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  1. In my experience for a SQ standpoint only, more L3 cache sounds better than less and is the reason why I switched to AMD processors. But if you want to run HQP 4 and its EC modulators then speed seems to be the ruling factor and the upcoming 9900KS would be the winner there. I still think (or hope) a ryzen 3800x OC'd to 4.5 Ghz would be a reasonable solution to both.
  2. You can download and try HQP 4 for free but it only works for 30 minutes at time, but would give us a good idea if the 3700x can to the EC ASDM7EC modulators at DSD256. Also HQP 4.x sounds better than 3.x. My Ryzen 1800x OC'd to 4.0 GHz and with a Nvidia 1060 GPU for cuda off load can do some DSD256 filters but only with ASDM5EC modulators, it cannot do the 7EC modulators. Do you overclock your 3700x? I would guess not as you appear to want to use a fanless case.
  3. Can you play DSD512 with the non-2s XTR filters (No EC modulators used for dither) with this processor?
  4. I run a AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, with Gigabyte X370 MB and a GeForce 1060 GPU. OC my CPU to 4.0Ghz I can run several Filters with 5EC modulator at DSD256. Since M, Closed Form 16M, MinringFirMP, Poly Sinc ext2 can all be run at DSD256 with the 5EC modulator. I have not tried the 7EC much. My machine has WS2019, AO 3.0, and AF pro 8.4. I use server in GUI mode but use AO for shell replacement with Roon Server and HQP. My dac is T+A dac8dsd, to my ears I still prefer DSD512 no EC obviously, to DSD256 with the EC5 modulator. Its really not even close DSD256 sounds nice on its own then switch to 512 and the music opens up, comes alive and has more dynamics, pace, rhythm and drive. I may later this year try a 3700X or 3800x with my MB and a faster RTX GPU like the 2060 super or 2070. Hoping that setup will give me more DSD256 filters with EC7 and give me the elusive 512 non2s XTR filters.
  5. Quadman

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I have it working with WS2019 in GUI mode, I have not tried core mode.
  6. Greg, I never saw that response, not sure where it was sent or where to find it. I would have accepted and the deal would have been done. I apologize, I always respond. Since there was no response in this thread I assumed you declined. I am still willing to accept that offer, except as promised we'll cover PP fess at $800 (around 4%) and you cover freight.
  7. Well you offered $800 in aug, at $800 we'll still cover PP fees, shipping is on you.
  8. Bump moves it up the list, priced reduced is exactly that, price was reduced.
  9. On a couple of PC's I've built. I've used it on the server, but my personal machine I still use the old sata 2 intel X25E SSD, I think it sounds a bit more analogish and more whole. Optane sounds pretty good and would be my second choice, but for now my heart lies with sata 2.
  10. Quadman

    HQ Player

    Thank you Patrick. I didn't think of that. I tried renaming the folder in program files Signalyst to HQPlayer Desktop 3, but of course that still left the actual program HQP 4 and I still got the error message.
  11. Quadman

    HQ Player

    I just installed HQP 4. I was then resetting AO 3 and with service tool I was trying to do a shell replacement, Roonserver and HQPlayer. But AO gives me message HQP cannot be found. I have it (HQP) installed in the default directory. So I then tried to set just HQP as default shell and got this message "Install HQP in the default directory: C:\Program Files\signalyst\HQPlayer Desktop 3\" Well it is in that directory, but it is now HQPlayer 4, not 3. How can I change this so AO can see it? Any ideas?
  12. Quadman

    HQ Player

    He just needs to send me email to get the key updated... @Miska Sent info to your contact listed email, this mourning. hoping to listen tonight
  13. Quadman

    HQ Player

    @Miska I am at a friends house and I was trying to update his HQP from 3.16 to the last 3.25.4 and he had the old license key format. I tried the old converter site but got an error message is it still possible to convert old license keys the the newer HTML format? he wants to her the last 3.xx before he decides to upgrade. Thanks
  14. Blindly answering here but Jussi has stated speed is key for EC modulators and should have at minimum 2 cores over 4 Ghz, so if Xenon can accomplish that then it may very well work. Most success I have seen is with the 9700K and it self turboboost itself (not manually OC'd) up to 4.7 to handle EC at DSD256.
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