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  1. I googled using media creation tool with server and got no hits or mentions of it working, I found manual script methods and of course rufus was suggested a lot. Anyway with server 19 w GUI and AO3 and AFpro8.4 the sound took another positive step forward. More transparent, more dynamic, more there, more jump. So much presence and stage width, dept and height was more pronounced. Nicely done Phil.
  2. I decided to do another clean install. Downloaded new ISO used rufus to make bootable USB, this time it took over 15 minutes to make USB whereas before it was less than one minute. Installed server 19 and was able to convert to retail with the key I bought so all is good. For some reason rufus didn't complete the process for first attempt although it installed and looked fine, but when I tried converting to retail version DISM didn't like the image.
  3. @AudioPhil Help. I am having a hard time activating my 2019 server standard with desktop experience evaluation copy to a retail copy. First I downloaded the eval copy from MS web site, same as your link on a second windows PC. I then used rufus to make a bootable USB with this image. I then used a clean SSD drive in my dedicated Audio PC, inserted the USB and started the PC, changed boot order to USB and it booted fine and installed exactly as you would expect. I then installed my drivers, made sure no yellow signs in DM, installed HQP and Roonserver and got my wifi working. I then installed AO3, activated it, it used the same hardware ID as my 10pro set up and the same activation key worked. I then set up auto logon and then ran AO and I listened to music all last night it is better than 10 pro but not night and day. Today I tried activating I searched the web and found best way to do it. DISM get target in administrator command prompt and then change target. Well I get this error and here is the DISM log It looks like I don't have a valid windows system image?? WTF???? So I go into settings and check about system and I see this below and then check activation and see this below. So it looks okay there but through command prompt and DISM it doesn't like something. Any ideas what to do? Thanks
  4. yes it does. I do cuda offload for DSD512 upsampling so I need it. My system sounds wonderful even with graphic driver installed. I only installed the driver not the other extra crap. Your 4600 GPU should be able to go above the resolutions you report do you have a display port output, that gives you higher resolutions.
  5. Install the driver possibly, then you can go to higher res if you say yes to that question during set up. I use a nvidia 1060 GPU for cuda offload and I have to load the driver for that. My screen is not high res. SQ is excellent even with driver. I assume you have an AMD CPU without built in graphics.
  6. I got win server 2019 std with desktop experience loaded. Installed HQPlayer 3.25.4 and roon server. I even got wifi working before AO install. Loaded AO 3.0 and ran the optimizations. I installed kernal streaming thinking it may be needed for tidal through Roon server, I said yes to waspi/mmcss, I disabled drivers and services and plug and play. I did not disable AMD CPU/SATA drivers (thinking since I upsample to DSD512 and have a local HDD for music files that they were needed), I did not disable network services since I need them for tidal streaming (through roon), disabled remote desktop and management. With ST I enabled auto logon and did a shell replacement of roonserver and HQP. I have not listened to it other than through headphones to verify all works. What surprised me most was the number of processes, handles and threads are almost identical to what I had with my win 10 pro set up with fidelizer pro (fidelizer is not installed on my server SSD). Is that right? I thought server was a much streamlined version of windows. Now the SQ may be much improved, I won't know until tonight when I fire the system up. I was surprised the processes are about equal to 10 pro. Overall the server 2019 manual was pretty good, I wish it would have covered more example on some option thou.
  7. That was my plan use a second SSD with server on it and AO then it would be fairly easy to go between but I expect one wins over the other and I'll stay that way.
  8. I would assume it would also eliminate streaming Tidal. I like you have Roon Server and HQP as My shell replacement in Win 10. I am considering moving to Server 19, but Tidal is a big part of my music library so its mandatory that I can do that.
  9. @AudioPhil, Thank you. Loving what 3.0 does to win 10 pro. Based on your ranking you think 19 server desktop will be a nice improvement in sound? One last question what is this about CAL's do you need any for server standard desktop on a single one user PC?
  10. Question, does win server 2019 work with wifi? and if so is it easy to set up? My audio room has no ethernet access so wifi is what i run in my win 10 pro setup.
  11. Well good job, most people would never open the dac and do what you did. I was the first person to get this dac to play DSD512 way back. I used a third party USB to I2S board and tapped into the dac's internal I2S lines (this was before the Singxer SU-1 and other DDC's could do that). Also preformed some heavy mod's to the dac which greatly improves its SQ. It is a very good sounding dac and from all my probing it almost bombproof. Good Luck.
  12. That doesn't sound good. Have you tried unplugging for 30 seconds or so and then replug in? and try. Another option uninstall driver, reboot then re-install driver. There is no reset switch on dac. You are selecting the input that the device is connected to correct?
  13. Quadman

    HQ Player

    On the main setting dialog box as show in your pictures change SDM pack from DoP to SDM. For Bit rate limit you need to lower that to to 48k x 256 or possibly 44K x256(which is DSD256 and I think the dacs limit, this dac can't handle DSD512 much less DSD1024 which you have selected). Then in main HQP screen under the round volume knob make sure you select SDM there, not auto. And as Jussi says under DSDIFF/DSF settings make sure Direct SDM is unchecked.
  14. Yes single box, with regen and isoregen between PC and Dac. I have experimented with regen in path and out and actually prefer it in at the PC, I turn off USB 5V via bios, and use the regen with LPSU as 5V to the IR which also has LPSU and all DC pwr cables are Gotham Gac 4/1 UP with my variable shielding setup. Power supplies, in my opinion, are probably 85% of a products sound quality and powering NUC's with high quality LPSU's is a great idea, that and using a low overhead OS like AL makes it tempting to try, but 512 is alive in my room and I have a big addiction to it. My modded vinyl rig (improved PSU's for phono stages) with the best recordings can hang with it, but the convenience of digital and vast tidal library make digital the king for me. Back to topic and summarizing optane as boot drive= to Sata II SSD (intel X25e) w sotm sata II filter and LPSU and both are > Sata III SSD as OS.
  15. Larry I am using as OS drives only. I have not tried the nvme PCIe card as I have a big GPU card sitting there for cuda offload. Everything I play I upsample to DSD512 and lately have been digging the Closed Form 16M HQP filter which most CPU's will not run without a GPU capable of Cuda offload. As a side note (and off topic) I recently had in my possession a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA, Robert Harley calls it the best digital he has heard. I was selling this unit for a friend and of course I had to listen to it PCM at its best and MQA decoding vs. my beloved DSD512. I also had the Berkeley Alpha USB converter so the PC was completely isolated from the DAC (pc server, USB to Berkeley USB, AES digital to Berkeley Dac). To my ears there was no comparison, the DSD512 setup just trounced the PCM/MQA of the berkeley dac. DSD512 is alive I am at the recording there is no stereo in the room just sound, The berkeley, tho very good, made me feel like I was listening to a very good stereo, the audio cliche check list would be there with the berkeley, but the feeling, the involvement with the music was not the same. My T+A at 512 gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Hence from this experience I decided to stay the high rate upsampling path rather than the low powered Nuc route.
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