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  1. Chris, I can only imagine how good your room/system sounds! But don't ya go a bit snow blind up there, all that white? 😂 LOL
  2. Understood, but my last search revealed a total of something like 34 albums total. That would indicate that a bit more effort might be in order.
  3. Understandable, but honestly how much effort does it take to notify the labels they would like to have access to more multich files? I wouldn't think it would take much more than a few letters or phone calls. Qobuz has millions of files on they're servers, I'm sure they didn't have to request access one by one. I know the multichannel customer base isn't large but it is growing and since no other streamer is offering any product at all, Qobuz would have a wide open field on which to build their customer base both in the US and world wide. Just sayin
  4. Oh well, it's all a money game played like Three Card Monte anyway. You can remaster and up-sample an original analog recording till the cows come home and it will never be a High Definition file anyway, the resolution and dynamic range never existed. Or you can take a original digital recording and up-sample it to the limits of technology and it will never add a single bit of information that wasn't on the original master. Mark Waldrep argued for some sanity and honesty in the labeling of digital files and got decapitated by the financially controlled audio industry organizations for his efforts. Paying extra for anything above Redbook is like throwing money down the toilet in the VAST majority of cases, it not all.
  5. Can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that. There is a lot of content out there in the Classical realm and also smaller amounts in all the other genre's. Maybe Qobuz might assign someone to look into expanding things. Also the delivery system needs some work, I'm not a expert but I've been around computers for a few years now and I've not been able to get the 5.1 files to function in the standard Windows app. The only person I know who's been successful is Kal Rubinson by working from inside Roon. I wouldn't think we should have to use Roon to make the multich system work? Thanks for your attention here! That one also pleases me very much. MQA is an assault on the consumers ability to obtain true lossless files of original master tapes. sounding as the engineer/producer intended. Thanks!
  6. David, I see your active today so I only have 2 words for you please, Expand Multichannel
  7. Most agreed, my 2 cents. I would never deal with Tidal as long as the company was under control of Jay Z and his little crew of gangsters. I tried Qobuz for 2 months. Its the only one that has a way to direct stream the data to my DAC under Windoz10. Sounded fine like a any lossless stream should. But I'm a Linux guy and no native app for it. It's 25 albums of multichannel recordings is a joke. Too pricey for now. I signed for the 90 day trial. Also sounds good but as mentioned, no easy way to get unmolested data to a DAC so it ends up choked by Windoz anyways. Good pricing though. As it stands, none offer IMO as good a catalog, UI, etc; as Spotify, it has a native Linux app and sounds just fine for now The first one that offers a full catalog of multichannel music will get my money away from Spotify.
  8. Look out Qobuz, Amazon made the big announcement today. David, if you guys want to stay ahead better talk to the bosses about gearing up that multich streaming program. So far you guys are the only ones doing anything there, the market is wide open. @David Craff @dmackta
  9. Good write-up Chris! Personally I believe that Neil is financially motivated and driven by greed. If he isn't totally deaf from performing he'd be able to hear all the claims he made about hirez was complete BS. He's been trying to find a way to make a buck off high rez and the audiophile community, and now it's this book. Young and Stuart, two hucksters mad that they couldn't make big money from involvement in the others ventures. LOL Yea, vinyl is the top of the audio resolution quality tree, NOT. I'm not paying to read him make up tall tails
  10. Great work here mansr, keep it coming! Ya mean it's not supposed to be all squiggly like that? LOL
  11. Exactly what "reputation" are you referring to? Much of what I'm aware of are not very complimentary.
  12. Also, unlike @sandyk I think many audiophiles care very much about access to and the freedom to copy, bit perfect copies of original master tapes. This was the dream of music lovers for years, a dream mostly answered with the CD. Then later when the attempted introduction of DRM, it was heavily fought against. MHO is that the more the audiophile world at large understands the true meaning and goals of MQA, the more they will appose it. I have at time shook my head at the size of this thread and the ongoing repeating of the many facts and opinions. But then when I think about how the high level of activity here increases the chances of any google search on MQA will lead them here and to the voices of freedom that are presented, I smile. Thanks Chris for this platform, and the other anti-MQA professionals/amateurs here for putting out the true nature of MQA.
  13. +1 Lord no matter how long I don't check in, it doesn't matter. I hear the same crap being repeated by MQA supporters over and over. Who cares how it sounds? If it sounds different than the original digital master tape that the engineers and producers approved, there is something WRONG with it! If in the end it takes away our access to bit perfect copies of the original master (which IS the big picture plan) we're letting Meridian and it's partners sell us down the river. Fight MQA anywhere and everywhere you can.
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