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new Digital Believer :-)

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Hi guys!


Have been lurking on the forum for a while, but only recently purchased a real computer audiophile system. I set up a Mac Pro as my source with Dante Virtual Soundcard delivering via ethernet into a Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q, which is driving my pair of Dynaudio M3VE. My music is stored on a Synology RS3614xs+ (with only 8 out of 12 disk slots used at the moment).


Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the sound. But thought I would register and see what kind of tweaks and ideas, particularly on the software side, we can discuss!




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Welcome to CA!


Big fan of Dynaudio drivers here ... those Esotars are fantastic.

What is your area of work? (if you would be willing to share that on here)



Custom Win10 Server | Mutec MC-3+ USB | Lampizator Amber | Job INT | ATC SCM20PSL + JL Audio E-Sub e110



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Hi guys

Been busy at work - but happy to discuss some Dante :)


Dante is really just a bunch of protocols for binding PTP (precision timing protocol) and RTP (realt time protocol) together. Actually, Audinate (Dante's creators) is involved in the creation of AES67, which will be a (hopefully open) standard for distributing and controlling audio data and timing information over ethernet.


The hardware supporting Dante is often still quite expensive. But the beauty is that everything can be used also without very expensive hardware.


The Dante Virtual sound card allows you to send or receive (play or record) mono, stereo, or multi-channel audio of standard ethernet cables, switches, routers etc. This is just $30 per license per computer.


If you want more routing functionality, you can buy Dante Via (haven't tried that because I don't really have a need) for $50 per license per computer.


There are many things one could do with Dante. Fx. use virtual sound card on two computers - a small NUC or MacMini that "records" the music and outputs it to a DAC and another computer as the player (incl. heavy tasks such as converting, upsampling etc.).


Or one could buy this wonderful interface from Atterotech for approx. $750 that acts as a Dante endpoint and outputs to balanced stereo:

Dante interface - Dante unD2XIO | Attero Tech


Imagine Dante virtual soundcard on your computer and this baby in the wall behind your powered speakers or monoblocks+passive speakers. Talk WAF :)


The only thing I'm a little sad about is that there does not seem to be any Dante/AES67 Linux implementation. Otherwise I would love a barebone Linux-based mini-NAA as a Dante endpoint :)


Before I forget, to use Dante you need to also installe Dante Controller on some computer in the network - this is luckily free (as in beer).


BTW, my background is not in Pro Audio - audio-wise I'm strictly an amateur. Professionally, I'm working in the big data IT sector in a position one could describe as CTO or CIO for a SME. In other words, I breathe IT systems and networking :)




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