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  1. Sal1950

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Dang, there will be another Beta release. 😡 I was hoping we'd soon have a full public release. Don't understand what takes so long to offer a stream to the US that is already going out to much of the world?
  2. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    If your using the sound of vinyl as a reference to the sound of the original master your making a mistake. The tape presented to the vinyl producer has already been altered to accommodate the limits of the cutter head, and then many times again eq'd cause they are still having problems at the lathe. Bass is mono'd, both the very bottom and top are rolled off, more. If a flat transfer of the original master tape is available, that will get you closest to the artist stereo intent, re-masters are eq's to the engineers preference. You want to hear DSOTM as intended, get the SACD - BluRay Immersion Edition with the 4.0 and 5.1 multich files. 4 channel surround is how Pink Floyd always performed live whenever possible. I've seen them 3 times over the years, their final Division Bell tour in Chicago outdoors at Soldiers Field was incredible and the live surround setup and mixing the best I've ever heard. The playback of the BluRay on my 5.2.4 multich rig here is awesome! That's Pink Floyd. https://resoundsound.com/mixing-for-vinyl-dont-fall-for-these-traps/ https://www.gottagrooverecords.com/vinyl-mastering/
  3. Sal1950

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    WOW, Thanks for that reply David! Great to hear you guys are already looking at multich. There's a ton multich music out there in classical and a small group in rock/jazz. Hope to see your catalog grow over time! Your just full of good news today!! I'd love to be able to connect to my Marantz PrePro the way I do with Spotify Connect. It's such a wonderful feature to be able to launch Spotify in any room in the house and play it over my system based in the media room. Very much looking forward to the US launch.
  4. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    No matter how different one listeners hearing is from the next is, that's irrelevant. What listener X hears live is his reference to what is a accurate reproduction. Same for listener Y and Z I flat playback by the system is equally important to all if he want's to hear what the engineer did.
  5. I took a look at the version that's on Spotiy to see if I could determine it's parentage. Only hint I get is they list 2 copyrights 1977 UMG Recordings Inc 1999 MCA Records Inc Wonder if the second points to a Nichols master?
  6. Very reminiscent of the US marijuana laws. LOL The laws make no sense but some expect you to respect them anyway.
  7. No offense meant Josh. But reacting to jcbenten post above I would say if Steely's history is the focus, make the articles title more reflective to such. It's like using the hook of the "ten best" but not getting around to the reason I clicked till 3/4 of the way into the article. I find the way you presented it more like all the misleading advertising we deal with daily. Otherwise answer the titles question first, then give me as long a history lesson as you chose. If that's interesting to me, I will continue to read it.
  8. Sal1950

    Windows 10 Worth It?

    That's exactly the problem. In general the Linux world believes in starting with a minimal number of background services running at boot, with the user later choosing to activate what he needs. Windloz wants to fire up everything possible to obtain the maximum amount of feedback from your gear for them and their business partners. For all you know it's turning on your systems mic and putting you into one big Alexa application. 😲 😁 Privacy is something the doesn't exist in a Micro$oft world. 🤬
  9. Yes , I heard him describe the procedure using blue tac and a couple mirrors.
  10. Currently listening to Pink Floyd - The Endless River BluRay. Using the 5.1 24/96 LPCM stream off the blu ray disc to the Marantz Pre/Pro, then choosing DTS Neural X to upmix for the 4 overhead immersive channels. This recording sounds amazing , what a dynamite mastering job !!!
  11. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    What the hell was this thread about, what a mess it's been made of. Oh yea, I remember, see above
  12. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    Don't be sad, maybe by the time you reach my age, near 70, you'll learn too.
  13. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    Millennnial, me? LOL Sorry but just about anyone who's been involved in audio over the last 4 decades or so knows what WAF refers to when it comes to room decor. Maybe your just starting out?
  14. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    In todays definition of "audiophile" I find it offense to use the term in relation to myself. To be considered a true audiophile in places such as this site you are expected to believe in the fairy tales such as of the sound of wire and all the rest. To have abandoned science and the use of scientific methodology to determine that which is "superior or advancing the SOTA". "Sounds good to me" is all that is required to be taken seriously. BLAH Don't fall for the 10 biggest lies in audio. https://www.ecoustics.com/articles/ten-biggest-lies-audio/
  15. Sal1950

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    Neither have I, everyone of my acquaintance is in the lower midclass and don't own 13 room 5000+ sq ft homes. You'd be surprised how much gear can be tastefully accommodated in a smaller space. My last home had a very nice 12x20 ft living room. If I placed my listening chair facing north I looked at my stereo rigs equipment rack and speakers along with the shared subwoofer system. Turn the chair 180 and I faced my video system with the TV, and the gear for a 5.2 multichannel system. 9 speakers total really wasn't that overwhelming. I've since decided that multich and stereo can co-exist in a single system. My current retirement home has a open floor plan with the area dedicated to audio/video being about 12x16. It houses my 75" Sony and a 5.2.4 multich rig. Again I don't find the gear overwhelming, I actually find it comforting to be surrounded by the pieces of the "hobby" that I love. I never worried too much about the visible wires, at the floor level, keeping the rear speaker wires tucked into the wall/floor intersection with most of the area hidden by furniture made it completely acceptable to me. Recently when the time came to install the ceiling mounted speakers for a Atmos immersive upgrade I looked for some options to hide the wires best as possible. I found at my local Lowe's some very inexpensive wire channeling. It comes with two sided tape for attachment to the walls, is white in color but can be painted to match room color, and makes the wire routing all but invisible. There's a bunch of different options along these lines. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Legrand-1-Piece-0-5-in-x-60-in-Straight-Channel-Ivory-Cord-Cover/1000282085