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  1. Keyser, You can plug more than one digital source into the 9.1s. I plug my Mac and Blu-Ray player in and if I want to play my Xbox I just unplug one of the digial cables. As far as the iPod goes you can get a mini RCA to stereo RCA cable to plug into the analog input. I think my iPhone sounds pretty good with headphones so I would think this would give some pretty good results. I would turn the volume all the way up on the iPod and then control the volume with the 9.1s. As far as transports I believe the Onkyo will also output digital. This is not an Apple issue but more of a studio copyright thing. Yes the 9.1s can play 24 bit 96 kHz material
  2. I play my AIFF and ALAC files from my iPhone in my car and through my Grado headphones and I think it sounds pretty good. I have heard that the DAC in the iPhone and latest iPods is not as good as the older ones but I would think it should still sound ok. I don't know what the problem would be. I do know that if I go with low bit rate AAC versions of some modern recordings they can sound harsh.
  3. I would add Hugh Masakala's Hope. Most people probably know about the last cut from the Burmesister demo cd, but the whole album is awesome and dynamic as all get out. I have the 45 rpm re-issue, and I think they also did an SACD version.
  4. Simplify is the reason I finally broke down and bought an iPhone after a fellow forum member should me the app. I think the reason it does not support AIFF is due to streaming limitations. Ideally a person would use the app over a wi-fi network, but it also works over 3 and 2 G. I do like the fact that it is called Simplifymedia and not just Simplifymusic. This tells me there may be plans in the future to let you stream videos and other forms of media.
  5. Martin, I will also chime in and recommend the 9.1s. I have had them since October after upgrading from the 9s and they continue to amaze me everyday. As far as placing them in your room I use mine in my basement which is 36' by 36' and they work fine. As far as placing them on a shelf I think they will work fine. Obviously being able to find an ideal place in the room is ideal as you said compromises need to be made. If you would like more opinions there is also a Facebook group of ADM9 users. As far as what you are thinking overall I think you are on the right track. My advice would be not to over think the computer based audio solution because in my experience even a simple solution gives great results.
  6. Stephane, Not to beat a dead horse but I am also going to recommend the AVI ADM9.1s. I started with a mid level Linn system six years ago then I went with an AVI pre and ATC Active 20s and the ADM9.1s are the best system is the best thing I have ever owned. Add the matching sub and you have a great three way system. I highly recommend the Mac Mini as a source. I think I am going to back to one. It was a great DVD player going into my Epson projector.
  7. Many people do think of the AVIs as a computer speaker but in my opinion they are the main system and they happen to work well with a computer as the source. I have mine hooked up to my turntable and blu-ray player as well as my Macbook and have never been happier with a hi-fi system.
  8. I don't think going balanced will neccesarily solve your problem. I get the same clicking from iPhone that you are describing through the tv in my bedroom. I have been told it is due to the EDGE setting on the iPhone. For what it is worth the clicking does not occur on the 3G setting. If you are thinking of changing speakers than I would also recommend the AVI ADM9.1s. They are active monitors with a built in pre and DAC. I have never had a clicking problem with the speakers and iPhone and I plug my phone in right next to them.
  9. I could not agree more about digital downloads being the future. I am still a vinyl guy at heart so I do not mind buying records but CDs seem like a waste of resources to me. I get it home rip it to my computer put it on a shelf and never look at it again. I swear the albums I have purchased from HDTracks sound better than any of my CDs I have transfered to my computer.
  10. You can convert more than one file at a time. Just drag the folder you wan to convert into Max. I have only done about 25 files at a time, so I do not know if there is a point where it will choke.
  11. I am going to second David and say go with AIFF. Storage space is cheap these days and you never have to worry if you are missing something. I use AIFF when I convert the FLAC files I download from Archive.org and the results are stunning.
  12. You can use Fluke which is a free program or Max which is also free. I prefer Max as it lets you set your preferences and it will import the files into iTunes when you are done.
  13. I use a Linn LP-12 with my Macbook and ADM9s. I am very happy with the results.
  14. Sorry about the quad posts guys. I am typing from my iPhone and am having trouble with the wireless network I am using.
  15. Larry, I would say if space is not an issue go with AIFF. I have done comparisons between the two and found AIFF to sound a little better. I found with lossless the bass became a little one note and vocals were a little hashy. To be honest if I was not doing a back to back comparison I do not know if I would be able to tell the difference.
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