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Atlast Solutions Fanless PC with PCI-e slot


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I have no experience building PC's and have been looking for a ready built fanless computer along the lines of the CAPS series. After reading countless forums on the the subject I know I am not alone. My research has come across this unit from Atlast Solutions in an attractive case that includes a single PCI-e slot for your audio specific USB card. Fanless cpu cooler with heat pipes, core i5 processor, 8gb RAM and Samsung 120 GB SSD for $716 ex VAT. I would really like to know what CA community thinks of this unit.The price and overall package seems like the best I can find out there in a ready made unit.


Ultimate Fanless PC, Core i5, Dual DVB-T2 Tuner, 8GB, 120GB SSD [ASUS Q87T] - Atlast! Solutions

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Very good system. The Mobo seems to be well designed with a good power section (ferrite choke, solid caps, etc)., low TDP, etc. You can always look for excuses and some are:

1. 6MB cache, bit low

2. Core and thread same, 4 nos. but of a bottle neck for some applications with multiple processed simultaneous

3. Single power in section requiring 12v supply. Additional adaption for SSD power feed, USB section still required to enhance sound quality.

4. Native clock speed of the processed a bit low for power hungry applications.



There are perhaps limited better offering out there for this price point.....you may wish to look at Sonoro Micro Rendu as an alternative....

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