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Anyone using a Remedy reclocker from Wyred4Sound for better streaming of eg, Tidalhifi.com

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I streamed Tidal from fast wired internet connection from an i7 Lenovo 701 laptop (SSD, max memory, etc) and sound was not good. Maybe because I was connected via an optical outlet and too much jitter.


I was wondering if the Wyred4Sound Remedy reclocker would help here.




Thoughts and experience with it?




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I'm thinking of buying one also. I'll let you know how it works out if I do

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I used the W4s Remedy from a Tuner's Coax output at 48kHz. The signal hardly ever drops out on its own, the Remedy however drops the signal say once every hour or so, remains off for 5s, something, music stops and the signal returns shortly thereafter.


Cabling used : Nordost Blue Heaven digital 3m, plus Oyaide Continental 5s (0.7m).


Tried a different DAC, with much the same issue. I didn't try the optical input.

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Running Tidal Hi Fi ->


I bought an M2Tech USB -> Spdif converted which really significantly helped the sound (getting rid of the optical connector).


I then borrowed a friend's Remedy Reclocker -> sound improved not insignificantly ->


I bought one and Tidal is now listenable. Not as good as playing the same track over my Oppo tube-modded CD or through a pretty sophisticated music server -- but indeed listenable.


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