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  1. Ah, but can you hear it? Great example, the CD-4 vinyl "carrier" 30khz was chosen since it's inaudible in and of itself.
  2. The cakes at the bakery looked like the best part of all. 😁
  3. McIntosh ! Nothing more needs to be said. Designed and Made In The USA 1949-2019, a 70th year celebration of American made Hi Fi Got to love and respect the Blue Glow.
  4. Amen Jud, I'm with you and the others. I not paying that kind of money to then have to jump thru hoops to acquire the download. "While it might take some effort, it’s absolutely worth it to hear the superlative version of So". Sorry Josh, but IMHO it's in no way worth the $ and effort. fuhgeddaboudit You can hear the 2012 remasters balance etc by listening to the Spotify stream of the 2012 remaster. But then you have to accept the 320kbps compression. So times you just can't win.
  5. Kal, My comments were in no way intended as a shot at you or any of the other writers. I'm sorry you felt like a target, I never personally mentioned you. I do take pains to avoid letting my personal feelings toward your employer spill into a attack on you here and at the other sites we share. Don't take it personally. 1 hour ago, Ishmael Slapowitz said: Clearly Atkinson and his cabal thought it was their gift from the gods that would help create a frenzy, and more ad revenue would follow.  Exactly! Not the point at all. In the big picture if addition of MQA sells a bunch of new DAC's or other gear capable of decoding it. the manufacturer is making a bunch of money selling the new components. You can extend that on to the rest of the profit paths I mentioned in my post. These manufacturers then have a bunch of new money to spend on the promotion of these new products. It all goes into the kitty from which your paycheck is cut. If these people don't have advertising money, in the end you don't have a job. That's just the facts of it. But all a bit beside the point really. I and a number of others here feel that MQA is simply another con hosted on the public to make profits from a product without value. IMO if Stereophile was interested in taking a pro-consumer position on MQA their editorial position would be strongly anti-MQA.. I can't state off my head which writers at Stereophile "have not been supportive of it" but I can't think of more than one or two. JA and JA, the past and current editors have been very pro-MQA so that sets the tone for the entire publication. There have been thousands of words written in support such as Jim Austin's multi issue articles on the goodness's of MQA. I won't go on, nothing more to be gained here. I just hope to remain on good terms with you. I highly value and respect the work you do on multich gear. I do hope now the Atkinson has more time you might be able to talk him into doing his measurements on the components you review. There is a great void out there for that kind of coverage. Cent' Anni Sal
  6. Let me make a suggestion. Transcode the files any way you desire but never lose your copy of the original file. You never know what might happen to the others you have made and they will always be the best sounding. You can never improve on the original.
  7. That's the ticket, for him and that rest to the crew. It's not a direct payment thing, but more in the way they all feel it's good for the industry in a inner-support kind of way. MQA sells new gear, they make money, MQA sells premium streaming service, they make money. MQA sells even encoded downloads and even CD's, they make money. All these people have more money to spend on advertising so Stereophile and it's employee make money. Everyone is making out but the consumer, he get screwed from every angle. The worst of which is the slow loss of access to the real Master Quality Ensured, bit perfect copies of master tapes. We then end up with some type of file that in a number of ways is inferior to the original. Just what the record labels wanted from DRM in the first place.
  8. Oh brother, not those again. A subwoofer that can keep you cool at the same time. Can't live without one of those suckers. Be sure to order 2 or 4 so you can balance the room modes properly. Cheers Chris
  9. And de Blasio wants to dis-arm law abiding citizens? You can't walk down the streets of New York without being robbed and now maybe bitten by a giant rat. Also I'm not sure but that lady on his left looks to be reaching into his back pocket. 😁
  10. Russian! Never trust anything from them. They'll hack your entire network and sell the info to the Socialist Revolution Union. Just ask poor cheated Hillary. LOL
  11. I've got half dozen WDC 500gb Western Digital Caviar Black used for OS testing and audio/video storage. All have been in service for 8-10 years. Never had a failure with a WD drive. All important data gets backed up regularly but never had to use it. Knock Wood. Main Linux workstation OS is on a 10 year old OCZ VERTEX 60gb SSD, so far so good with that also. Here's a couple SMART reports. WDC 500gb Black Caviar 25,00+ hours OCZ Vertex 60gb
  12. At Disney World they call it "Fantasy Land".
  13. I consider it quite probably in error.. Whether do to expectation bias or something else I have no idea and don't wish to speculate on what they might be. I'll only comment that Kal said this, "It was as if the Regen weren't there (after its inclusion)—until I began listening closely." So he wasn't listening closely before it's insertion, but later did? This hints at the improvements often heard when some new piece is added and the listener then starts listening more closely and hears more detail and the other things he's tuning into. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/uptone-audio-usb-regen#433U56qVUTosa2GH.99 Atkinson's measurements weren't the only ones to find the regen mostly valueless. There's a 27 page long investigation at ASR if you want to learn more. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/uptone-iso-regen-review-and-measurements.1829/
  14. Nope FD, now you know the reference was to some of the subjective reviews in Stereophile. Here's a good example of high fiction, https://www.stereophile.com/content/uptone-audio-usb-regen You have to dig all the way down into John Atkinson's measurements to find the reality, "Using this long cable and my MacBook Pro running on battery power, I tested the Regen with a PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC and a Meridian Prime D/A headphone amplifier, using my Audio Precision SYS2722 analyzer and the same test signals I'd used for the JitterBug review. Sad to report, I found that the Regen made absolutely no difference in the D/A processors' analog output signals." Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/uptone-audio-usb-regen-measurements#DZVzOquGP2LkRw8y.99
  15. Everyone enjoys a bit of fiction now and then That's good to hear John. keep up the good work.
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