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  1. Bluesound is now Roon ready after yesterdays update
  2. Rich can you tell me if the Mytek Brooklyn will decode MQA via coax and optical or just via USB Thanks
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    Go to new albums in the desktop app and you'll see a column for Masters those are the MQA albums
  4. Take a listen to " Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" off Led Zep 1
  5. I received mine today and hooked it up as follows. Bluesound Node optical to Ifi purifier out coax to Schiit Modi 2 Uber . Background noise has dropped to dead silence, not that I had noticed any before but with this hooked up you can tell there was noise before which makes the music clearer. I also have the Modi Multibit which sounds similar to the Modi Uber and Ifi purifier combined but is more in your face than the warmer sound I get from the Uber version so i'm returning the multibit version.
  6. Thanks I didn't see that in his review
  7. I'm thinking of purchasing this but I want to make sure I can go input optical and out coax into my DAC
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