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  1. When I was loading my first server I remember thinking, well what do I listen to or like the most, and that's what's going in from my decent sized library. Maybe a thousand albums later, having not yet reached these goals, I thought to hell with it, I'm just putting everything into it, that way I will only have to load new stuff. (I also have multiple backups.) Works Fine. What I don't want to listen to for a while I just ignore. Or, create playlists, then when tired of those, create new ones. To me that beats having to add and delete files. The app also lets you create custom folders and you
  2. You'd be best directing this to Ari the Aurender technician. But if you research the history here of app requests, you'll find that these things seldom happen. And what would you be deleting, the actual file? But why. Anyway it likely won't be happening, something to get used to.
  3. If you don't see it in DM then the computer doesn't either. I presume you know this but not sure of your understanding, no offense meant. So I can't say specifically but I've built my own servers and also had audio card problems, and it was always either insufficient power for the card/clocks, or drivers. Unless the card is outright defective. But Windows always needs drivers I thought. You might try installing a trial generic USB driver and see if the card shows up. Other than that, don't know. I do know that one sure fire way to get Marcin's attention is to start slamming his products public
  4. Typo. Actually, the ISO Regen is upstream of the SOtM, at the DAC input.
  5. Great sound. The app, in my opinion coming from JR on a server a year ago, not so much. But it's perfectly usable. There's a huge Aurender thread under Music Servers, check it out.
  6. Hey Chris, thanks. USB connection, with decent cables. The total connection is Aurender > Audio Sensibility Signature Silver > ISO Regen > SOtM txUSBultra > Shunyata Alpha > DAC. Regen and SOtM powered by UltraCap LPS-1 power supplies. Pass amp, ARC pre. Everything balanced.
  7. Has anyone figured out if there's an easy way to feed the Aurender into another server so I can go back to using JRiver. I have a strong dislike for Conductor. Chris' solution here is too complex. And I hate network stuff anyway, it's like having to learn another discipline just to listen to music. I don't stream at all, just files loaded on the Aurender.
  8. Auralic Vega, the original. I like it for it's fairly neutral signature.
  9. I've used both. IMHO foobar is so-so, but still not bad. JRiver always beat it on my system. (I've actually gone to an Aurender now and miss the ability to fine tune and play with the software. Consider that, should you ever think about a device with its own music app.)
  10. I have a N100C, which is yeah, at the bottom of the pile. How far do I have to go up the line to get a noticeable improvement in sound quality? I don't need a DAC model. I see the new N200, and at a pretty big jump pricewise over the 100, but haven't heard anything about it. And what kind of differences will I hear at that next level? My system is pretty resolving. Also I didn't feel like looking through 165 pages to see if this question has already been asked lol. Thanks.
  11. I've been looking at this amp for a while, but was concerned when a reviewer or listener (can't remember) said yes the bass is tight and tuneful, but is also somewhat excessively prominent or emphasized. Any comment?
  12. Regarding Conductor, I'm not looking to manage my library with it, just looking for basic functionality of reading tags and changing the play controls to something a bit more usable. I have multiple versions of some recordings, and aside from the catalog number there's just no way to tell which is which unless you memorize them. But all my tags (made in Tag n Rename usually) contain all this info. That's why tag reading would be such a benefit.
  13. @AriMargolis Ari, we all appreciate your help, my only help request was a while back and you were on top of it. Are you in a position to speak about the app design, or is there anyone else. That's my sole complaint, in that it seems fairly basic and has not too many options for the music interface itself. I'm coming from using JRiver for many years and to Aurender just this year, but what I've given up in the JRiver app for options and flexibility pains me. In Conductor, for example, there's not even a basic ability to look at a file tag. Just having that would be a big benefit. And the u
  14. I have ripped CD flac files with pre-emphasis kept in the ripped file. Is there an easy way to correct this? (I do have audio editing software if that can easily be used.) Also have a couple pre-emphasis CDs. I've tried to use foobar with a plugin to remove it in a rip but never figured out how to use it right. Playing with plugins and command line stuff is not really my thing, maybe there's an easy way I haven't figured out yet. I prefer EAC for ripping but haven't seen a way to remove the pre-emphasis with it. Is it even possible?
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