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Software to convert 24/96 wav to aif?


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... converts the 24/96 wav files to aiff but drops the 8 bits (24 bits -> 16 bits), while doing the conversion. I use XLD.


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My fave by a mile - all sorts of goodies including a good label editor - but only for PC - I use on a PC then move to my Mac.


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I first make sure all metadata is correct. Neither WAV nor AIFF is a good format for this...so:

1) Convert WAV to FLAC (DBPowerAmp)

2) Use MP3TAG to get all FLAC tags correct, album art embedded, etc (MP3TAG is a very simple program that uses Amazon, etc to find tags and album art).

3) Convert FLAC to AIFF (DBPoweramp)

4) Load onto Mac


And it's Batch Converter is great too.


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