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DAC Recomendation $650US

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Looking for a new DAC in the $650US range. Not interested in a built in headphone amp - will playback through my preamp. Sound quality is prime importance. Will be using Foobar2000 with either WASAPI or ASIO output.


Very interested in the Schitt Bifrost multibit but discovered this is only a 16 bit DAC. How does the sound quality of the Bifrost MB stand up against other similarly priced 24 or 32 bit DACs? Are there better alternatives?


Thank you for any suggestions.

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You can't go wrong with the Gustard X20u, pro or non-pro versions. I have had my non pro for almost a year and have heavily modified it so I can send DSD512 to it. It will embarrass most dac's costing way more. It is great out of the box and has some really easy mods to do that will take it up a notch or 2. I compared it to a T+A 8 dac DSD in my system, both running single ended and the T+A was a bit better but at $4000 it should be.

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