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  1. I'm sure, I bought 3 songs for $1.29 each not knowing they are MP3 because I incorrectly assumed they would be HD as I had selected HD downloads in my HD preferences. When I got Amazon on the phone they confirmed the $7.99 was for Amazon Unlimited Music and said that was required for the "free" HD content. I had unlimited previously but cancelled last January. Maybe that's why they restarted it. They also restarted it earlier this year without telling me. Early this month I noticed a $7.99 charge on my card and when I looked back saw $7.99 for the previous 2 months. When I contacted them they said they had no idea why it had restarted and refunded 3 x $7.99. Then they restarted it again for $7.99 when I signed up for the "free" HD trial 2 days ago, now also cancelled and refunded.
  2. as for the so called "free" trial I signed up yesterday thinking what's to lose with a free trial. Then I see a $7.99 charge from Amazon Music on my credit card today. I call and am told that the HD trial is free but you have to have a $7.99 unlimited account to get the free trial. Of course, I ask how can it be free when I get charged $7.99? They said again, only free if you pay for unlimited I canceled and got my $7.99 back first they have a setting that says you get HD downloads when it turns out that is not actually a download even when you pay for the song like I foolishly did, it is only for offline listening, any actual download is low resolution MP3, now this f**k em, I'm done with em
  3. so I may be an idiot but how do you actually play a file through a USB DAC? I use either Pure Music or Roon but I don't see any way to have the Amazon App communicate with either. It only plays through the internal speaker on my Mac Mini. How do I direct it to the USB DAC? AND sorry for the graphics, but this forum keep attaching old graphic files that I trash before I submit?
  4. Ok, that makes sense,,, no, I take that back.. it explains what is happening but makes no sense If you buy a song and are given the option of downloading in HD then it should be HD,, getting an MP3 is just wrong, but thanks for clarifying it
  5. If it is not a download store why do they give you the option of buying the song and downloading it? In preferences you have the option of downloading the HD track after you buy it. Unfortunately what you get is an MP3 file that is nowhere near HD. Perhaps a glitch in their system? And why in this forum does it reload all of the graphics I previously uploaded even though I trash them before I submit? Then I have to go back and edit this post to remove the graphics
  6. and here is Living Loving Maid downloaded from HDtracks as a 24/96 file. The download from Amazon is only 5.4 Mb, from HDtracks it is 92Mb
  7. here is a screen shot of preferences and the spectrum of a download of Living Loving Maid I purchased after I set it up like this
  8. Ahh HA !!! download is set to standard... I will try again
  9. so here are 3 spectrums. The first is a redbook CD where you can clearly see the cutoff just below 20KHz. The middle is a vinyl record I recorded at higher resolution which shows energy way above 20K. The bottom is Whole Lotta Love I purchased and downloaded from Amazon HD. It is listed as Ultra HD 24/96. I downloaded it and came as an MP3 file and the spectrum shows it has the same upper limit as a CD. I suppose it is possible that the download is different than the file you play on the Amazon app, but if I'm paying for an Ultra HD song that is what I expect to get. I don't know how to capture the spectrum as it plays from the app. working on figuring it out
  10. If Amazon wants to differentiate themselves as the provider who streams 24/192 then they would have an incentive to do it themselves. (however, see conclusion below before you fire off a response) It would be no "trouble" as they can just run it through some software and it is done automatically either on the fly or as the file goes onto their server. The VW dealers were guilty if they knew about the problem. I doubt they did, but HDtracks did know and at the time chose to ignore it.. therefore... guilty As for no content that 44.1 can't capture, that is true , but you are incorrect on the spectrum as it is very easy to see when that brick wall filter is used. AND it does matter as recording at higher rates allows you to use filters that do not reach down into the audio band like the brick wall filters that MUST be used at 44.1. That is the crux of the matter. The filters used at 44.1 do affect the audio band. Upsampling does not change that so it does matter. However, we are off track. If they are upsampled it doesn't matter who is doing it, or why they are doing it, and I don't care who is doing it or why they are doing it nor do I care to debate the who or the why... I'm just asking if the 24/192 files they are streaming are originally 24/192 or if they are upsampled from redbook. It's a very simple question that does not require any debate, it requires a yes or a no.
  11. not true.. it does have everything to do with the provider when they claim they are selling you a high rez file and charging a premium for an upsampled file .. perhaps they did not upsample it themselves, but when they claim it is high resolution when it is not and they know some of their files are upsampled then they are culpable. When I called them on it they claimed, like you, that they were at the mercy of the labels, but it only takes a few seconds playing the file to see whether are not it has a brick wall filter at 20KHz. They were selling upsampled files claiming they were high resolution, they knew it, and they refused to do anything about it unless they got caught... that makes them guilty as charged
  12. has anybody looked at the spectrum on these 24/192 Amazon files to see if they are just upsampling 16/44.1 like we used to get a lot of from HdTracks back in the day. Maybe still do, I quit dealing with them years ago when they were selling upsampled files and then claiming it wasn't their fault, it was the labels. I have Tidal. Does anybody know which service has the more extensive catalog i.e. how does Amazon compare to Tidal, Qobuz, etc. (sorry if this has already been discussed, i didn't see it if it did)
  13. while I have no interest in the hardware reviewed, I do appreciate the comments and links about the music used to evaluate it.
  14. so how do I add the Tidal playlist to my Tidal account? It would be helpful to many if there was link to how to do so whenever you post a link like this.... similar to a recent article talking about using mono tracks to set up speakers... it drives me nuts when sites like this post just enough information to capture your interest but not not enough detail to follow up ....thx
  15. so are you going to share what he did to optimize with the mono recording or just tease us?
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