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  1. I don't have a FB account but it was interesting to see the person advocating for battery power as the better solution than linear supplies. I have no comment on which sounds better, but the idea that batteries are perfect reservoirs of energy with no noise is incorrect. They do produce noise, have limited current reserves, an output impedance that is frequency dependent, and their characteristics change as they age. The ability of a lead acid battery to supply hundreds of amps to the starter in your car does not necessarily translate to the needs of an audio circuit. They are a viable soluti
  2. I can't imagine living in an audiophile world without Qobuz, and/or Tidal and/or some similar service now that I've been exposed. I listen to these services for many hours everyday using Roon radio. I have been introduced to thousands of songs and hundreds of artists I would never have heard any other way. All for what a few CDs would cost each month. I don't say this lightly.... It IS the golden age for music lovers all because of services like Qobuz.
  3. I wonder if it is because they don't really understand what they are singing so the phrasing is odd to a native English speaker? That is a guess, they may all be fluent English speakers. I know it isn't unusual to hear a song you know well sung by somebody you haven't heard before and find it is a bit disconcerting. You get used to the way Ella did it and everybody else sounds wrong.
  4. mine too one is a female vocalist. I haven't listened to any of the new ones yet and haven't spent much time listening to any of the other female vocalists because I haven't been able to get into them. Maybe it is just me but I haven't warmed up to any of them
  5. not an expert here, but I don't think that device sends the DSD in a manner that any device can use directly like the I2S over HDMI does. I on't think any commercial device accepts pure DSD over a coaxial connection, only DSD over PCM. correct?
  6. Chris, you're slipping 😁 December has shipped, February posted for sale https://discsjapan.com/bingo-miki-inner-galaxy-orchestra-back-to-the-sea/ https://discsjapan.com/hideo-ichikawa-trio-tomorrow/ https://discsjapan.com/sanae-mizushima-youre-got-a-friend/ https://discsjapan.com/jimmy-yoko-shin-sei-shonagon/ https://discsjapan.com/hidehiko-matsumoto-samba-de-sun/
  7. there are 7 used CDs and 6 SACD on Amazon right now make that 5 SACDs
  8. I have explored this area pretty extensively. I've had a DCS Rossini and tried the DCS external clock and others. I've re-clocked my USB with the Uptone box and the Innous Phoenix. I tried the EtherRegen with Mutec 10MHz reference clock, tried feeding my DAC with AES/EBU from a Mutec MC-3+ clocked with the Mutec REF10 and tried an Antelope 10M to clock various devices including my DAC which is the Antelope Eclipse 384. For a server I've used my Mac Mini, SMG i5 transporter, Pi, Innuous Zenith MK3, and a Roon Nucleus. Also a variety of cabling. so with all of the servers, clocks, r
  9. actually, that 3 disc set from Exclusive disc has been backordered for a long time. I just saw and ordered the individual 45 rpm 2 disc sets that are now available again at Acoustic Sounds Damn, this is getting expensive !!😮 in the same vein.. if unfamiliar check out Charles Lloyd, his 80th birthday concert is excellent.. if you like the Japanese stuff you will like this,,, try "Requiem" for a taste.. I bought the deluxe box set with 3 LPs that I'm listening to now.. eager to watch the DVD
  10. It would be very useful if you could share these recordings or let us know how to obtain them. This specific example is something we could listen for with our equipment and have something to compare your experiences too. Without the recording it is much less useful. that said, I appreciate your passion and your willingness to hang it all out there ,
  11. I hear the concern about resistors drifting, but is that really an issue for .01% resistors that may drift at the same rate, if at all. don't know, just asking
  12. To render means to assemble , to cause to become. In this case take the digital information from any number of sources (internet, NAS, USB drive, internal storage, etc.) and assemble into a form that the DAC can use whether that be over USB, toslink, etc. Despite your preference for the term, and even though it does render, using that term fails to describe what all it does. It is, as someone described earlier, a $5000 computer. It is functionally the same as my Mac Mini albeit with a wider variety of outputs, better power supply, the inability to be a Roon server, and other differ
  13. well, you would think that since Chris also has a $20K + Aurender W20SE that does basically the same thing, we could get some kind of comparison along the lines of why someone would choose to spend $20K+ versus $5K for this box
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