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  1. Merle Haggard & Toby Keith The Fightin Side Of Me One of my all time favorite Merle songs and one never more appropriate than in todays climate! 👍
  2. Very simple, finding the best performing/measuring components minus any non-verifiable BS. In search of real High Fidelity.
  3. Yep, the meanest, nastiest posts I ever read here were put up by a subjectivist having his feet held to the fire when asked to produce proof that what he believes he heard is real by supplying verifiable evidence such as DBT's or measurements. They just can't stand having their religion questioned and get reduced to name calling, snarky remarks and such. Because HiFi is short for High Fidelity. The persuit of HiFi has since the very beginning been accomplished via the use of measurements and the advancement of the engineering community learning to appl
  4. Chris, Like every other issue there are two sides to every story. We don't sensor the MQA threads where people have been continually debating the issues for a number of years now. Why are we to consider any cable threads off limits to opposing views? This is more akin to a religious thread that refuses to allow any science based information to upset the believers. when the basic science runs in direct contradiction to subjective believes What does this say to you? "Conclusion: No evidence in these tests to suggest that the different USB cables used here with the
  5. Sorry but the truth has to come to light on occasion. The popularity of cable snake oil has made a laughing stock of the audiophile community. A lie repeated often enough still doesn't make it true.
  6. Absolutely. Something is going seriously wrong with either the DAC or cable for the sound of 0&1's to change ????
  7. None of us did at his age. But we live and learn. LOL
  8. Thanks Jud. I have to look into if the current PCLinuxOS dev team is interested in building Nuvola apps to run on our distro. But before bothering I need to find out if the output of its dedicated Qobuz app to direct for bit perfect playback as it does in Windoz with Exclusive. Working around Pulse and getting the stream into Alsa can be difficult. Tricky stuff modern linux sound config is. LOL
  9. Still hoping for a native Linux desktop app to access the various HD data rate files. Spotify has one
  10. Got this Faith Hill album a week or so back. I've played it a few times now, her singing and the sound on this DVD is beautiful, it will get a lot of plays here..
  11. He probably listens to Country when no one is around to catch him "slumming". Country is just not Kool they tell me. BS I say.
  12. Just grabbed Faith Hill - Cry in DVD-A 5.1 surround off ebay. Can't wait to get and play it!!!
  13. Biggest issue with all the streamers is the near total lack of multichannel files. 😡
  14. Father time is without mercy. What I wouldn't give to be able to book a ticket to see Merle Haggard live one more time. I've never seen anyone take command of a stage and make it all seem so easy at the same time. RIP Merle, God Bless
  15. Maybe the best Christmas song of all time !!!. Lisa Layne - All I Want For Christmas Is You What a beautiful voice, She makes me cry at least a dozen times each year. Mariah Careys big hit doesn't even come close.
  16. Chris & Mitch, What incredible results from the room and DRC tuning, WOW!
  17. Got an email today that my 90 day free sub is about to expire. At this point I believe I'll cancel it and stick with Spotify for now. Since they offer no way for me to get their stream into my system without at least 2 data rate conversions and Spotify Connect directs the stream directly into my Marantz Pre/Pro the audible superiority of Amazons stream would be debatable. Just put this up here hoping Amazon suits are listening.
  18. Only if the listening is done under blinded bias controlled conditions. The brain is too easy to influence if it knows what it is listening to.
  19. What does that say about warranty length vs build quality? I believe much of it is based on a marketing/sales strategy.
  20. I've always had the same suspicion for many (most) products when several very similar products are sold at different price points and higher prices bringing longer warranty's. How much actually difference is there between them or does the higher price just cover the costs of products failing over a longer time period. With autos over the decades we've seen new car warranty's vary from 1 year to 5 or even 10. I don't believe the cars (same models) have been built to varying standards. The warranty term is used for different sales promotion depending on the market at the time.
  21. Remember, as heavy as the competition stands now, you could be the sole provider.
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