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  1. Class D is useless trash. Possibly technology will progress to the point where class D will compete with linear amplification in terms of sound quality but we're not there yet. The main problem is, what goes in isn't what comes out. The downside of linear amplification is that everything that goes in, including all the spurious junk, is what also comes out. The upside of class D is that the spurious junk that goes in mostly doesn't come out the other side. Class D provides lower noise, higher resolution. Driver control is much better in (high end) class D. But, the deadly flaw of
  2. There's an MQA version of Come Away With Me (192/24). I'm running a Mytek Liberty which fully supports MQA (unfolding and rendering). Right now I'm streaming it from Roon via my Paul Pang USB in my dedicated audio server to the Liberty directly. Listening with Fostex TH900 with Mjolnir 2. The headphone system is not running off my listening room's balanced power transformer but rather off an Emotiva filtered power bar. Impressions of this album so far is Norah's voice is perhaps a little too hot / forward, I think that's a mastering choice as I'd imagine the engineer wanted it to
  3. Welp...my adventure in digital on pause again for another reason -- I somehow damaged my poor Stratos. Probably due to yanking out the interconnects foolishlessly followed by loud popping noises through the speakers and the fragrant smell of BURNING ELECTRONICS. Heavy distortion through one channel. Wasted the better part of yesterday figuring that out of course. And now a channel imbalance is evident...hope it's not my ProAc Sigh. I went and placed an order for a Niam NAD200 clone from Aliexpress, delivered for $330. Just a stopgap because I don't know how long it'll be before I get a seriou
  4. In regards to disc playback, I've been "impressed" only a few times. One of those was a European CD player...trying to remember what it was for the life of me, I remember them showing off a demag / ionozing treatment process and the sounds produced was actually very impressive. Someone know which manufacturer I'm talking about?? Another one was an Esoteric room at an audio show. They were playing a SACD on a system I forget except the chain was completely Esoteric. I remember that especially because the Schiit room was right next door and it stuck with me how completely the Esoteri
  5. Triangle Art Concerto upgraded to a Maestro platter and Triangle Art speed controller. Triangle Art Zeus cartridge on a Reed 2A arm. Custom Hashimoto SUT. Chinese tubed phono, forget the brand right now, it was a cheap clone of some old famous brand. Triangle Arts purchased at show prices and dealing directly with the manufacturer: Concerto + platter upgrade $2000, speed controller $2000, Zeus MC $2000. Reed 2A used $2000. Hashimoto SUT from private builder on ebay $1000. Chinese phono approx. $400 + a few hundred more on NOS tubes. Oh, and I broke down and bought a SMARTractor for $600,
  6. These responses are good for upvotes, but are useless to audiophiles. Audiphiles place a high value on sound quality and if we could be happy with a car stereo and Echoes we wouldn't need to make threads like this. Figuring out digital vs analog is a major topic. I'm told by experienced audiophiles that digital isn't a dead end. Okay, I don't want to give up on it either. If there's a way I can get digital sound which at least approaches my analog I'll gladly demote the record playing for a select few of my finest pieces when I feel like it...but only if I can do it without spendin
  7. Well I ordered both LP and CD of Turn up the Quiet. I noticed that an MQA version is available on Tidal so I'll be able to do a full 3-way comparison between record, CD via CD transport and high-res digital via my audio PC.
  8. No, and neither is being cooked over a fire. Your cells won't even notice being next a few hundred mW transmitter. Working on a giant wide-area transmitter array while it's going off at full power might be dangerous possibly? A 5G cell tower may be hitting you with about the same energy as a light bulb.
  9. Class D? Embarrassing trash. I guess that's the state of Marantz.
  10. Thank you, great information. I may experiment with a better power supply -- is there anything out there besides HDPlex ready-made with PC pin-outs?
  11. Electromagnetic energy is represented in a frequency range. The frequency at which this radiation has the potential to cause damage is somewhere in the PHz range (ultraviolet light), this is called "ionizing radiation". 5G transmissions fall far, FAR below the threshold of ionizing radiation. Note that sunlight is ionizing. Worrying about 5G is like worrying about being hurt by the waves caused by a passing fish while standing under a waterfall. Only people with health anxieties will worry about it after being educated.
  12. Every upgrade to the audio server improved the sound. Well, I used a super low-noise voltage regulator on the SSD power based on recommendations from the "A novel way" thread, but that was a huge downgrade; as it turned out it was better to just remove the SSD's 5v from the listening environment entirely. I thought a SATA filter worked well but I ended up frying it by accident and I didn't have the heart to order another one. Of all the upgrades, I'd say the single largest audio improvement was removing the SSD's 5v power from the system. Replacing the switching PSU with a Chinese
  13. So, my experiences up until now seems to clearly indicate that analog sounds better than digital. From experiences with my own system, my records produce MUCH more life-like sound, something which I characterize as a major difference in dynamic performance (note, not dynamic range). The suddenness, force, acceleration, etc, of dynamic swings. For example, someone shouting into a mic, or a strong movement of the orchestra. My digital, as resolving, as quiet, as clear as I have made it over years of tweaking, just doesn't compare; if one system sounds real and the other doesn't, the real-soundin
  14. After a few years with my first custom PC server, I'm stuck. The server itself is nothing special: consumer ATX motherboard, passively-cooled 7700k running Windows 10, Roon, HQPlayer and Fidelizer Pro. Chinese linear PSU running the 19v and motrherboard power, use of a simple USB-SATA splitter cable to isolate the SSD's 5v power to a USB charger in another room. Paul Pang USB card, one with the big OCXO powered off a USB battery pack. The LPSU is plugged into a regular outlet in my listening room, no further power conditioning or special cabling being used. The issue is -- my vinyl
  15. I listened to the Stromtank at the LA Audio Show (one of those in LA anyway) in 2018 or 2017. It was the big one, and I forget the rest of the system...I was pretty impressed with the sound. Of course the problem with such systems is that of course they're going to sound great so I didn't know how much to attribute to the Stromtank. I remember explicitly thinking that battery isolation from mains was the best way forward, just not at THOSE prices.
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