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  1. The iRC on Amarra 4L has never worked for me, since the first version. First time after installation there is no effect with iRC on/off and then after changing the selection of filter, switching on the iRC always shifts the stereo image to the right speaker. Is there any plan to fix it? Does the iRC work for any amarra 4L user?
  2. Alas !! Problem with the iRC still persists. :-((. No intention of foxing it ? Dropping the iRC feature ?
  3. iRC on Amarra 4L has never worked since all the versions including the last version 4.2.422. This is the case even after redoing the room measurements and filter generation with iRC measure 1.2.4(Build 8519). This is how it behaves... When iRC is enabled with a valid filter, first time after Amarra installation, enabling/disabling iRC has no effect. Then when a new filter is selected even if its blank, enabling/disabling iRC causes the stereo image to get distorted, mostly it has a obvious shift to Right channel. It is high time Amarra comes clean on iRC and let the cu
  4. Am onto A4L 4.2-404. Tried the iRC again, Same problem of stereo image shifting to right speaker. Had re-done re-measurement using iRC measure App 1.2.4 and generated fresh filters. Am at wits end now regrading iRC on A4L. Has it worked for anybody in any conditions ?
  5. Can I use the old measurements in the new measure app and re-generate the filters. Will these filters work in the A4L4.1 ?
  6. on the amarra website I find the new installer for A4L in support/downloads 4.1-360. This one also does not fix the iRC issue for me.
  7. Is the A4L iRC known to work in any circumstances ? For me also the same stereo image distortion, when iRC enabled.
  8. IRC not woking for me on the Amarra4. The filter when enabled simply shifts the stereo image to right speaker.
  9. Has anybody been able to make iRC work on A4L. For me it does not work and simply shifts the stereo image to the right speaker when iRC is enabled. Sonic Studio has acknowledged to me that some have reported the same issue and they are looking at it. I was just interested in knowing if anybody has been able to use iRC on A4L.
  10. I was able to enable iRC licensing and loaded my pre-existing filters from Amarra Symphony 3 iRC. In my setup All the filters when enabled are just making sound image shift to the right , as the right speaker becomes louder.
  11. I need a mac os X utility to convert WMA 24/96 files to flac/aiff/alac. I need it as the only lossless format sold by itrax is wma. So far these are my findings. a) The itunes wma converter chops the 24 bits to 16. b) I do not see the wma option in the XLD c) There is one archaic shell utility available on window's to convert wma to wav, from microsoft. If anybody has any inputs, please pitch in. Thanks Sanjay
  12. wideopenvista. That is quite a rant! Very well put too. I have exactly the same feelings, word by word for many of the points you raise.
  13. The hdtracks download experience depends a lot on the ISP that is being used. Initially I used to have a lot of problems with a particular ISP viz Hdtracks downloading but with another ISP it goes through, eventually. IMO the hdtracks downloading sucks even when it does not hang... a) Very slow. b) No way to modify the download order. c) The Pause and resume doe not work. d) Restarts downloading from the beginning of the file in case of on interruption. Would have been great if just the download links are provided instead of being forced to use the HDtracks java based downloader. H
  14. This irritant still exists in iTunes 10. It is able to import 24 bit AIFF files, but if wav or alac 24 bit files are converted to AIFF in itunes, the samples become 16 bit.
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