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  1. their website sucks. I clicked all over the place and there is nowhere I can find that explains the different plans. Select "streaming plans" or "discover the Qobuz memberships" and it takes you to Studio Premier but really doesn't say what it is or what the other plans are. If you find the link to "explore our plans" you go to the same place. Is there only one plan now? It mentions "Sublime" but I can't find what that is. Click on "see compatible hi-fi brands" and you go to a page that talks about different resolutions.
  2. thanks to all including the folks who initially posted about this.. all is working now.. Router - TCXO switch - Mac Mini USB to Ethernet adapter -Mini running Roon - Mini ethernet to Directstream DAC I gave the DS a static IP address as suggested by somebody One of the touted features of the DS DAC is it's supposed immunity to whatever input is used since it upsamples everything to 20X DSD and processes from there. Initial impression is differences if any are very subtle. I'm to the point in this journey that I have no patience for extensive A-B comparisons. I don't have the patience to go back and forth multiple times to try and detect a difference. Since ethernet input can process MQA I'll stick with that.
  3. Thank you, I will get a USB to Ethernet and try it. My Mac Mini does not have the USB C style thunderbolt connector I see on all of the TB to Ethernet adapters I can find one minor point that threw me off, they are not " exact instructions" since you don't go direct from Network to Manage Virtual Interfaces. You have to click the little wheel in the lower left of the window. I know just enough to be dangerous so simple things like that stump me. Thanks again
  4. I've spent a few hours digging through the threads here as well as other sites and can't find an answer. I keep reading about bridging my computer to my ethernet DAC but can't find how to do it. If I understand it means my computer hooks up directly to my DAC, no switch in between. I did find a few links in threads were but they were dead. I did see a thread that has over 600 pages that says in several places "this has been covered in this thread" but can't find it. So not for lack of trying on my part, but please... how is it done? UPDATE I did find below. It talks about opening System Preferences > Network > Managing Virtual Interfaces but this is not correct. There is no option in Network for Managing Virtual Interfaces. After much search I found out you have to click the little wheel in the Network window to find it. Maybe obvious to whoever posted but not to me. So.. if I get a Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter can I bridge to it and get what I want using the instructions below? i.e. hook my Mini to my home network via the ethernet port and hook the DAC to the Thunderbolt ethernet port?
  5. Sorry, just noticed this... how is it "pretty clear" ??? The option on their menu is to download the HD file... download means one thing to me and I assume to many others... when I download something that I paid for then I expect to own it, when I pay for an HD file and download it I expect to have an HD file, not an MP3
  6. AGREED !!! and perhaps beating a very dead horse at this point, but when I bought a file inside an HD service and chose the menu option to download it in HD, I assumed that I was buying and downloading an HD file to my computer. Without any previous experience buying HD files inside an HD service how could anybody know they would get a low resolution MP3 file ?? . It would be very simple for Amazon to put a disclaimer on the menus telling you what you are buying and getting, the fact that they do not is on them IMHO I got burned and have learned a lesson. and now I will let it go.
  7. which goes to the heart of my problem with this Amazon service. Even if not intentional, the confusion surrounding it leads one to believe either they have no idea what they are doing, or they are purposely being vague in an attempt to deceive. It would be very simple for them to reveal the provenance of the files and to clarify what they mean by "HD downloads" which we all know now are not HD despite the fact that you can purchase a song within the HD app and "download" it yet end up with an MP3. The fact that they remain silent speaks volumes.... Caveat Emptor
  8. I am suggesting that it is odd that all of the sudden they have Neil Young at 24/192 and Elvis at 24/96 along with many others. I am stopping short of accusing anybody of anything, but if they want to make a believer of me and many others they need to tell us where they got all these high resolution files. We got burned by HDtracks when they first started up when they were selling upsampled files. They claimed they were victims of the people supplying the files, but If I could see they were upsampled why didn't HDtracks take the time to verify what they had? And again, not accusing Amazon of anything, just a bit leery. Ask yourself this, do you think the executives at Amazon really understand the difference between 16/44.1 upsampled to 24/192 and files that are natively remastered at 24/192 ?? I haven't figured out how to show the spectrum of the feed from Amazon HD, but if somebody can do that it will clearly show a brick wall filter just below 20KHz if these are upsampled CD files, hopefully they are not
  9. correct, i get that now. they counted my former Amazon music unlimited as a free trial. That means nothing, I can resample 160K MP3 files to 24/192 and it will show on your DACs as 24/192, so unless you look at the spectrum you can't rely on what the DAC is telling you
  10. no I signed up for Amazon but when they charged me $7.99 for the free trial I cancelled, still don't believe they are delivering native HD content have been using Tidal, jut signed up for Qobuz to see what that is like
  11. color me skeptical, but does anybody think that Amazon has gone back to the masters and sourced 24/96 and 24/192 files ??? I am going to believe they are streaming upsampled CD 16/44.1 files until proven otherwise
  12. I'm sure, I bought 3 songs for $1.29 each not knowing they are MP3 because I incorrectly assumed they would be HD as I had selected HD downloads in my HD preferences. When I got Amazon on the phone they confirmed the $7.99 was for Amazon Unlimited Music and said that was required for the "free" HD content. I had unlimited previously but cancelled last January. Maybe that's why they restarted it. They also restarted it earlier this year without telling me. Early this month I noticed a $7.99 charge on my card and when I looked back saw $7.99 for the previous 2 months. When I contacted them they said they had no idea why it had restarted and refunded 3 x $7.99. Then they restarted it again for $7.99 when I signed up for the "free" HD trial 2 days ago, now also cancelled and refunded.
  13. as for the so called "free" trial I signed up yesterday thinking what's to lose with a free trial. Then I see a $7.99 charge from Amazon Music on my credit card today. I call and am told that the HD trial is free but you have to have a $7.99 unlimited account to get the free trial. Of course, I ask how can it be free when I get charged $7.99? They said again, only free if you pay for unlimited I canceled and got my $7.99 back first they have a setting that says you get HD downloads when it turns out that is not actually a download even when you pay for the song like I foolishly did, it is only for offline listening, any actual download is low resolution MP3, now this f**k em, I'm done with em
  14. so I may be an idiot but how do you actually play a file through a USB DAC? I use either Pure Music or Roon but I don't see any way to have the Amazon App communicate with either. It only plays through the internal speaker on my Mac Mini. How do I direct it to the USB DAC? AND sorry for the graphics, but this forum keep attaching old graphic files that I trash before I submit?
  15. Ok, that makes sense,,, no, I take that back.. it explains what is happening but makes no sense If you buy a song and are given the option of downloading in HD then it should be HD,, getting an MP3 is just wrong, but thanks for clarifying it
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