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Looking for dynamic recordings

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I listen to a lot of pop, rock, electronic music with limited dynamic range, but I've recently gotten on this kick with dynamics and I'm looking for some suggestions on recordings that have that "jump factor" that is often talked about. Genre of music doesn't matter, though it would be nice if the music you recommend can be sampled on the web somewhere.


It would also be helpful if you could describe the sort of dynamic range to be expected and/or where to expect the dynamic moments in the recording. This should be easy if you have an SPL meter. I'm envisioning comments like, "at 63 seconds in, there is a trumpet solo that averages 75dB with peaks of 95dB." Remember to set the SPL meter to the "fast" setting.


If that last part is too inconvenient, please still post a recommendation if you have one.


Thanks in advance!


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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.... that stand out on those labels?


I just sampled a couple of the tacks from Audiophile Jazz Prologue / Kent Poon on the Design w Sound web site, and I think those are a good start. The vocals on the Lush Life track have a nice bite to them on the high notes.


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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Not from those labels, but:


"The Rite of Spring" by Stravinsky. Awesome, with great dynamics throughout. There aren't so many specific parts as the whole thing engages you and has some great punches to it.


"Fanfare for the Common Man" by Copland. The whole thing builds with dynamics and added harmonies.


"Try a Little Tenderness" off of the Commitments soundtrack.


Respighi: "Roman Festivals - 1. Circenses"


Mars by Holst.


Those come to mind.


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Some ideas from memory, not measured:


Andy's Chest from Lou Reed's Transformer album (about 1 minute in).


ELP's pictures at an exhibition (first theme after the promenade).


Shostakovitch symphony no 10 in lot's of places.


Rainbow live on stage in lot's of places.


Angels have Fallen, from Kansas' Monolith album, chorus vs verse.


Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare Album. (This one is loud and louder rather than soft and loud but many of the drum hits come out of a silent background so even thought the CD is badly compressed it still packs a punch).


Of course, for best dynamic effect try listening to them with a low output moving coil cartridge ;-).


- John.


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For the Classical recommendations, can you guys provide specific Director / Orchestra / label info? I know that the quality of these performances / recordings can vary widely and I want to pick the best ones. I have "Rite of Spring" on the Phillips label, and the dynamics are OK, but I think the recording could be better.


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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This one does it for me ...


"Stravinski, The Rite of Spring, Lorin Maazel, Cleveland, Telarc CD-80054 (powerful bass, fierce brass, spectacular)"





Also, FWIW, I've picked a up a few others like the one above

from this list and haven't been disappointed:




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Cowboy Junkies White off Earth Now. This 1986 recording was done with a single Calrec Ambisonic microphone, and the whole album sizzles and has electricity in the air, like hearing a Marshall amp live. the dynamics on cut 2, State trooper, about a minute 15 seconds in, had a bunch of folks jumping at RMAF when we played it. It's a great recording with great takes on blues/rock classics. It's been re-released as a hybrid SACD by MFSL.


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For the Shostakovitch, I recommend Berlin Philharmonic / Karajan / Deutsche Grammophon on CD. If you are not into this piece - just download the second movement, if you can, to try it out. DG sells it as a 16/44.1 FLAC.


I have 2 Rites of spring: Berlin Philharmonic / Karajan / Deutsche Grammophon on CD and Chicago Symphony Orchestra / Solti / Decca on Vinyl. They both rock.


One more suggestion: Hard Headed Woman from Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman.


- John.





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Thanks again to all that have replied, this list is shaping up nicely.


Chris C. - I got 5 different albums when I searched HD tracks for "Bolero". I don't see any that were recorded at 24/96. Would you please specify the Artist or give me a direct link? How do I view the sampling rate of the recordings on that site?


Mpmct - Thanks for the link to Telarc recording and even more for reminding me again of what a wealth of knowledge that Linkwitz site is. :-)


John - thanks for the follow-up!


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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Chris -


Based on your general "Bolero" recommendation, I purchased a CD quality version of this one from HDtracks.com.




It's awesome! Most of my current classical stuff has a muted / distant sound to it, like the mics were placed in the back of the hall. Not this one. Very up-front, crisp, and dynamic. The violins and brass have a nice bite to them when the orchestra is going full throttle.


I'm listening to it as I write this, and I just reached the 14:50 mark on track 4 (Litz: Les Preludes) and holy cr@p, the kettle drums just blew up my room! I'm running a JL Audio F112 subwoof that's getting hammered right now. ;-)


Even though it is "only" a 44.1 recording, I recommend it highly.




Cheers,[br] - Tim

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Markr -


Thanks for the link. I have a Telarc recording of Firebird that I forgot about. I'll have to give that a listen an see if I can do better with yours. Seems like it is certainly worth the risk at only $6 for the download.


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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Coope Boyes & Simpson and Wak Maar Proper, Christmas Truce / Kerstbestand


Male a capella group Coope, Boyes & Simpson performing with Dutch 'world' choir Wak Maar Proper. A glorious choral work based around songs from the Great War.




The Voice Squad - Holly Wood. Male a capella trio again, some live tracks, beautifully sung and recorded.





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The Mephisto CD from Reference Recordings is also really good for dynamics. I have the Bolero one as well, but I really like the Saint Saens track on Mephisto. You can even hear someone take a breath before playing a big note. I'd say the Mephisto make my all time top 5.


Another great thread for more leads on music, Tim.




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.......get a copy of Scott Walker's Tilt.


Place it in the CD player. Have the amp set to a decent level of volume. Sit back in a perfectly quiet room, settle down, enjoy the moment.


Press play.........close your eyes


....and wait.


You wont regret it.


Meridian 551 amp / Meridian 507 CD / Zune Mk1

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I would add Hugh Masakala's Hope. Most people probably know about the last cut from the Burmesister demo cd, but the whole album is awesome and dynamic as all get out. I have the 45 rpm re-issue, and I think they also did an SACD version.


ADM9.1s ,2.0 Ghz Mac Mini, Panasonic BD-35 blu-ray player.

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Markr - I downloaded the FLAC file of Stravinsky Firebird from highdeftapetransfers and it is more a more dynamic presentation of Firebird than the Telarc recording I have. Thanks for that. It is however a noisier recording, I assume because it was transfered off of tape. Still the performance and the dynamics make up for it.


I also ordered Cowboy Junkies, Schostakowitsch: Symphonie No. 10, Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring (Telarc) all thanks to you guys. I'll keep this thread bookmarked so that when I have had the chance to listen to my new stuff I can order up some more.


Oh, I also ordered "Air" Claude Debussy & Toru Takemitsu which was recommended by stereophile as a dynamic recording or harp music, if you can imagine that. Should be interesting.





Cheers,[br] - Tim

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.. a slightly noisy recording but it is only noticeable in a few spots, and I think that is due in large part to the fact that it is such a dynamic piece. I believe that this was recorded in 1950 however, so I cut it some slack in that respect. I don't believe that it has much to do with the fact that it is transferred from tape though. I could be wrong on that. I really love the piece and the performance - performance is 2/3 of the 'pudding' when searching out the classics, don't you think? The Petrushka is an equally good performance IMO. I'm glad you enjoy it!





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