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  1. I have a question to the community regarding the analog connections of the Kii's. How is the analog signal handled by the internal DAC's of the speakers? Does it go through an ADA conversion for each driver or is it simply passed through? My assumption would be ADA, but am a bit uncertain since I have never used them until now, Thanks
  2. Here‘s some past feedback from Kii Audio regarding crossover settings: Imo a SW really adds a lot to the Kii experience once they are correctly dialed-in.
  3. Is it possible to post reviews which compare multiple components of a certain category, for example Ethernet Cables?
  4. Very nice, I think the Roon interface is second to none. Also find it quite interesting how many Dutch companies build excellent music servers. (Taiko, Pink Faun, Audioanzee, ..) Must have something to do with the climate! 🙂
  5. Interesting results. My personal experiences have been somewhat different over time. For me, the connection type (USB, Coax, or Optical), their respective interconnects, and source have influenced SQ. I tend to believe that it is the right mix of each that really makes a difference in the end. Make sense?
  6. Adding a bit to my previous question in regards to reference material, I stumbled across the following which is the first in series of articles published by @mitchco
  7. My Trinnov makes it even simpler. It measures, creates and applies the correction filters at more or less the press of a button. Still, I was wondering if some of you could possibly recommend some good reference literature as I find the topic incredibly interesting?
  8. Jeez, He was just at the Southern Germany HiFi Days Event in September. What a loss.
  9. Fantastic! Sent you a PM as a reminder, so just let me know when things slow down and you have time.
  10. I have another wish since it is almost xmas time. How about NAA support for HqPlayer?
  11. Perhaps from a different perspective: What's the difference between an oil painting that sells for $100 and one that sells for $1,000,000?
  12. I have not been keeping up with Phantom HT topic lately but it‘s a bit of a shame that Devialet doesn‘t get serious about it. There is so much potential ...
  13. Even if somewhat delayed (also have the browser refresh challenge... ), I still appreciate the response. My master is also powering the control and am hoping that it was possibly due to the ethernet cable not being completely seated. Time will tell. Did you make any progress with your DIY project?
  14. Thanks for the info but after starting the Control the message luckily went away. Will refer back to your advice if it happens again. Maybe it has something to do with Halloween ... 👻
  15. My Kii Control is powered down and both speakers are in standby mode and then a message appears on the display of the control saying "Waiting for Speaker". Any ideas what that means?
  16. A five star review. Very enjoyable to read and subjective perceptions which resonate quite well with me.
  17. Working now with Foobar and the results are quite good. The only thing I can't seem to address is to include also the album cover file (*.jpq) in the filter results with facets. Any ideas?
  18. Just a quick loop back regarding Opus 12. As powerful as it is, the pre-defined search criteria filters for sample rate only go to "greater than 48000", which is helpful but falls short of what I am looking for... Somewhat surprised that one cannot define the nummeric value themselves.
  19. Bob, Perhaps a bit off topic, but what is your impression of changes to the USB input (via USBUltra, etc.) to the Kii Control? I have heard comments that it is fairly impervious to USB input enhancements ...
  20. In regards to reclocking, you are referring to the tx-usbultra used with your SE, correct?
  21. Oh, I like the looks of Directory Opus (now called Opus 12). Thanks for the advice!
  22. Thanks, sounds similar to JRiver which I used in the past, but have now forgotten all the syntax, etc. ☺️ Was kind of hoping there would be something a bit more gui based out there for lazy people like myself.
  23. Just wanted to mention that I absolutely love HqPlayerd and HqPlayer OS. For a person like myself, who does not want to dive into the depths of Linux, but still want the benefits of a Linux OS and HqPlayer / NAA. It's perfect! It transforms the sound of my system and I literally can't listen without it. Thx!
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