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Art Blakely and the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

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The HDT is fantastic. Haven't heard the Acoustic Sounds.

Main listening (small home office):

Main setup: Surge protector +_iFi  AC iPurifiers >Isol-8 Mini sub Axis Power Conditioning+Isolation>QuietPC Low Noise Server>Roon (Audiolense DRC)>Stack Audio Link II>Kii Control>Kii Three >GIK Room Treatments.

Secondary Listening: Server with Audiolense RC>RPi4 or analog>Matrix Element i Streamer/DAC (XLR)+Schiit Freya>Kii Three .

Bedroom: SBTouch to Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Setup.
Living Room/Kitchen: Ropieee (RPi3b+ with touchscreen) + Schiit Modi3E to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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Thanks. I tried searching the forum on "Blakely" and "Moanin" but got no hits. Maybe I was searching the wrong category or something. In any event, I downloaded the 24/96 version from HD Tracks this morning. Looking forward to listening to it when I get home from work tonight.

I bet you'll love it. The HDTracks version of Moanin is in my top 5 downloads from there. Noticeable improvement over CD.

I just bought Roots and Herbs, but haven't listened yet.

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Besides sounding good, it's also one of my favorite jazz albums musically. A winner all 'round.

John Walker - IT Executive

Headphone - MacMini running Roon Server > Netgear Orbi wireless > Blue Jeans Cable Ethernet > mRendu Roon endpoint > iFi Audio xDSD + iFi Audio xCAN > Focal Elegia

Home Theater - Mac Mini running Roon Server > Blue Jeans Cable HDMI > Pioneer Elite SC-81 > MartinLogan Motion series home theater speakers + M&K subwoofer

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