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  1. So it would be up to Roon to write a Core App for the iPad. Not holding my breath. It would also be limited to users who do not store their libraries locally. Mine is on an NAS but for those using large internal or USB attached drives it wouldn't work.
  2. It looks like the iPad Pro same chip set as a Mac Mini. Sorry if this was mentioned as I didn't read all comments, but seems like it has the power to be a music server running Roon Core, Audvirana or whatever. I would gladly buy one if I could get rid of my server. Why limit it to just being the remote?
  3. Since this thread hasn't had any activity for over a week I hope I am not out of line by mentioning I have one for sale at US Audio Mart ? They are back ordered 10 -12 weeks as of today.. Please delete this if I am out of bounds
  4. Depends on what you mean by "hear it," We have a grandfather clock that rings the hour and once on the half hour... I'm sure I "hear it" in the sense that my brain receives the input from my ears, but my brain ignores it so I rarely "hear it" in the sense that I consciously register it. not really sure how that fits into this conversation but I like to participate 😉
  5. OK, then that's an update since I tried it last February. At that time you could set Euphony as an HQP NAA endpoint and use the desktop version of HQP to get full function, but the embedded version did not support convolution which Jussi confirmed at that time when I asked about convolution. "You should be using HQPlayer's web interface, not Euphony's limited subset..." Good to know for the Euphony/HQP users
  6. I don't know what the Auralic requires but Uptone can adjust their high end supply to voltages other than those listed on their website
  7. First an apology for the following incomplete information, but I'm going by memory I tried HQPlayer at one point embedded in Euphony. it did not have all of the features of the desktop version. I believe it did not support convolution, but again, going from memory so not 100% on that it required paying for another license. It was not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but at least at that point your desktop license would not enable an embedded version
  8. That may be a bit strong. I haven't done anything to optimize the USB input and my experience is limited. I haven't spent enough time with it to be definitive so it is too early to come to that strong of a conclusion.
  9. well, that's another $2300 or so (with tax and shipping) that Chris has "forced" me to spend 😉 I've spent considerable time with many of the top end DACs (DCS Debussy with clock, DCS Rossini with clock, Chord DAVE with external supplies and the Mscaler, PS Audio whatever that was, Denafrips Terminator Plus with Hermes DDC) . After all of these trials I am convinced that the way to judge these DACs is how they make you feel, how well they connect you to the music, how they make you bob your head and tap your feet. Not all the usual audiophile BS that we read in all of the reviews. So we have good news and bad news. Good news.. the Schiit is a contender. It is the type of device that further convinces me that spending mega-bucks on DACs is not required for mega-performance. I have no problem if you want to drop $100K + on a Vivaldi stack and add some $10K cables to it, I'm just saying you don't need to spend that to get superb performance. Bad news.. the Schiit clearly sounds much better being fed by a Mutec MC3+ USB with Mutec REF10 to it's AES input than using the USB input... I am using Roon with HQPlayer >>> ethernet >>>Jussi recommended Atom NAA >>> USB >>> Mutec >>> AES >>> Schiit so open to the possibility that a different configuration for the USB, a different server, a different USB cable, etc. might level the field, but as is, NAA >>> USB >>> Schiit is clearly inferior to adding in the Mutec gear. I know I am adding $6K of re-clocking gear to a $2K DAC. Oh well, a man has to do what a man has to do.... My vinyl rig has always been my reference but this is as close as I've gotten. Happy for now and we're only a few hours in.... hoping it gets even better
  10. I disagree that just because you can't quantify something you can't rate it. If somebody decides to record a chainsaw while somebody else beats on a trash can and farts that is not music, it is not art, it is noise no matter how high you want to get on your intellectual horse. Just because you say over and over that we can't apply objective criteria to it does not mean it is music.
  11. if nobody is any better or worse then all art is equal, all music is equal, everything is equal you may not be able to quantify it, but saying everything equal is just a cop out I get what you are saying.. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but some art is just crap no matter how you assess it, some "music" is just noise It escapes me at the moment who it was but there was a 20th century composer who "composed" music by flipping a coin. Heads he went up in tone and tails he went down. There were others who did similar experiments. The resulting piece of "music" is random noise. It sucks. It is irritating and no sensible person would call it music. Same for a lot of so called art.
  12. Absolutely 100% The world is full of bad art. The world is full of people who can't carry a tune. If you listened to me play the guitar or sing it would immediately change your mind about no such thing as bad technique. It is not subjective
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