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  1. I have a pair of DT1990s. They're probably the best sound I've heard from a set of Beyerdynamic cans, but I have not listened to their top of the line models. The one thing about these cans is that they're not (at all) easy to convert to accept a balanced cable. In my experience, going from a single ended cable to balanced is the best headphone upgrade (assuming you have a headphone amp with a balanced output). I think a fancy silver cable like this will only dent your wallet. A better headphone amp will always get better results than a silver cable.
  2. I think it was just posted today (?) 96/24 It seems rather loud and peak limited to me compared to previous versions of this title. Has anyone else listened to this?
  3. I had to read that announcement twice to understand what's being said. His EVP title (not to be confused with the President title) has to do with "business development". So maybe he has to "sing for his supper". 🙂
  4. Ok, fair enough. But here's my point, without looking it up, how many people know the name of the last person to hold this position? We know the heads of the audio publications under the umbrella, because those are the mouthpieces. But to be fair, Scoggins' arrival could possibly herald a new era for these publications where the head of the company is more "active" in social media than his predecessors. I have no idea. Do you have any feel for this?
  5. I'm thinking "president" is a higher title than "consultant". Am I missing something?
  6. I'm thinking that in his new position, it wouldn't be appropriate for him to engage directly in public forums. He has people for that now.
  7. Considering that this forum has become perhaps the best example of "democratization of information" in the context of internet audio forums, this development is of very little to no consequence to the forum members. The cozy relationship between the establishment audio media and the manufacturers will continue unabated.
  8. Who do you suppose is really influencing who in this scenario? 🙂
  9. Perhaps you never suffered his endless shilling of Shunyata, Black Cat, and Audioquest over at Hoffman. Someone willing to debase themselves in a public forum like that is trying to tell us something about their character. YMMV, of course.
  10. A textbook example of "failing upwards". "Ambition is the last refuge of the failure" - Oscar Wilde
  11. My primary DAC is a first gen Yiggy. But HQPlayer first got my attention when I tried it with an iFI iDSD Nano. The primary reason I wanted this card is that I have a pair of gaming headphones that are just HD598's with an inline microphone. The NU Audio card drives them very well. I had another issue with in-game audio that's so specific, I find it difficult to believe it's the card. I hope EVGA sorts the card crash issues.
  12. This might be a touch off-topic, but you can pick up a Topping D50S for $249.99 on Amazon. I saw a lower price, but it looked like shipping from China that was going to take weeks. I had a great time trying different HQPlayer settings with an iFI iDAC2 (via USB). As much as I think the Nu Audio is a great PC sound card, it doesn't rise to the level of audiophile kit IMHO. But having said all this, thank you for opening that support ticket. Hopefully @EVGA_Lee is watching the thread and can offer some feedback on how they're testing for smooth transition from PCM ->DSD -> PCM modes. I hope they haven't forgotten about this card because of the NU Audio Pro 7.1. I'd like to see this get fixed.
  13. First of all, thanks everyone for making this thread. My setup: Windows 10 ASUS X99 Deluxe i7 5930k NVidia RTX 2080ti 64GB of RAM ...been doing all my testing so far using an iFI iDAC2. Going to roll in a Topping D50S very soon. I can sometimes sustain the ASDM7EC, but not consistently. Got much better results by turning off "Intel SpeedStep Technology" in the BIOS. I'm going to be building a new system based on in i9 9900K. Looking forward to hearing the results.
  14. Yes, "device disappears" is what I'm calling a card crash.
  15. I take back what I said re: no more card crashes I can consistently make the card crash by trying different noise shapers in HQPlayer. play a track in HQPlayer that outputs DSD stop playback change the noise shaper play.... crash I still had fun trying some of the new "EC" shapers, though I'm now of the opinion that the quality of sound out of this card can only be improved so much. Still a great value for $150 and makes game audio come alive!
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