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  1. https://apps.apple.com/no/app/microsoft-eksternt-skrivebord/id714464092?l=nb https://apps.apple.com/no/app/remote-desktop-rdp/id288362053?l=nb Windows Remote Desktop only works if you have the Pro edition of Windows which is a relatively expensive upgrade. There are a variety of free VNC solutions
  2. any computer can be controlled by any other computer, tablet, or phone using VNC, You install a VNC server on the computer you want to control and then a VNC viewer also called a client on the controlling device(s). I use Screens but there are a variety of VNC options, some free and some paid, RealVNC, Teamviewer and on and on. If you are using Macs they have a built in option for screen sharing that works very well. Here's a link to give you the general idea but like I said, there are a variety of programs https://help.realvnc.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003474552-How-do
  3. Seems like there would be software that can capture a digital audio stream on the receiving end and compare it to what is being sent so you don't have to rely on this HDCD method. Isn't is possible that the stream retains whatever it is that triggers the HDCD light but alters the data in other ways?
  4. as I stated a bit earlier, I had a real hard time following the earlier posts with so many links to other links to other forums. I appreciate the follow up but I don't see anything "basic" about a thread that has so many links to other links. I have no idea how to go about getting what this fellow is evidently offering. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough ☹️
  5. interesting, but not enough information to pursue it. Do you have a link to this Andrea and what he is doing, options, prices? thanks
  6. If I understand your statement you are saying you need to use a filter at the rate you are up-sampling to, which is incorrect. . yes, HQP only accepts a single mono filter for each channel... but according to Jussi, HQP applies convolution at the source rate, not the up-sample rate, so you only need to pick a filter at or above the highest source rate you will be using. I asked him about this when I had a DAVE. I was using HQP to up-sample to 16fs so was concerned that the Audiolense filters could only go up to 384. His response about using a 384 filter was Yes, that
  7. Chris, so related to the last few comments.... how are you implementing the convolution? As I understand it, Roon and HQP do it differently. With Roon you use a zip file that has a stereo file for each of the source rates you use and Roon selects the proper one for the file you are playing. . With HQP you have a mono file for each channel at or above the highest rate you use I don't know about Audirvana. HQP does do convolution and upsampling of DSD, and unlike Roon does not convert DSD to PCM to do it then back to DSD. Again, as I understand it from correspondence I've had with Jussi. I'm
  8. I am just looking for a source for the hardware... I don't care to be drawn into one of your endless debates.
  9. I had a real hard time following this thread with so many links to other threads in other forums. . Just looking for a nice quality 25MHz oscillator like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/143938016275?hash=item21835fd413:g:V-8AAOSwey1fl5bq or like the Pink Faun but doesn't cost $1000 dollars. Any ideas?
  10. You are oversimplifying it. You may accuse me of making it too complicated, but the simple fact is that horse power or the fact that other software runs fine is not the issue. Pure Music runs beautifully on these older Minis using a few % of the CPU. It won't run at all on a Mini with Big Sur. It isn't horsepower, it is the operating system so you run Pure Music on Mojave, which means you can't use a Mini M1 because Mojave won't run on an M1. So I'm saying, perhaps some of the issues people are having is trying to use 2021 software on a 2011 machine. Perhaps so, perhaps not this t
  11. curious.... what computer you are running this on?
  12. uh, "never ever" as in past tense... we're discussing Audirvana Studio... things change, computers become outdated for reasons other than just clock speed even though that has a lot to do with it. A competent software designer optimizes his program to run on the current generation of processors and operating systems with a look back to recent versions. In the world of computers 2011-12 is ancient history, A 2011 Mini can't run the last 3 updates to OSX without a hack.. When people are hacking their systems to hold onto outdated computers it is time to move on. Now let me find my b
  13. don't you have to hack the computer to run Catalina? It seems to irritate people when I say this, but I don't understand how anyone can expect good results limping along with a 12 year old computer. Geekbench results for a 2009 mac are around 400 single core and multicore 600, a Mac Mini M1 is 1700 and 7400. Time to move on.
  14. so some Roon users aren't happy with 1.8. Many Audirvana users are at a minimum unhappy and at an extreme pissed off about Studio including how it handles tags, the interface, subscription versus purchase,, etc. . How is any of that relevant to anything? For many of us the features in Roon that are lacking in Audirvana make it an easy decision to stick with Roon. for me (I pay by the year) the Roon radio feature for discovering new music Roon's integration with HQplayer allowing excellent processing/upsampling and streaming to an NAA endpoint vs DLNA
  15. I don't know if both have to be on (unlike Roon where you can de-authorize a core from any other core ), but if they do you can easily control one computer from another with screen sharing on a Mac or a VNC program like TeamViewer on any computer. I know not the seamless solution you are looking for, but you can do it from one machine.
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