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  1. I should specify that I am using an excellent but non-MQA dac, Vega. In this situation, the upgrade is very desirable.
  2. Yes it’s very exciting that this MQA upgrade has finally arrived. I installed it today, and it works very well. I had actually requested this from tech-support 6 to 8 months ago, and it was unclear if it would be possible. The cost is nominal, and well worth the upgrade if you subscribe to TIDAL, or own MQA files. To those who do not understand how MQA works, or do not wish to upgrade, no one is forcing you… For me, there is a clear benefit to doubling the sampling rate from 44 or 48 kHz up to 88 or 96 kHz (and yes, the unfolding correctly re-creates the Hi-Rez original files, within the limits of our hearing, perhaps with some small MQA improvements/Modifications). Of course, we are always dependent on high-quality source material recorded/mastered in high-resolution. Thank you thank you to Aurender for implementing this update! Eric
  3. W4S or alternative USB reclocker with Linear power supplies, And consider isolation of your Internet… fuses and such will not make a noticeable difference to this device. You may also benefit from AC power filtering or regeneration for your whole system. Certainly, there is a simplicity to a more expensive one box solution, but these may have substantial additional cost. E
  4. I would start by trying to optimize the N100H which you already own. This has been discussed extensively earlier in the thread. E you didn’t really say if you wanted to spend a lot of money…
  5. Positive A10 review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/aurender-a10-caching-network-music-serverplayer/?page=2
  6. A lot of set up troubles, weak to poor listening evaluation, and unfavorable bench testing of a different unit… And all of this for $5500.
  7. Very troubling review of the A10 on stereophile https://www.stereophile.com/content/aurender-a10-network-music-playerserver Eric
  8. Yes, this is an improvement , but best if users could select a range of font sizes.
  9. I also find myself needing to do a lot of scrolling. It seems to me that you could have a user setting option to reduce this effect. For example, there could be a summary version of forum posts which would only list the first two or three lines of a quoted content, and also potentially reduce other optional content. I also think that it might be desirable to allow variable width for the PC. More user options allows each user to tailor their experience ... Some of the action links could be replaced by icons to save space E
  10. OK, how about a way to set larger fonts for forum posts in the user settings. (For iPad) Thanks
  11. OK, I see that you have series 2 speakers which already have the tweeters protected
  12. OK, having a bed in the room will help absorb sound and keep the room from being too bright. You did not tell us the size, but we will assume that your room is not very large. maybe you could at least test your system further from the speakers, and with the speakers pointed towards you. The vocals will be more airy if you are listening with the tweeters pointed towards you. By the way, those Tweeters are easily dented. You should check that they have not been dented yet, and should purchase the tweeter covers for them. Imaging will improve if you have a symmetric arrangement, and are in the correct listening position. If you really want to know what's going on, you could buy or borrow a simple measurement microphone to measure your room response. E
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