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  1. well after about 200 hours of play the T2 I am very satisfied with the sound of the T2. It is more open and neutral sounding than the Yggdrasil that it replaced. Having had the Brooklyn plus and qutest in the house recently I think the T2 is also a step up sonically from either of these as well. Given the streamer/dac capabilities it is imo a reasonably good audio deal for the MSRP. It would be very difficult if not impossible to beat the sound with separate streamer and dac at this price point. The bass is just so deep and detailed that is one of the first things that struck me when I first received the T2. I have found the top end very open but not brittle or bright sounding. Mids are gorgeous and late night headphone sessions with Vanessa Fernandez or Norah Jones are a great way to shake off a tough day. I wound up doing the sbooster PS upgrade. It was easy to do and I already had the sbooster. I am not certain that I am hearing enough of a difference to warrant recommending this diyish solution. I have a friend close by with a stock T2 so at some point well shoot out stock vs sbooster. This will have to wait until after covid as his wife is not keen on audiophile playdates for now. All and all I would highly recommend this as a great sounding plug and play solution. I wanted to clean up my rig downsize the number of boxes and crap used to get good sound. The T2 did all that and provided better sound and listening enjoyment as a bonus!!
  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I have built up a Roon nucleus clone that I've been using for a while based on the specs on the Roon site. The integration of Qobuz into Roon is outstanding, although I do miss folder browsing. I have not found power to the Roon as critical as upgrading my router to an etherregen - YMMV I am using very similar Kimber balanced interconnects and have a bevy of power cables to choose from. I have gone relatively low brow with a AQ cinnamon for my ethernet connection from the etherregen to the T2
  3. bringing this back from the dead - I borrowed a friends new T2 and after 4 days decided to eschew my Yggy/SOTM or Yggy/U1mini for the T2. Early on the T2 was not sounding great as it had a glare that got in the way of relaxing into the music. My friend had not run this in and just played it a few hours. I've run it continuous for 72+ hours and man has it improved. There are still areas of the Yggy that I may prefer like a more layered stage and the image is set back slightly like 10th row vs 5th row of the T2. The T2 has this insane ability to bring stunning dimensionality to the music bringing me from a 2d yggy image to a more 3d image. the total costs are very similar for the 2 box yggy plus streamer vs the T2. It also avoids audio nervousa from which cable and type of digital out should I use from the streamer to the dac. Lastly direct wiring from the streamer to the dac inside the T2 box must bring some benefits.
  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex when he lived in NorCal. First and most importantly he is a gentleman and a sound enthusiast first. He made a custom dac for a friend with ECC99s in the output stage as well as transformers and WOW ten years ago it shaped what digital could be for me. I would go with one of APLs creations if I had the expendable cash (one day maybe) for now the Lumin T2 will have to do. His Denon mods were crazy good as was his Logitech transporter mods. Chris great to see you spotlight APL as Alex is one that really has the education and experience to take digital to the next level.
  5. excited to hear both this dac and it's new little brother, I own a yggy gs and love it but have the itch to move on up!
  6. I just heard back from SOtM and they are trying to troubleshoot with me. I am using the sbooster supply so that shouldn't be an issue. Oddly the unit does get warm when the power is connected. I fear it may need to go back to Korea 😞 it sounded awesome while it was up and running so I will sorely miss it if it needs to be physically repaired
  7. Hi my SOtM crapped out last night. I came home to no light on the front panel and checked the power supply connection and all good there. When I press the on button it lights up but goes dark when I take my finger off. I burned three cards and can't it to fire up. Any thoughts from from people with experience would be greatly appreciated. I really like the sound but am bummed that for some the unit can be temperamental.
  8. anyone here that still has the Metric Halo ULN 8 or LIO 8 try it with the new 3d card? I am running this via ethernet to a Mac mini running Roon and to my ears the results are stunning. Would love to hear other opinions.
  9. any idea how to get your license key if you can't find the email from your last purchase? I have Audirvana but can't find the email with the dang key anywhere
  10. a bit of a necro bump to this thread but for those interested in a great headphone set up the Sony mated with the Focal Utopia is stunning. It may not be as good as a top shelf DAC and headphone amp say Yggy and Headamp GXS or Eddie Current BA but its very close. The combo right now is about $3400 used and is a pretty tough to beat sonically at that price. That said I would not use the Sony amp or dac as a separate as the magic and value is in the combo.
  11. just ordered the Ghent audio cable and will compare it to the carbon that I currently own and if I can dig it out the Wireworld silver cable I have. Not sure how long it will take from China to get to Florida but for $35 it seemed a worthy risk.
  12. personally I do like the Woo stuff and Jack Woo is a great guy, I prefer the Eddie Current line up. How will you be using the amp as it is a pre and high end HP amp?
  13. I have the Yggy > Eddie Current Balancing Act > Genelec 8050 monitors and the sound is fantastic. I listen in near field at around 5ft and detail is stunning as is the tone.
  14. Chris, thanks for the article and it has been something I've been saying at Headfi meets and audio shows I have been to or run. It is great to listen to "audiophile" recordings but I also want to listen to the music I am going to listen to at home. I'll never forget the reaction I got at Sound by Singer when I brought in my CDs to demo speakers back in the day. I wanted to hear what a speaker could do with everything from RATM debut to PJ10 to Eric Johnson Ah Viacom to Miles Davis to Biohazard. They were not amused but tolerated the demo from a mid twenties guy with limited funds. I love listening to what a system can do with optimally recorded music but I also need to understand if that same system will fall apart when I on Led Zeppelin.
  15. my Amarra 4 trial ended in failure with the library scan issue - at first I scanned several folders and it worked then on later uses it only picked up a folder and not the others I added. I think for me it is time to say good bye to Amarra. I am going to delete amarra for tidal (waste of money - never worked well), amarra sq (totally pissed when after I paid for it a better version came out that I had to pay for to get) and Amarra Symphony (paid $500 for this years ago - enjoyed it early on until later iterations had issues and audirvana came along with greater stability).
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