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Coming soon: Archive your vinyl to digital with a digital recorder


I have been looking for a way to create digital archives of some of my vinyl collection. The new Furutech GT40 and the NAD PP3i are a new breed of phono stages that provide analog to digital (ADC) converters that allow this. But what if you want to archive your vinyl using that fancy new tubed phono stage or that expensive moving coil cartridge? I've got a neat solution for you!


Stay tuned...


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I do this today using the metric halo uln - 8 with very good results. The metric halo can act as a phono pre ADC and recording interface all at 24/192.




Good luck the journey is half the fun.

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Don't know about your solution, but a number exist without being expensive. MSB Audio Director is a good and inexpensive 24/96 ADC. You can feed that into a Macbook with very good results. I will look forward to what you have in mind however. I am surprised it took so long to have commercial phono stages that go to digital. Don't know if those products do the RIAA EQ digitally, if not they are missing a good thing.




Something I haven't tried, but occurred to me, is playing your 33 1/3 rpm LP's at other speeds. Would be trivial to play at a different speed while recording to digital, then make the appropriate speed change in software. Of course playing an LP at half speed and then speeding it up will take at least twice as long to record. A problem if you are doing a hundred LP's.






PS-having looked at the Furutech and NAD product info pages, it looks as if both are doing the conventional phono stage and RIAA with op amps. They might sound pretty good, but someone doing this by going straight to digital and RIAA being done later digitally would be preferable. BTW, the MSB audio director has a built in op-amp based phono stage on one input. Or you can use your favorite phono stage tubed or otherwise and convert its output directly to 24 bit digital. But even MSB suggests in their manual a better phono stage is warranted in a high quality audio system.

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... makes a "seta" phono ADC stage which uses digital RIAA correction once the LP is ripped to digital. Apparently it offers a bewildering choice of RIAA curves.




Looks pretty neat to me!

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digital phono stages. Seems pretty simple to me: Clean discrete balanced input stage for gain, input to 24/192 ADC, run a FPGA for RIAA EQ with a few curve choices, then output via USB (for connection to a computer for recording) and I2S for connection to a DAC for direct playback. You could have an SPDIF output for those folks as well, but I dislike SPDIF. Just run the whole setup at 24/192, with a single low phase noise fixed iscillator and good power supplies, and the results should be fantastic.


Done right a phonostage like this would likely convince many analog diehards and outperform traditional approaches...

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