeptical that replacing the toroidal transformer would make a difference. So on unpacking, inserting the tubes and making the various connections at the rear, with trepidation I pressed the power switch. And....BOOM the DAC blew up!! Just kidding...THERE WAS NO HUM!!! Hallelujah! Or, more accurately, there was a very low level of hum which is in keeping with the other audio components and not audible once a foot or two away from the DAC. So after a (fairly) long road, this problem has been solved. Thanks to all for the advice given
  9. OK, I had it checked by a local electrical engineer - he seemed to think that the level of transformer hum was within manufacturers tolerances.
  10. Conducted a further experiment. I plugged the DAC in in a music shop some 35 minutes drive away to see if it would still hum whilst on a different part of the grid - and it did. So it would seem to be less likely that it is something else in my house, or the power supply to my house, which is causing the problem.
  11. Interesting! Did you try plugging the amp in somewhere else, other than at your house? I tried it at my work too and the hum remained the same - thus reducing the possibility of something like what you had experienced, I think.
  12. I tried measuring the mains DC with the meter set to a range of 600V DC, but it didn't measure anything.
  13. I have the Sinometer 830B - this one: http://jbryant.eu/pages/DMM.htm I think it has a DC range of 600V, to the left of "OFF" if I am not mistaken?
  14. OK One and a half - I looked back at the post you mentioned. Here are my findings: Black probe to earth, red probe to active: 246V Black probe to earth, red probe to neutral: nothing registered on my multimeter - 0.00V (however the lowest "setting" for AC V is 200V) Black probe to neutral, red probe to active: 246-247V You initially said that it should read 230V. Does this therefore seem quite high?
  15. Yes, I gathered that this was normal and within the acceptable range as far as the transformers are concerned. One and a half - what other measurements would be helpful here?
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