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    Manufacturer: Mutec
    Model: MC-3+ Smart Clock
    Price $: 849.00

    The MC-3+ Smart Clock is developed to significantly improve the audiophile quality of connected digital audio devices in two ways: At first by clocking devices with ultra-low-jitter Word Clock signals and secondly by aggressively re-clocking incoming digital audio signals.


    Incorporates MUTEC's unique 1G-Clock Technology for lowest jitter possible

    Improves audiophile quality of any connected digital audio device

    Re-clocks digital audio most aggressively

    Raises clearly audible the sound quality of any DA converter

    Eliminates digital "Clicks and Pops"

    Enhances existing master clocks

    Digitally-compensated clock accuracy for highest precision of the generated clocks

    Locks to 10 MHz clock signals of so-called Atomic clocks or GPS receivers

    Outputs clock signals fail-safe in any state of operation

    Generates Word Clocks, Super Clocks, AES3 + S/P-DIF blanks simultaneously

    Converts between AES3 and S/P-DIF as well as between AES11 and Word Clock

    Generates Word Clocks up to 768.0 kHz

    New-designed, simple user interface

    Front panel lock-out for preventing misuse

    Rack-space-saving 9.5" housing

    Built-in, international power supply


    Manufacturer's product page: https://mutec-net.com/product_mc-3-plus.php


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    Samuel T Cogley

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    I purchased this unit as a solution to the high jitter output of the Nuforce Icon Ido, a Apple Lightning to S/PDIF solution (the Ido also has an internal DAC with headphone and RCA outputs, but the audio quality is low).


    My current configuration is feeding a Topping D50s optical input with the MC-3+.  The increase in sound quality was difficult to believe at first.  My iPhone is full of high bitrate AAC files and I continue to be amazed by the sound quality.  The MC-3+ (and the Ido) has transformed the iPhone into an impressive source unit.  Using lossless CD quality streaming from Qobuz only improved the sound quality, but this is to be expected when going from lossy to lossless sources.


    Note that it doesn't look possible to acquire a new MC-3+ for less than $900 U.S. as of this writing.


    This is a top-shelf reclocking solution and the price reflects that.  And I was quite skeptical that this would have made such an audible difference in sound quality.  But now my iPhone is a source component that I look forward to listening to every day.  I highly recommend this unit as a solution to jitter-related problems with S/PDIF sources.



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