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  1. I lost exact count on the burn-in time of my N100H but probably approaching 400 hours. Around the 100-200 hour I still hadn't noticed much of a change and swapped in new all silver USB cables (two, one from the server to a reclocker, another from there to the DAC). The sound went bad right away but I kept the burn-in going. About a week later there was a quite obvious improvement in the sound. In fact I was shocked at just how much it changed. The too warm-too dark sound had morphed into something much more palatable, less boomy, more defined and refined, the top end opened up as well, much more air. So the original downward tonal shift lightened up and I'm much happier now. I have a Shunyata Alpha USB on order (backorder? the wait time for it to ship direct from Shunyata is 4 weeks). That cable will go between DAC and reclocker, and the better of the two other silver cables will go between Aurender and reclocker. To start, anyway. One thing I'll say about better cables. The Auralic DAC sometimes had a minor dropout when a song first started when the filter mode was set to Exact. With the silver cables almost no dropouts. Hope the Shunyata can improve it even more. The earlier cables were Curious, TWL and Lush. I had a spare Triode Wire Labs Digital power cable and replaced the stock cable with it. Didn't get much change. So for an AC cable I'm going to look for something better, something on the neutral side, definitely don't want a power cable that's too warm, but don't know what yet.
  2. I still have the original Vega which came out what, maybe 5 years ago now, and still think it's fantastic. Not quite perfect. But clean and neutral sounding. Do their newer DACs build on those same qualities, I wonder.
  3. Hey Chris thanks for pointing that out. No, missed it because like I said I haven't been around much. I'd love to know who the perps were that left, I'm sure many were on my list as well. Maybe I'll stick around a bit more now. Thanks!
  4. I'm with you Noushy on that and appreciate yours and others help. What I don't appreciate is people jumping in for an argument or debate when it's not really called for and I sometimes let that be known, for better or worse. Fancy high brow language doesn't hide their intent. I used to come to other parts of the forums here a lot but got fed up with people like that and basically left CA. Now first time back in a while and looks like that's still going on. BTW pulled the trigger on a Shunyata Alpha USB and hope to have it soon. Also got an Audio Sensibilities silver cable and it's very good. Look forward to hearing more about your journey towards a W20.
  5. Yeah whatever. When you just want to argue you're wasting everybody's time. You seem to defer to Chris a lot yet he took exception to your comments as well.
  6. Yeah here we go again. Seriously man get over it.
  7. Actually no, there's more to the story but I won't bother. You do seem like you're poking for an argument so yeah good time to go.
  8. A few years ago I built my own server that was in use until a couple weeks ago. Linear power supplies for everything feeding the audio card, hard drives, motherboard and chip; "audiophile" USB card; TCXO and OCXO clocks installed in the motherboard, audio card and hard drives; "audiophile" SATA cables; special OCC wiring in some places; separate hard drives/SSDs for the OS and music; all this hardware from very well known sources; Windows Server running JRiver, Process Lasso, Audiophile Optimizer and Fidelizer. About $5-6k US for the parts, my own free labor. The Aurender sounds better. It's not even close.
  9. I came to Aurender after running JRiver on a server for many years. Even though I see everyone talking about how good the app is, compared to JR I'm not impressed. Not enough to give up the Aurender though. With JR I can see all my tags and also can access a (sometimes limited though) biography of the artist. Not to mention all the filters, settings and other options in JR. But then, JR's main product is JR, with Aurender it's the device first, and the software might just be the necessary evil part of the product, so to speak.
  10. Good feedback on the Shunyata gents, thank you.
  11. Can you talk about that Shunyata cable? Not out of my range if the quality is worth it. Maybe compare with any others? Thanks.
  12. I have some cables on order. Also have some better isolation footers on the way. Thanks for that tip.
  13. I just joined the Aurender party with a N100H. It's just at 50 hours now in the break in. Humbled by all these guys with W20s and N10s. The Aurender replaced a custom built server which I always considered to be neutral sounding. No other system changes. Anyway there's no doubt this thing is on the warm side. So much so that with my Pass class A amp it's like a double whammy of warmth and darkness. Does this seem right? It's really too much and I'm looking for ways to decrease the warmth. I'm actually thinking of swapping the Pass for a more neutral amp but only if I have to. Maybe there's another solution? Rest of system is Auralic Vega DAC, AR pre, various cables which are generally neutral sounding.
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    I find the less time I spend here the less important those things become. Simple. In fact I moved on long ago.
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