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  1. I think this thread has run its course. I think it's fairly obvious that the affluent, middle-aged white men demographic is over-represented on this forum, and the overall reaction to my post demonstrates that. I'll say finally that I disagree with the OP: appropriation is NOT BS.
  2. There will always be a segment of the population that puts forth self serving rhetoric that essentially embraces the status quo. Statements like: "everyone stole from everyone, so there is no such thing as "appropriation"" "whatever happened wasn't my fault, so I just don't care if the music I like has a checkered past" "political correctness has just gone too far and must be stopped" "my favorite band(s) acknowledged/apologized for appropriation, so nothing to see there" There will always be that element that pushes back when the truth of how our society got to this point is revealed. Some will just reject it as lies. Others will respond with apathy. Still others, perhaps feeling a twinge of guilt themselves, will attempt to soften the vocabulary of oppression and theft in a naked attempt to salvage self esteem. And then there's the record companies and all the shady business practices that come with them. But is content really more important than how that content got made? Is the content more important than its provenance?
  3. Unfortunately, Hound Dog is often used to muddy the waters in discussions of royalty theft. Think of it as a kind of "both-siderism".
  4. You can't separate "appropriation" from royalty theft. "Appropriation" is just a softened way to say, "royalty theft".
  5. Where it's murky for me is your apparent understanding of "appropriation" and even outright royalty theft juxtaposed with your apparent reverence for The Beatles. It seems to me like having your cake and eating it too? Explain how I'm not understanding you, please.
  6. Those Fab Four influences were often those who were committing the theft and appropriation we're talking about? I think some clarity on what exactly is an "American influence" would help clarify your thought for me.
  7. Let's start with when "Rock and Roll" began? Perhaps focusing more on the 1950s, you know, that time before The Beatles? Have a look here if you want to read more
  8. How does that omphaloskepsis tome square with actual publishing royalty theft? Is that theft just a natural progression of this "Appropriation"?
  9. Huh? 2021-50=1971 So that's all music from 1971 and before.
  10. And something a little more recent, from this Wikipedia page:
  11. The theft of black blues started way before the '60s. Exhibit A: Now Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee just two years later: Funny thing is, this tune started as " The Weed Smoker's Dream" in 1936:
  12. Bandcamp has a better model, but the talent? A very small fraction is good, most most is meh.
  13. How does you math work when I listen to zero contemporary music acts? The lesser acts get no access to the "pot", so how do they get any of the money I pay to streaming services?
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