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  1. I’ve been banned from almost every audio forum. If I voted to ban Ralf I’d be nothing but a hyprocite.
  2. GUTB

    MQA - CD

    Well I have picked up a Mytek Liberty along with this Chinese LPS. A $1k DAC shouldn't come with a SMPS but I do appreciate the DC line in at least. I chose the Mytek because it was the only affordable DAC which supports MQA-CD, or MQA over SPDIF. I've been burning it in for over 200 hours now so it should be about ready for critical listening. I have some MQA-CDs coming in from CD Japan but they're taking their sweet time shipping them. I have some MQA-CD samplers and Tidal Masters of course.
  3. I can offer some hate. 1. Not tubey. For that I recommend an all-tube pre with a big bottle rectifier. 2. It eats tubes. I’m tired of feeding it. After mine screwed up a $120 black treasure I officially gave up on trying to tube roll it. 3. Has noise problems. Very annoying. Not worth enough to try and have it serviced. 4. 600 Ohms output impedance when using balanced. Tube balanced is down to 200. I mean, seriously? I’ll say one good thing about it though: high bandwidth. Second good thing: low gain.
  4. A couple of things you can do. The use of a USB cleaner discussed in this thread. Also check eBay and AliExpress for a power supply upgrade for the Oppo. If the 205 allows native DSD then using HQPlayer will give you a nice boost in quality.
  5. I just got in a Maraschino used for $650. I’m curious about these amps because they achieve 2x the bandwidth as other class D designs, they’re unique, and pretty cheap used. If nothing else it’ll be good enough for my PC. It’s plugged into a Furutech NCF outlet via a LessLoss standard + Firewall 64X. Initial listening impression is that they don’t ruin the soundstage or my ProAc’s ability to image which is good. The midrange isn’t very convincing but not that bad either. They seem to make my vinyl sound like CDs, possibly robbing it of some dynamic performance. It plays well both connected to my tubed pre and directly to my tubed DAC. Gain is low so I’m finally spared my pre’s tube hiss. Anyway we’ll see.
  6. Get them from AliExpress for peanuts. The sellers will customize the output voltage. The most important would be the MicroRendu and the least important would be the Synology.
  7. Well, if I was going to spend $500 on someone who doesn't value audio I'd probably just put that amount towards getting them a nice UltraHD TV, a smartphone or something. But if it has to be a AIO type unit, why not those AudioEngine speakers with Spotify support?
  8. Although Pass is the one I think who's been popularizing JFETs, I believe most everyone still uses MOSFETs with BJTs being popular in the high end where manufacturers go through great lengths match them and tweak the circuit just right. What I want to figure out is negative feedback, little negative feedback or NO negative feedback.
  9. If you needed to have a license to be an audiophile you wouldn't have these kids buying $100 Chinese DACs hooked up to $200 powered speakers placed on a computer desk and calling themselves audiophiles. The reason why is because the licensing body would be made up of experienced audiophiles who know how to get good sound and who can prove it through a large body of work in the audiophile space. There may be some "engineers" who don't know the least bit about good sound but the majority of the body would set forth the licensing guidelines.
  10. Well I know for a really long time analog photography was considered better than digital. To me anyway the true power of photography was those huge landscapes / nature vista from those medium format cameras.
  11. In my experience, across the board from dealer showrooms, trade shows and my own system -- vinyl is superior. I spent a lot of money on my vinyl setup, around $10k actual dollars (not MRSP). It took a while but it's at the point where it's about 90% as quiet as my digital. On my best records the only hint it's not a CD is the odd pop from a random piece of dust or something. Of course I have heard pristine records being played on ultra high end systems at shows which are virtually indistinguishable from CDs based on noise. What has made vinyl superior isn't the warmth and natural frequency extension -- that's a factor, but to me not the main one. The main factor is the heightened dynamic expression which I believe is what leads vinyl to sound more "real" and "there". Until I can bridge that gap between digital and analog my digital is going to remain in an impasse.
  12. I never did that. I sometimes remind people that I’m neurotypical.
  13. So I just spent 200 hours breaking in a new DAC to try and overcome this digital hump. http://www.thebestamp.com/DA_Converters_USB-DACs/DA-512DSD-2.php The most interesting part of this DAC is the use of two big power tubes, the KT-150, in tube-rectified output stage. I thought it would probably be a XMOS + 9018 going by the DSD512 and 384 kHz PCM specs -- but as it turns out it's Amanero which surprised me. That's good and bad: good in that Amenaro doesn't suck and it has two clocks one for each rate family so I can use auto-rate family in HQPlayer. Bad in that I need to flash the damn thing if I want to play DSD512 without noise. I'm not ready to post detailed listening impressions yet. However, it does seem clear that dynamic performance is still lacking!! And another thing, I'm worried that my XRCD rips don't sound as good as off the CD player -- it could be in my head of course, but now I'll have to hook the CDP up again. There's no way that CDP should be superior to my custom no-fan linear PSU isolated SSD, Paul Pang USB on battery + HQPlayer.
  14. HOW MANY time have I heard "objectivists" say that any marginally-competent power supply will completely isolate AC noise from the audio circuit? When IN REALITY such a power supply is NOT a marginal effort any EE with a textbook can throw together. So YES, power conditioners, isolators, and re-generators actually improve sound. WOW! I GUARANTEE YOU that if I were to post a summarized version of Nelson Pass' statements on this I would get "objectvists" calling it snakeoil, audiofoolery, etc. You might even get people breaking out there oscilloscope showing no harmonics in the audio band to "prove" it. But when Nelson Pass, one of the TOP authorities in amp design in America tell you that you need to clean up AC noise into the radar band (ie, Ghz range) they have no choice but to avoid commenting.
  15. But the EE "objectvists" keep tell us, over and over and OVER again that nothing that ISN'T in or around the audio band makes a difference.
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