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  1. Also, unlike @sandyk I think many audiophiles care very much about access to and the freedom to copy, bit perfect copies of original master tapes. This was the dream of music lovers for years, a dream mostly answered with the CD. Then later when the attempted introduction of DRM, it was heavily fought against. MHO is that the more the audiophile world at large understands the true meaning and goals of MQA, the more they will appose it. I have at time shook my head at the size of this thread and the ongoing repeating of the many facts and opinions. But then when I think about how the high level of activity here increases the chances of any google search on MQA will lead them here and to the voices of freedom that are presented, I smile. Thanks Chris for this platform, and the other anti-MQA professionals/amateurs here for putting out the true nature of MQA.
  2. +1 Lord no matter how long I don't check in, it doesn't matter. I hear the same crap being repeated by MQA supporters over and over. Who cares how it sounds? If it sounds different than the original digital master tape that the engineers and producers approved, there is something WRONG with it! If in the end it takes away our access to bit perfect copies of the original master (which IS the big picture plan) we're letting Meridian and it's partners sell us down the river. Fight MQA anywhere and everywhere you can.
  3. Naw, nothing really lost. Believers will continue to believe no matter how strong the evidence against their positions.
  4. And Chris thought getting the Alexia's into the listening room was tough. Thor's at 545 lbs. And you really should have two! 😀
  5. IMO, it will be done when Meridian folds it's tent on MQA and goes home. Till then we have to continue the pushback against them and their plans to end consumer access to bit perfect copies of high definition audio recordings. Don't let up or the juggernaut will roll over the free market of lossless, better than Redbook, file distribution to the consumer market.
  6. Amazing the things people can hear when that little blue light comes on. With all the manipulation being done to the original file data stream, I can buy that it might sound different but not that its an improvement. We struggled for decades to have access to bit perfect & lossless copies of the original master files minus DRM and all the other garbage and now you want to throw all that away for a simple compression scheme that's not as good as flac or any other lossless one? Don't make a bit of sense to me, unless you buy into the deblurschitt snake-oil Meridian marketing. No thank you, I'll take a plain ole lossless scheme for my streaming. That's a pretty strong statement for a little piece of lossy compression software and some great marketing/sales BS. Better be 100% positive before you let the con-artists lock up your music in the latest ingenius form of DRM. Its not copy protection this time, the endgame is just to deny you access to the original master file in the first place.
  7. Your putting the a great motto to a bad cause Chris
  8. Whoa, Linus Torvalds should get a whiff of that post. 😖
  9. Have you heard them, or are you just making fantasy land judgements as usual?
  10. Sounds like your believing scandalous rumors on both counts. Another subjectivist failing ROTFL Girls gonna cost you a lot of money without a car. They don't want to be seen on the back of your bike unless they're 10yo. Have you heard the new L100's? Pretty impressive for a big monkey coffin. I'm repeating myself I think, but then I'm old and can be excused. LOL Gas, cash, or a-s, no one rides for free was my motto. Or a bit of Grass on occasion.
  11. Yes the 4367 are considered the blue collar version of the M2. a great less expensive option that can also be made active with the proper DSP gear. I know someone who went that way at first but later got a good deal on M2's LOL I haven't personally heard either yet though I know a number of owners. I have a newer web friend that just moved into my area with M2's, he has told me that as soon as he gets settled in his new digs he would invite me over for a evening of listening. I'm pretty stoked waiting. I really hoped to hear something at the last Tampa audio show in Feb but the best JBL brought was the new L100 Classic. I was disappointed, but they sounded very impressive actually, nothing like I remember the old 1970s L100 I hear the Tampa show was a big success for a first year event and will be run again this Feb 7-9 bigger and better, Here's hoping. https://floridaaudioexpo.com/
  12. Yep, I ran a pair of Klipsch La Scala's for 32 years with a couple factory upgrades along the way. Never would have given them up if I had the room for them in my retirement home. Sam Tellig agreed with me an ran a RAVE review of them for Stereophile in 2006 http://www.soundhifi.com/klipsch/sam.htm Klipsch Heresy III's were given a luke-warm review by Art Dudly in 2012 https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-119 And were given a very highly positive follow-up review by Ken Micallef in 2018 https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-119-ken-micallef-june-2018 The more modern 600m was a huge hit with Herb Reichert in March https://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-reference-premiere-rp-600m-loudspeaker So it depends on which reviewer at Stereophile you cast your lot. LOL
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