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El Capitan Beta

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Just a quick note to those whom use a Mac Mini for their music server (headless) as I do, to note that the graphics performance of the El Capitan Beta OS is working well for me. I control the headless Mac Mini from a rMacBook Pro laptop which I have also upgraded to El Capitan Beta. As a long time Mac Man, I think different and don't mind bleeding on the edge…


As noted above, the graphics speed of scrolling through the 6,038 albums in my current iTunes library, is VERY fast. The new Metal part of the graphics performance upgrade seems to be quite a nice kick in the pants. As to sound quality and other such, I'll let you folks debate that.


Most of you should wait until the 'official' release… but since I have upgraded two of my three rigs, and all seems to be working fine, I thought I would take a moment and add to my infrequent post count and share a bit of information that could perhaps be if interest to the Mac folks here. I'll wait for the fall release prior to upgrading my MacPro, I need to get actual work done with it.


My mac's are all one generation old now, but are all top of the line models with max ram, the mini is a dual core i7. Your milage may vary, it goes without saying. But there is something worth having in the next Mac OS upgrade, which might be of use for many of us.


Enjoy the music…

Some people are still afraid of the dark… Purveyor of Remorseless Audio

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Yes I suppose I should have read through the other threads so as to not double post on the topic. Sorry about that…


At any rate I am using the latest builds on all three of my setups, and I like it. The "Metal" graphic addition lets me turn off adaptive quality on my rMacBook and MacPro and use full quality, that is 'still' faster than it was prior. No USB problems at my place, either. My headless Mini just does a wonderful job with the graphics speed up, that was the only thing that needed a quality and speed bump, and it looks as though we have it.


I have AppZaper, a nifty little utility program that trashes Apps and associated files, i.e. the hidden files that often come with a program. Anyway I threw away some items, like Chess and Migration Assistant, etc. They went off into where ever delated files go… But when I checked on them, they were still there. It would seem that Apple does not want the user messing in the default setup. Hmmmm, I hope someone works us up a work-around for this. I like to strip my music Mini down to just what it takes to serve music. Of course it is still beware, but a heads up for those with an interest in same.


Enjoy the music…

Some people are still afraid of the dark… Purveyor of Remorseless Audio

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Only niggle for me with El Cap is that Audirvana Plus (any app, actually) won't run from RAMDisk. Any ideas, perhaps re permissions to allow executables to run from there?

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Does anyone tried this beta with a Hiface based Dac, and if yes, does it work with the last Mac driver ?



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