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  1. Forget it big brain fart. Once I installed AO3 it added the necessary components to server 19 and all is good now. I don't work with server much, the old set up was very stable until I tried to update HQP to 4.6 then blue screen of death carnival. So on reinstall of server 19 I just followed my windows 10 instincts, the brain fart😂
  2. I was forced to do a clean install of server 2019 on my ryzen 7 PC. To many blue screens of death after trying to update HQP to 4.6. Before the clean install of server 19. I was running server 19 os, roon server, HQP, AO3.0 and fidelizer pro just fine on this PC. Any remote, android phone, iPad, win 10 laptop had no issue connecting to roon server. After the clean install I got all drivers reinstalled I put Roonserver on this PC and HQP 4.6. I tried to connect to roonserver with my iPad and android phone and kept getting connection failed messages and a constanst loop of trying to connect. AO 3.0 is not yet installed on this machine. As a workaround I put full roon on this PC (control, core, and output) and set that up as core, control and output using the server 19 GUI to control music selection this worked fine, no issues. So roon can play music just fine on this PC. Today I logged out of Roon and went back to roonserver, remotes cannot connect, I added roonserver.exe and raatserver.exe to the firewall exceptions list. I checked all my windows proxy settings everything seems fine. I rebooted my wifi modem and my server PC still no luck getting my remotes to connect to roonserver. Any idea's on what I may be able to do to get a roon remote to connect? AO is not yet on this machine I just wanted to make sure it worked before installing AO3.0. My server uses wifi to connect to a asus wifi modem as do all my remotes connect to this modem as well. I can access the internet just fine on this machine.
  3. I owned a couple of those dacs you yearn for and in no way shape or form would I ever trade my T+A for that sound again. What speakers do you have? Try different filters with HQP, you can certainly change the sound with a filter change. My favorite right now is Sinc-M with DSD5v2 256+fs. I also like Ext2, closed form 16M and the XTR MP 2s (I can't run the non 2s version). Also what server are you using to send to your dac? Do you have any means of isolating the USB signal from the dac. The T+A has a pretty good filter on the USB for noise, but I still prefer some isolation between the server and dac.
  4. I don't care about XTR non 2s with EC 7. EXT2 would be fine. 2700X can OC to 4.3 same as your 3700x so it might be possible. My reason is 2700x is cheap right now like <$160. so it may be a nice temporary move until late next year/early 21 before I jump to the next upcoming gen CPU's. Then XTR at 512 (no EC) be doable and 256 w EC7 work as well. I prefer AMD as L3 Cache is much larger than intel and I think affects SQ in a positive way. I am not sold on 3900x yet, price mostly or the intel 9900 series.
  5. Is anybody running a ryzen 2700X and overclocking it to the max turbo of 4.3Ghz? I run my 1800x at its max of 4.0Ghz and can do 256 w EC5 modulators, so wondering if a 4.3Ghz OC would get EC 7 modulators?
  6. Quadman

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Email him the new key you generated, tell him it is the one time free move and he will email the file to you. Do not do it like you have tried.
  7. Quadman

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Yes it changes the signature of the PC, but you get 1 free change with original Pro license. First you need to generate a new hardware code with his tool then email him this code and tell him you want to use your 1 free change.
  8. I am helping my friend sell off a bunch of his high end accessories. Here we are offering his EnKlein Titan speaker cables, 8ft terminated in spades. MSRP $8900 when last available, we ask $2950 and at this price will cover domestic PP fees and US Shipping From the mfg website when they were listed: The Enklein Titan speaker cables are designed specifically around the concept of optimized response and transmission characteristics of copper and silver. The construct, composed of 98 individual components is divided by frequency. Each individual frequency group is independently shielded by phase. The midrange and treble conductors are solid silver isolated in air tubes. The Bass conductors are isolated within an independent parallel architecture utilizing copper and silver conductors of differing diameters to optimize low end and mid bass response. The design intention is to isolate each frequency transmission band from the others. Each of the negative and positive polarities are also individually isolated and share a common, purely passive shield that is not within the signal path.
  9. I am helping a friend sell some of his extra audio gear. We have 2 pair of EnKlein Zephry 2 Balanced interconnects (62" tip to tip) for sale. These have just come back from the factory and look new. MSRP is $2500 per pair, we are asking $1300 a pair or $2500 for both pairs for these excellent almost new cables. At these prices we will cover domestic PP fees and shipping to the USA. The only reason he is selling is he moved to the top of the line Enklein David cables. For this money you will be hard pressed to find a better sounding cable. Link to cables- https://enklein.com/products/zephyr2/
  10. In my experience for a SQ standpoint only, more L3 cache sounds better than less and is the reason why I switched to AMD processors. But if you want to run HQP 4 and its EC modulators then speed seems to be the ruling factor and the upcoming 9900KS would be the winner there. I still think (or hope) a ryzen 3800x OC'd to 4.5 Ghz would be a reasonable solution to both.
  11. You can download and try HQP 4 for free but it only works for 30 minutes at time, but would give us a good idea if the 3700x can to the EC ASDM7EC modulators at DSD256. Also HQP 4.x sounds better than 3.x. My Ryzen 1800x OC'd to 4.0 GHz and with a Nvidia 1060 GPU for cuda off load can do some DSD256 filters but only with ASDM5EC modulators, it cannot do the 7EC modulators. Do you overclock your 3700x? I would guess not as you appear to want to use a fanless case.
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