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  1. ...I’m also enjoying AL with a dual pc config. 1 fanless Nuc with AL LXQt as Roon server, and an AMD ryzen fanless with a streacom chassis as Roon bridge. I just installed AL on a sandisk extreme USB key, then physically removed it, and I appreciate the result. It seems to be « cleaner », more definition/precision. For those who do the same, do you just remove your key/hdd, or do you type something like « unmount /dev/sdx » before ? (just to be sure, I didn’t have a error message or kernel panic, but don’t want to break anything...)
  2. If you’re using Roon, just drag and drop your files from a control pc inside Roon app. Done.
  3. See first if there’s any boot option in the bios which is still in legacy , and switch it to UEFI. I have a 7i7DNH, and successfully installed audio-linux, after some black screen rage... it could be a boot loader problem. 1. Install audiolinux, method of your choice (I did with an USB key, with etcher from MacOS) 2. Copy files with gparted from a live USB key (I did with Ubuntu) and resize audiolinux partition to the max then, if it doesn’t work/boot : 3. From the same live USB key, install also on your hdd/ssd another Linux os, like Ubuntu, (double boot) and boot from the Ubuntu boot loader, where you’ll have also « archlinux » as a boot choice. 4. If good, modify the grub file in Ubuntu to boot automatically from audio-linux ...it worked for me.
  4. Yes and no. Even with acoustic instruments, sound is not only between speakers, it can go vastly far away to the left and right behind the walls. And I still get the feeling to be "there", in the room recording/studio...
  5. I have stereo 2 channels only. Processing is from an analog processor, used to amplify harmonics (SPL Vitalizer, really great) NO multichannel. An the sound is all around me.
  6. Mmmh...I never heard anything about the sugar cubes. Will try if I can. I've tried for 30 years and more to get immersive music with 2 channels only...so I have now a huge tolerance with music "drunk feeling".
  7. I didn't read ALL the thread (already 5 pages in less than 1 day...) but with stereo only I have something like multichannel atmos with my speakers : sounds from beyond walls in front AND back, far away than speakers right and left. Not with all recordings, but the vast majority of them , specially with electronic music. Tips : dual subs on lateral walls, Massive diffusion (quadratic diffusers at the first reflexions on lateral walls, and on the back wall) and snake oil (lots of Bybee and MadAudioScientist stuff...yes, it works !), and an analog tube processor.
  8. Hello, i get my Nuc in about 2-3 days (a Cirrus 7 Nimbini v2 from Germany). I’ll have to measure inside to verify it can fit without the alubase. If yes, I think you can keep me one...I live in France, so shipping should not be very expensive.
  9. Hello, Where do you ship from ? I'd be interested, but i don't know if these ones would fit in my next NUC fanless based PC...if not, is it possible to remove the thick aluplate ?
  10. No Mac OS support. Unless you install windows or a Linux OS on your Mac Pro, you won’t be able to use these boards...
  11. ...Chan shipped again last Friday through DHL express, and I get my Lan Iteration cable this morning ! He has just to solve the pending problem with local post service. I already told him I’d prefer pay (maybe 50/50, depends with the value of the ordered cable) for a fast service, than waiting weeks for a delivery, and not even be sure it will go through. Thanks, anyway. I just have to connect the cable and hear music, now.
  12. ...ordered a Lan Iteration cable more than 2 months ago, and still nothing Chan produces very high quality stuff, but if he can’t deliver, I’m afraid he will loose most of this customers... He should only offer fast and tracked delivery, like UPS or Fedex, NOT local post service, as they seems to be durably very very unreliable, for the least.
  13. A pic of what ? I didn’t physically change anything in my system to make it work. As I said, i’m only using a convolution file inside roon, with crosstalk cancellation for now. And it works perfectly as expected (from homeaudiofidelity.com) You’ve got lots of pics of BACCH systems anywhere, just search Theoretica in google, or lavorgna’s reviews on audiostream. and for ambiophonics : It lives for many years now, also many many infos everywhere. You also have some threads there in the multichannel subforum... Don’t expect these systems to work like discreet multichannel files, though. You « only » hear the perfect stereo like it should be heard from the beginning. Some registerings are very spectacular (mainly modern music, and specially electro), but you get quite small improvements with classical music and/or chamber music : only better separation/wider image, but not very huge. i’d say it improves 50 to 70% of the recordings, and from them maybe 10 to 20% who can be heard as if they were in real multichannel (back effects...) so it works with every stereo file, but it’s not the same as a 5.1 dts ie. (not as spectacular, but still very nice and immersive for a fraction of the price of back/center speakers + a processor)
  14. @Witchdoctor : your description with close speakers is from ambiophonics, it’s a good alternative also for Xtalk cancellation, but not what I’m talking about. ...About the BACCH system : not really a special processor (only for the high end version, Dac included), but « only » a MacOS software, binaural mics and a RME fireface for real time head tracking (see Michael Lavorgna’s reports on Audiostream) entry ticket for BACCH4Mac is about $5000 I don’t own this system, but I’m using the homeaudiofidelity convolution file with crosstalk cancellation, loaded into roon on my rig. Certainly not the same level of performance (but who knows ?) but far far far less expensive...and very effective to say the least. (you only need to send a few measures of your system...and your head for this one, so only have to buy a calibrated mic + you can use a free software like REW)
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