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  1. lxgreen, Just curious if you did any bg research on Paul Hynes... A friend sent him $5,000 over 3 years ago and Hynes never delivered. Just sent him one sorry excuse after the next. I would be very, very wary of any business dealings with Paul Hynes and would absolutely look elsewhere for a power supply or any other product. I believe the audiocircle thread Production Update is more than sufficient to voice problems from multiple customers.
  2. Does anyone know if the Bakoon BPS-02 (5V Battery Power Supply and 1 amp) will power the micro-Rendu?
  3. Thanks, Ted, Firedog and Master. I'll use minimserver on the Synology 1812 and Kazoo on the Ipad. One more question (probably more revealing of my ignorance than the others): is there any way to have the above working (NAS with Minimserver to micro-Rendu) and also find a way to run TIDAL off the IPAD? Thanks. Mike
  4. Computer neophyte and need some basic help. I've got a --Synology 1812 NAS with terabytes of music files, -- a long ethernet cable from the NAS that will reach the micro-Rendu, -- a DAC that will take USB, -- and an IPAD. The physical connections seem simple enough but how do I control my music files on the NAS and actually play music in terms of what software might best work? Is all the software just going to be on my IPAD or do I need to fiddle trying to get software on the NAS and/or the micro-Rendu? I don't see simple instructions on the Sonore website. J
  5. Nikhil, Ray, and bibi01, and any others... Thanks for all the help. Mike
  6. Looking for help. I'm a newbie to HQ Player... heard it and sounds fantastic. Put HQP 3.12.0 on my CAPS server and I'm a little lost in starting... wondering what is the easiest way how to get music tracks into the play window. My music is on a D Drive" SSD (separate from the "C" drive OS SSD). Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike Thanks.
  7. I had problems with delivery of a PPA server too. But Paul made good on the money completely. I learned my lesson: go through Phil for parts (highend-audiopc.com) and have his associate, Leon (in Florida) build the server, using Paul Pang parts and others. Leon built an incredible 1 PC server for a friend and it sounds fantastic -- I would say just about as good as my double PC setup. There is a real language problem (at least English) communicating with Paul, and while a stellar designer, his business skills especially in customer service don't measure up. But he is honest. Just di
  8. Rich, Why does the ifi iusb 3.0 make a difference with the Amber Regen and not the iusb 2.0? Especially with a Dac that only connects usb 2.0 (like my PS Audio Direct Stream). Thanks. Mike
  9. I have been running older ifi iusb with Amber Regen and see that ifi has come out with the newer iFi - Micro iUSB 3.0 Power Supply that has a "A three-step REclock, REbalance, and REgenerate process creates an all-new signal, banishes computer jitter, and restores signal integrity before re-correcting the USB signal balance and ultimately, allowing music to flow naturally, cleanly, and whole." So for a new system I'm setting up, I'm wondering whether the new ifi will be just as good or better than the old ifi plus Amber Regen. Thanks.
  10. Need to buy a new USB cable to go from my server to the DAC. Could make do with 1 meter but I vaguely remember hearing that 1.5 m is ideal (reduce reflections inside the cable etc.) Anybody know more about this? Thanks.
  11. My buddy and I both heard a huge difference between Mac Mini running 2012 and AO and JRiver vs. Mac OS alone and JRiver. Ditto with a PC laptop. Not a subtle difference but huge.
  12. Three of us, with decades of listening to various systems, including one of the world's leading audio engineers, listened to Jplay 5 vs. JRiver 19. We might have been doubters before but it was night and day obvious by listening to the same track that Jplay made things so much better: more detail, more bloom, bigger soundstage...
  13. Famous audio critic guy completely blew this... Ended up choosing the MP3's Try it. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record : NPR
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