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CAPS versus RoW

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I am considering building my own music server and am wondering if the SQ of a V4 Pipeline is comparable to a Totaldac, Melco, Aurender, etc or am I just better off buying a commercial solution? I realize that there can be a considerable cost difference, but after factoring in time, effort, etc., I tend to believe that the difference between a commercial product and DIY is not that great.


Would be curious to hear your opinions..

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I've seen people on this forum give up their CAPS or similar server for a commercial solution far more often than the other way around.


i like to build my servers as well, however. There is always an upgrade path using the same box.


Although there was a recent post here in which It was stated that after years of pursuit of the best digital sound, the poster finally found it, and it was good enough that he no longer felt the need to spin LPs. He accomplished this with a PS Audio Direct Stream and a Sonore Rendu Signature if I recall correctly.

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