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  1. What does that say about warranty length vs build quality? I believe much of it is based on a marketing/sales strategy.
  2. I've always had the same suspicion for many (most) products when several very similar products are sold at different price points and higher prices bringing longer warranty's. How much actually difference is there between them or does the higher price just cover the costs of products failing over a longer time period. With autos over the decades we've seen new car warranty's vary from 1 year to 5 or even 10. I don't believe the cars (same models) have been built to varying standards. The warranty term is used for different sales promotion depending on the market at the time.
  3. Remember, as heavy as the competition stands now, you could be the sole provider.
  4. Hi David, Can you offer any updates on the Multichannel file situation? Any plans to get their streaming functioning outside of Roon, or adding more albums to the catalog? TIA Sal
  5. All kidding aside, I've never had a HD fail since I started using computers around 1998. I've always bought WD drives when I used spinners, there are still 2 500g spinning in this box I'm on that are around 13 yo and a OCZ Vertex SSD that is 10+ yo. GSmart reports the SSD as having "72% Life Remaining", whatever that means. LOL
  6. Take a pair of dice and give them a roll. The number you get is the number of years your new drive will last. Works without fail.
  7. I'm holding my breath till after Jan 1 before I pull the plug on a years sub between Amazon and Qobuz. If Qobuz holds the price line I'll go there, they have the Win app with the ablitiy to direct the data stream without resampling. If they raise the price I'll go to Amazon. Yep, I'm a cheapskate. LOL
  8. My email says this ??? ".If you are serious about music, you deserve the best sound quality. Studio Premier gives you unlimited access to our certified Hi-Res and CD lossless quality catalog and in-depth exclusive editorial content for $14.99/month. Available to the first 100,000 subscribers only (offer expires Jan 31, 2020)." https://info.qobuz.com/optiext/optiextension.dll?ID=A45A6F8PDqFLb4YiDhD8DwxcrIVFqzEEkCGkZNN4UF7Ks6KktuSNfuUklTBahSEVyGa6o%2Bj0YjUpQjyEO14J1rJsLa4kC
  9. Just got a email offering Qobuz Premier Studio for $14.95 a month?
  10. Not really the point is it? If your paying extra for something, you should be able to receive it.
  11. The little ones just call him Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy
  12. +1 Without an available exclusive stream path, who knows what SQ you'll end up with at the speakers after the stream navigates whatever digital paths your individual system may be putting it thru. In the end you might be better off with the still cheaper Spotify Premium with which "Spotify Connect" can send it's stream directly into many of todays media players. Spotify still has arguably the largest catalog of music and best UI of all the current streamers.
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