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Sennheiser HD700

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Quite possibly the best headphones you'll find for the price.


Here's a review:


Sennheiser HD700 Review - Our Official Headphones Review


Here they are: ImageUploadedByComputer Audiophile1469978033.531387.jpg


Lightly used for about three months. I listen to classical music. Condition 9/10. Although they look new to me.


Why am I selling? Because I'm an idiot. I just bought the HD800S, which I doubt are going to be 10% "better" let alone four times as good. So the HD700s have got to go...to cover the sales tax on the HD800S.


Headphones ship in original box, including the original Sennheiser storage case case.


$450 or best offer. PayPal and shipping CONUS are on me.


I've now sold three items on CA, and everybody has been really happy with what they bought. I also have a perfect seller's record on EBay (check out my profile...60second_dabbler)


Oh, one other thing: I'll list these on EBay, maybe tomorrow, if they don't sell here first.

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With respect, the HD700 is in a different league than the HD598. It's just better at everything.


In fairness to the HD195s, they're a different beast altogether, being wireless: Their selling point is convenience. Sonically, I would not compare them to the HD700.


But ask around and see what others say.


Now, if you wanted to ask about HD650 vs HD700, well, that might invite a "tastes great, less filling" argument without end.


The HD650 has fierce partisans. In my opinion, the HD700 crushes the HD650 but "them's fightin' words."

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I've owned: Audio Technica W1000, W3000 and W5000. Sennheiser HD600, HD650. Beyerdynamic T1, DT880. Grado RS2, 325i, 125. Hifiman 400, 400i.

From all those the Sennheiser HD700 are the most comfortable, neutral and enjoyable. I use them in my office for up to 6 hours at once. Tried that with all of the above and none of them lasted that long. Just the Audeze LCD-3 sounds WAY better, but is heavy and not as comfortable.

Happiness is wanting what you have.

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Here's the EBay auction:




Looks like you got a number of hungry fish on the hook. You should do well by end of auction.

Personally I'm happy with my HD650's

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