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    Audirvana 2.6 Adds Support For Tidal Max




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    Happy Monday Audiophiles, just a quick note today about the new Audirvana 2.6 update. Damien and crew have added support for Tidal Max! 


    According to the release notes: NEW TIDAL Max: Lossless HiRes FLAC streaming from TIDAL now available (for TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers). Lossless HiRes FLAC is identified with the "HD" symbol in Audirvāna.


    I've been using it this morning and enjoying high resolution FLAC files from Tidal. Seems strange to even say that, given what Tidal has delivered the last several years. In addition to supporting Tidal Max, Audirvana users will notice the selections in Streaming setup for Tidal now include Max (HiRes) and no longer include Master.


    That's it for now, happy listening :~)


    Audirvana Tidal Account.png

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    Chris, can you perform the bit perfect test with a RR title as suggested by seeteeyou? 

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