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Found 7 results

  1. Hi fellow audiophiles, I've been having trouble getting seamless gapless playback for my FLAC files, regardless of the player I use. With the sole exception of iTunes and Pure Music, every other software leaves detectable clicks between quick tracks transitions. The players I've sampled include Decibel, Audirvana +, and Fidelio, the latter (version 1.2.3) being my favorite. I've tweaked with all the settings with no changes. I'm also using OS X 10.6.8, with Centrance DACport. Googling the issue, it seems that few others experience the same thing. Could it be something inherently wrong with my hard drive? Any suggestion would be profoundly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I wonder if anyone here has tried this new product yet? It is a DLNA renderer without DAC. Simaudio say it will do gapless. At $1250, it seems not absurdly expensive. Simaudio has a great reputation for sound quality, and they have a dealer network to handle sales and service. This could be a great choice for those (like me) who are happy with their present DAC and wish to add gapless streaming capability. Simaudio MOON 180 MiND Music Streamer Press Release
  3. I'm at the end of my rope: I have ~3000 wav songs accumulated over the past 25 years with no metadata, and I've spent untold hours trying to set up a music player on my Windows computers (7 & 10) to listen to them. Sequentially in folders, and gaplessly; a simple folder/tree-based menu. I've installed a dozen reputed players and futzed with them for hours, but wind up with nothing to show but an ugly screen and an endless random string of totally unorganized songs - and that's a positive outcome. My only player for the past 10 years is through a media USB input on a Samsung DVD player, which structures my folders perfectly. It doesn't offer much flexibility (through my hi-fi only) and, drat, it isn't gapless. I'd be grateful for anyone who has knowledge of a music player solution, or where next to seek one. Or if I'm stuck with the Samsung player.
  4. I have the following stuff currently: Chromecast Audio (CA) Synology NAS 1515+ Macs Various iOS devices Android tablet For the most part I'm very impressed by the CA device. As far as I can tell when casting if using the optical connection on the CA the stream is sent from source to endpoint untouched. This is a good thing. (as a side note I know that I can't really hear the difference between 320kbps AAC and 24/96 FLAC, and I can't hear anything over 14kHz) There are a couple of issues with it that I have discovered, the first being that there isn't a native OS X or Windows SDK. I'm not a fan of browser based apps (primarily becasue I'm a web application developer and I'm always crashing my browser) I could live with that one becasue I have a bunch of iOS devices, and I can get Android tables if needed, but the one that is a complete deal breaker is that when streaming ANY files from my NAS there is no gapless support. Imagine listening to "Dark Side Of The Moon" with a 3 second (or longer) gap between "On The Run" and "Time". Ugh. Might as well not bother. I have tried a number of servers and apps to no avail. I have tried Plex, with web, iOS and Android clients. Gaps. I've tried adding BubbleUPnP Server. No help. I've tried DS Audio. Same. I've tried MinimServer with and without BubbleUPnP Server. Same. If I use BubbleUPnP on my Android device with a local renderer, as in not casting, the playback is gapless. So I know the client software is capable of gapless playback. If I cast Spotify from iOS or Android, that is also gapless, so I know that the CA device should handle it. I feel like I'm tantalizingly close here, and that I'm just being stupid and missing something obvious. I'm perfectly willing to buy software if needed, set up a linux or windows box, etc. My fallback position, and one that I really would rather avoid, is Sonos. Sonos is hugely expensive for what you get, and a friend of mine has them all over his house, and frankly not impressed with the sound. The Sonos Connect does basically the exact same thing as the CA for 10 times the price. My thinking here is that if CA will pass through the digital data from the source that I would spend my money on decent amps and speakers instead of proprietary Sonos stuff. Anyway, hopefully someone here has figured this out and is willing to share.
  5. I am pleased with the proliferation of surround downloads from Channel Classics, Chandos (theclassicalshop), and hopefully soon BIS (eClassical), but I don't have the a solution for playback in place. I would settle for the OPPO 103 with a USB stick, but I don't believe that would perform gaplessly. I don't mind streaming, but I question whether that is ideal for these huge files. What gapless solutions for surround files (up to 24/192 PCM and DSD) would forum members recommend?
  6. Just ran into a wrinkle with the Pi3B+ where I can't get the Openhome.org raspberry Pi software to install using the DietPi Stretch image. Does the Sparky board work with OpenHome? It also appears to use Stretch vs the Jessie version under which the OpenHome install was created
  7. Hi, I have some questions. I apologize if this has already been addressed and also I'm sorry for all of the info but I want to be thorough. Objective: Rip CD collection in highest quality possible to lossless format (as yet undefined). Factors: ~ I'm on a Mac and from what I've read XLD is the best option for accurate rips. ~ I want to be able to tag my files with Artist, Track name, etc. and want compatibility with iTunes without plugins or workarounds, so FLAC is not an option for me. ~ My music is mostly electronic and hip hop (not sure if this makes a difference when choosing the lossless format or conversion settings). ~ Larger file size is not a concern for me. Quality is. HD space is cheap. ~ Many of my CDs are mixed, i.e. gapless. Purpose: ~ To have the highest quality digital backup possible. Many of my CDs are rare or irreplaceable promos. A few are also older and have begun to degrade. I want to convert everything now in the best quality I can so that I can save my music indefinitely. ~ After the CDs degrade more I need another source as close as possible to the original. Therefore I want to have lossless files that I can listen to or use whenever I need to create a lossy (MP3) version for my iPhone. Questions: ~ When trying to convert some CDs in iTunes, some tracks were not converted at all because the CDs were degraded (no scratches, just old). I am hoping XLD can use error correction to "fix" these issues. Does XLD do this kind of correction? ~ I have heard ALAC may not be a good choice because of a theoretical "jitter" issue which compromises quality. Is this true? ~ Assuming AIFF is the best choice based on the factors above, what would be the best settings? I see a lot of tutorials for FLAC conversion but not for AIFF. When I checked the Wiki page comparing lossless formats I also did not see any AIFF reference there. ~ XLD has an option that says somethign about C2 error pointers (if your dirve supports this). How do I know if my drive supports this? ~ If you rip a gapless CD to multiple lossless tracks and then later convert those lossless files to mp3, can you join the tracks as one file when converting to mp3 so that you can remove the gaps? I've had problems playing gapless albums as multiple tracks in mp3 format on my iphone. Thanks!
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