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Top Tip: Fine grain volume control in OSX with Wavelength Proton


Here is a nice tip for those of you using the Wavelength Proton USB DAC.


One of the very clever things about the Proton is that it has an analog attenuator that is linked to OSX system volume. When you press the volume up and down keys on your Mac, a signal is sent to the DAC via USB that tells it to adjust the volume up or down as requested. It's a brilliant feature.


The trouble is that the regular volume steps on OSX are pretty coarse. With the Proton, you can end up between a volume setting that is too low and the next step, which is too high. Of course, you can click on the little speaker icon in the menu bar assuming you have it configured to appear there, but that can be a hassle.


So here's the Top Tip:

Press and hold shift+option while you adjust the volume. This will give you very fine control! That's it. Go try it for yourself!

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