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Found 8 results

  1. I have no experience building PC's and have been looking for a ready built fanless computer along the lines of the CAPS series. After reading countless forums on the the subject I know I am not alone. My research has come across this unit from Atlast Solutions in an attractive case that includes a single PCI-e slot for your audio specific USB card. Fanless cpu cooler with heat pipes, core i5 processor, 8gb RAM and Samsung 120 GB SSD for $716 ex VAT. I would really like to know what CA community thinks of this unit.The price and overall package seems like the best I can find out there in a ready made unit. Ultimate Fanless PC, Core i5, Dual DVB-T2 Tuner, 8GB, 120GB SSD [ASUS Q87T] - Atlast! Solutions
  2. Hi all, I have decided to build a Windows based dedicated HTPC/Audio-Video Server, something that’s flexible to swap out components if/when needed. I have a fake partial wall in the living room, behind which a HTPC (even a tower) can be invisible. Slightly larger Form factors and quiet fans are acceptable. As it will be likely on 24/7, power consumption is an issue. Whilst I will stream music and Video over the network the priority is Sound Quality to the directly attached HiFi in the living room.Budget $500 - $2000. I need build suggestions on any/all following. Thanks so much for any help OS Presently W7 64bit MEDIA CENTRE I will use Jriver for servers (native and DLNA),music organiser,TV + DVR.I am aware of other options for SQ but want to focus on hardware. GRAPHICS Thinking of the GTX650ti or GTX660ti as this seems to be the best for gatting the most from MadVR and video.HDMI to TV. SOUNDCARD I am thinking of a quality soundcard, hopefully with and AES/EBU balanced output on XLR to feed directly into my vintage Mark levinson DAC 30.6. Perhaps spif output as well (into the Levinson) ? At least [email protected] for PCM. Obviously DSD would be an advantage but not critical. Min 2 channels. Does such a thing exist? I have seen the Lynx AES 16e but don't need 16 channels output (or expense?) My issues here are Jitter handling - I am not sure whether the Levinson DAC reclocks the signal. Of course I can go for a newer tech asynchronous usbDAC but do not want to eliminate the levinson. DSP - Maximally bypassing all operating system DSP Driver - Should the soundcard come with an ASIO driver? Buses - Do buses make a difference (usb,PCI,whatever) ? Any issues with jitter/clocking, speed/ bandwidth, RF/EMI/other interference, unnecessary signal electrical conversions between different buses etc ?? CPU/MOBO I am thinking a Haswell i5 maybe for its low power consumption.Want eSATA and usb3 connectivity and at least two full sized SATA internal drives. CASE and PSU To match the above. Cheers, David
  3. It was definitely worth the wait on this custom A-Tech Fabrication PC chassis. The case was built by a master craftsman/machinist and is a true handmade case built in the USA; although a tad expensive, well worth it if you think about the hours they must have spent to make every part, the large heatsinks, hand brush even the inside surfaces, etc... If you don't have a CNC machine and months to spend designing such a case, it is an extreme value for what you get (compared to the snake oil stuff I see anyways) and they really do make the best PC cases I have ever seen. http://atechfabrication.com/ Glenn and his team did an incredible job. The fit and finish is something you'd see on a $10k+ audio component. A-Tech's custom mount for the Griffin PowerMate knob: Some more pics of the inside. I made the internal cables, bought and assembled the PC components, custom programmed the VFD and Griffin Powermate knob, replaced Nvidia GTX 1080 fans and power supply fan, etc... This PC is super super quiet incase you are wondering. Regrettably, I couldn't passively cool the GPU as the highest A-Tech can do right now in my case is a GTX 1070 and I had already bought the GTX 1080 on Black Friday (for under $500... crazy how video cards went up in price). Older pics of the back of the front rack. I built these and made all audio cables (this older pic has a OrigenAE case). Some note worthy technical details: Hard to find slim Pioneer UHD drive (for 4k UHD blu-ray playback) Nvidia GTX 1080, fed using MadVR for video rendering RME HDSPe AES audio card with 16 in/out channels. This card has a 42 bit internal DSP and the RME TotalMix software is used for crystal clear volume control at very low volumes. Benchmark AHB2 amps, truly a technological achievement with the best measurements ever shown on Stereophile: https://www.stereophile.com/content/benchmark-media-systems-ahb2-power-amplifier-measurements. The noise floor is so low you cannot hear it, and the distortion is the best available right now. The difference is very audible incase you were wondering too! Xilica XD4080 speaker processors (each unit has 40 bit DSPs and integrated DACs for output channels, 4 in/8 out). The Xilica's are setup to tri-amp my front speakers and cross to 5 subs to yield even lower distortion. They have FIR filters for high/mid/low, and I use a low order Bessel filter to cross to the subs. Of course the room has several sound treatments and bass traps to enhance performance evermore, and no EQ adjustment is needed to achieve +/-5dB at main listening position all the way down to about 16Hz. This took 5 time aligned and level matched subs to do without Dirac, but the performance improvement is incredible.
  4. Hi. I'm in the process of building a HTPC system based on the OrigenAE S21T chassis. The intention is to use it to: - play my ripped DVDs and Blu-rays - access and stream internet video & audio content - emulate games consoles - play my CD collection - replace my set-top box and use the PC as a PVR (DVB-S2 card) Clearly, the prime motivator for me starting this project is flexible and convenient family entertainment. However, as I consider the art of the possible I am wondering about channeling audio through my AV Receiver (Arcam AVR500) when I want to max out the viewing or listening experience. Up to now, if I've wanted to watch a film or listen to music I've done so using my Arcam BDP-300 and the 2-channel audio, in particular, is very good. Could anyone explain to me how I might want to go about hooking my HTPC up to the receiver to get sound quality somewhere near to what I'm used to? Am I right in thinking that because of my pre-existing kit I don't need to worry about DACs et.al. and instead focus on getting the audio stream to the receiver as cleanly as possible? Like many people, while I appreciate good sound, I am not an expert in the field. So any advice or references to useful information will be warmly received:) Regards, Dave
  5. Hello Guys, I am about to order some parts to start building a HTPC with a Streacom FC9 fan-less case but before I spend lots of money on the parts, I thought I can consult with you guys here to make sure I'm on the right track. Many thanks in advanced for your help. I am using a Synology NAS where I stored my high resolution files (mainly FLAC) and I also have a Rotel RA-1570 integrated amplifier which has got a PC-USB input supporting High res audio files. My main purpose of building this HTPC is for playing back high resolution audio files from my NAS (and occasionally video too). I also want to have a nice and responsive interface (something like the XBMC) that I can also control by an android app. I am thinking of buying the Gigabyte "GA-H97M-D3H" which comes with integrated "Realtek® ALC892 codec". My question is, is there a way to get a bit-perfect and low noise output into the amplifier with the current set up or do I need a sound card? probably something supporting ASIO? Also can I just use the USB cable from PC to Amplifier? or should I use the SPDIF output of the sound card? what's the best way to achieve the best sound quality with my amp? My budget is limited for under 200$ for a sound card. Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  6. Anyone have advice or experience improving sound quality from a nuc? Currently use i5 5425 board, msata ssd, streacom nc1 fanless case (a beauty). --> Purchased a Cooler master 65 watt 9 volt dc adapter. --> Then hrt streamer, marantz 6003, CM5 speakers. Controller via ipad with jriver, music on nas. Sometimes i hear electrical fuzz... Is it worth getting different dc adapter / power supply? Is there a difference with the "front" or "back" usb outputs?
  7. I've outgrown my Onkyo TX-NR807. I recently built my HTPC and can play my over 1,200 (lossless) CDs and 150 + movies (ISOs) straight from the PC using J River MC software. I'm currently running HDMI out to my Onkyo, but the sound is not satisfactory. I've been looking at various AVPs to include Integra 80.2, Marantz AV7005 or Marantz 8801. I expect to also need a multichannel DAC. Below is my current build. Any ideas appreciated. Keeping the cost under 3K is a plus. Onkyo TX-NR807 Furman ELITE-15 DM i Anthem Amp: PVA 8 (8 channels, RCA inputs, 125 continuous watts per channel) Paradigm S6 v3 (right, left and center) Monitor Audio GS 10 (2009) rears Outlaw ECS-10 (x2) (one next to each front) Velodyne DSL-R (rear) Panasonic TCP60GT30 HTPC (i7 Processor, 4-3 TB HDs, 120 SSHD for OS, Gigabyte GE Force GT640 Video card, ASRock Extreme 6, 8 Gig Ram) Kimber Kables (due in January 2013) PS3 Wii
  8. Can you help me decide which sound card to purchase (which will help determine the receiver I purchase)? I'm about to buy all new audio components and I want to make sure I buy the right receiver for my HTPC system; but I need to get media from the PC to this new, unpurchased system effectively. So my question - which sound card(s) can send two digital zones (preferably optical) to my receiver? The least expensive option w/o compromising data quality would be great. DAC will be in receiver. My system HTPC - XBMC Gotham Two speaker zones - 5.1 + 10 pair around the house (all wired). To be purchased - 5.1 speakers, 10 pair speakers, receiver with two optical inputs (similar to Denon AVR-X3000)...and sound card(s) Receiver will be 7.1. It'll run 5.1 for TV, then another channel for the 10 pair I'd love to know your receiver recommendations once I know how to best get the data off my PC. Thanks, -R
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