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Laptop on hifi rack?

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The screen on a laptop is usually the largest producer of RF. So set the screen to power off after a short time of inactivity and you should be OK. Also don't run any wireing near it. If you can use an external DAC or something that makes the A to D not happen on the laptop. s/pdif from the laptop to your stereo etc that would also help.




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If you opt for the laptop in the playback chain, I'd unplug it and run off battery. Clean power, no grunge from the grid. I agree with the previous post, I'd recommend an external DAC, so make sure you have a good way of getting the digital sound out of the laptop.


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my local dealer and I confirmed in an a/b test that the battery power is the way to go. FYI it was an apple to ayre qb9 setup and the laptop was on the rack. Check and see if the shaki thing also needs a battery....heheheh






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Has anyone noticed a difference in sound quality depending upon what your laptop/desktop is sitting on?


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I've never done A/B on different locations for my laptop, so can't state the effects of vibration. All I know is it hasn't been enough of an issue for me to try to "fix" it. I do mind vibration from the CD drive in my laptop, but I think it's just a poor drive. No issue with hard drive use, which is where my music is 99% of the time. I rip on my desktop.

As far as the power, I'm hooking it to an external DAC but seem to be able to tell a difference between battery vs. plug power. I find battery better. But it's not a double blind scientific test, just what my gut & ears tell me, so you may find it doesn't matter for your system. I'm sure the specific DAC, power conditioner, and many other variables play in there too. I at least recommend trying on both battery and plug, then go with whichever works for you.


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