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Help!-- pointing iTunes to new music file location


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I've read the tutorial in here (and thought I followed it) when moving my music files from an internal (PC) drive to a Drobo/Droboshare--which I intend to use as the central music location for both PCs and Macs on my home network. Everything has gone fine so far, in terms of getting Drobo Share and the Drobo installed, and I've relocated 170GB of music files from the PC to the Drobo...BUT now iTunes can't find the music files. I then dragged the iTunes Library.iti and .sml files over to the Drobo, but still can't figure out how to get iTunes to "see" them or how to point iTunes to the new Library location. I'm working on the PC to do this (if it makes any difference) HELP!


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I don't know much about itunes, but I wrote this post over the weekend that might help you fake out itunes into seeing the other drive. See if tit helps in the mean time. Read the warning though!


I was on my NMT forum searching for a video solution for my HDX and found this useful Windows utility program. The program allows you to link several directories on the same drive/computer or another drive/computer or anyplace on the network to a single new location without taking up room at the new location. You can also link several directories at the same time this way you only have to point your media player to monitor this one folder:) Basically, it makes a virtual shortcut of the drives you select to link.

***Be warned these shortcuts are live and if you delete or change the content it will delete or change the original in the other location. You have to use the utility to unlink the shortcuts***

This link takes you to the post and your looking for item #6. You can ignore the rest of the items as they are not related to computer audio playback.



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Recently Apple added a feature that allows one to automatically add files to your existing itunes library. Simply drag the files in question to the "Automatically Add to Itunes Folder" then the next time itunes starts it will move them into the library.




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