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  1. Well, perhaps some, but I was just kinda curious 🐱 Am I correct to say that any computer that can run the HQplayer NAA software is capable of delivering the high rate DSD over USB like this one? I understand that commenting on the infinite combinations of hardware is impossible, just wondering if there is something special about this combination that makes it unique for the purpose. Since HQplayer will run within Roon, will it also deliver DSD at these rates? again, just curious
  2. I think I get this, it is an endpoint to deliver higher rate DSD than other endpoints currently available commercially. Or just a fun project to build a Roon or HQplayer endpoint if one feels these sort of projects are fun. If correct, that leave the one question for me I don't see addressed.. sound quality. As a confirmed skeptic about how much a device like this is capable of changing the sound from my DAC when it delivers the same digital data all other devices like this deliver, it seems like a huge leap of faith to invest the $3K or so it takes to put together the full blown version without at least some comment about sound quality. And I get the viewpoint that "if you don't believe in it then just move one," but since this whole site is devoted to maximizing sound quality and chatting about how to do that, it seems like a huge omission not to talk about it.
  3. I did a little research and the stock DAVE supply is a switching mode supply you can get for less than $15 in large quantities, $25 for a single. A little surprised they don't go with a little higher quality (read linear) supply in a $10K+ device.. but some will argue it doesn't matter.. Of course it wouldn't fit in the current case, but they could take the Naim approach and offer a mega-buck optional external supply for it https://power.sager.com/lfwlt40-3002-2636704.html
  4. I am doing this with a pro audio interface. Doesn't avoid USB but sounds really good. In my case an Antelope Audio Eclipse 384. Feed it with USB and it will output the digital stream over toslink, SpDIF, and AES. They use the phrase de-jittered outputs. I use the SpDIF. It has a very excellent internal clock for the digital outputs that will follow the rate on the USB input so you don't have to manually change the rate every time the song rate changes. It also accepts your 10MHz reference clock. It was a $7000 interface before being discontinued. You can find them for around $2500. It looks like their Pure 2 and Amari will do the same. I assume others but ones that accept the Mutec are limited. https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/eclipse-384/ As a bonus it has excellent ADC and DAC sections and if used as a DAC has a built in preamp with analog, relay controlled volume. The headphone out can drive high efficiency speakers directly like Ray-Dude is doing in the Extreme thread with his DAVE (as am I).. to avoid USB you could get a DCS bridge that accepts a network connection and use a word clock like an Antelope Trinity that accepts a 10 MHz reference.. shameless plug as I have a trinity for sale. But overall more $$ than the first option. yea , I know, kind of defeats the purpose of the CAPS, but I need to get USB to the Antelope anyway as I digitize my vinyl with it and Pure Vinyl software
  5. With all of the RF concerns you might want to look at Audiowise products as that is the focus of most of what he offers. In my dealings with Dan he has been very easy to engage and eager to address whatever concerns you have. https://audiowise-canada.myshopify.com/ Concerning the question about outputs other than USB and the recommendations of Lynx or RME PCI cards... does anybody have any experience with them or recommendations for a BNC SpDIF 2 channel output? I see a lot of options and varieties so hard to dig through them. Ideally one that accepts a word clock. finally, regarding HDplex. His supplies seem to offer a lot for the $$ but there are numerous posts that complain about reliability, admittedly mostly older posts. Hopefully that is either a thing of the past or was not really an issue in the first place, never the less it would be nice to hear from any of you who have recent experience with them thanks
  6. This was not "again." It was a considered, reasonable response to a new point raised by Chris. His point was not about the value of these computers which I believe we all agreed is pointless to discuss, it was a justification for why they cost so much. Cost and value are 2 very different things so my response was therefore not "again." I hesitated to respond because I don't want this to turn into a pissing contest, but since you have taken it personal by telling me for the second time to go away, I did. When Chris appoints you forum police officer I will pay attention to your directives. In the meantime... IMHO your snarky comments have no place here so will no longer be dignified with a response.
  7. That's not germane. The question is not "do they need to charge that much to make a profit." I agree they probably do. The question is "do I need to pay that much to get the same or better result." Just like the points about value raised in the Extreme discussion,,, this is obviously a question we will never resolve here.
  8. and I believe you. Of course, that doesn't prove anything other than in your current system one computer sounds better than the other, not that an Aurender computer categorically sounds better than other "computers." my experience is completely different, that's why the debate is pointless. So before Chris jumps in and tells me to quit ... I will do so on my own
  9. To clarify.. I'm not saying a Raspberry Pi is equivalent to an Aurender. I'm saying that a device tasked with delivering a reliable stream of digital data (a computer) is not dark science. The idea that it needs to cost $10-30,000 to be optimized is in my mind ... ridiculous. I put them in the same category as mega-buck USB cables.. I know that is blasphemy on a site formerly called Computer Audiophile. I don't care to get into a debate about that because quite frankly my mind is made up, and those of you who have invested in these mega-buck servers are convinced otherwise. So that debate is pointless. . Please bear in mind I come to this not from just reading reviews and forums like this one.. I have tried a LOT of different configurations of computers, servers, cables, etc. so it is based on my experience... It is a slow day so I just wanted to jump in and express my opinion ... I appreciate you all putting up with me
  10. cherry picking one statement from my comments and ignoring the rest is an "over generalization" that distracts from and completely ignores the point of my post.
  11. I would remember that an Aurender is just another computer built with a focus for audio. It is yet another implementation of a Linux based music server. Believe what you want, but there is nothing magical about a proprietary computer that was designed for/by Aurender to run their servers versus a computer that can also be used as a personal computer. "far superior" is of course relative, so can't be defined, but a computer is a computer is a computer so it is a superlative I'm not buying into. "It also starts up quicker and is much more reliable." Once you boot it up who cares about how quickly it starts? Most computers boot up very quickly anyway and are super reliable so I would say these are both non-issues.
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