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  1. The 48k flavors are typically not supported by Windows drivers. My understanding ( @Miska knows better than I) is that the Windows driver(s) only support the 44.1k flavors for esoteric reasons. I have not tried the D90 on an Apple or Linux host. I might do that at some point. So yes, I'm having to resample 48k material to 44.1k. I just use a filter that supports conversion between the sampling rate families (poly-sync-lp mostly for me).
  2. Finally, finally got a PC that can sustain ASDM7EC stutter free. Feeding a Topping D90 using networkaudiod, it's just sublime. 👍
  3. I can't lie. I really enjoy ML's music reviews.
  4. You don't have to accept it. But that won't stop it from being true.
  5. Jud, I've always appreciated your kindness and relentless attempts to find "middle ground". But, with due respect, I see you more as a fixture here than as a dynamic poster. What I mean is that I can usually predict what you post before you post it. You've said the same thing many, many, many times here. Keep in mind now that all the miscreants have been purged, your posts will begin to look more snarky. You're next Jud! 😄
  6. For how long? I don't know Chris, he's Quint's boss now, it's just not a good look for the forum to have such an audiophile luminary banned. 🙂 I'm going to reply to Jud, then I'm out. Thank you!
  7. Ok, I'm leaving for now. When you re-instate Scoggins, can I come back for just one "I told you so"? 🙂
  8. This thread is disruptive? Man, that bar sure has lowered since the weekend. When the civility dust up happened, I did exactly what you asked. I stopped all snarky comments. I contributed to the Polestar effort. I helped random people in the help thread. I know you are aware of these things. And I just kept quiet hoping others would too and your purge would not be necessary. So hopefully you understand my disappointment when I was rewarded with the purge.
  9. So civility is the opposite of "keeping it real"?
  10. Dude, I've appeared before panels of Star Fleet admirals. Forgive me if I'm not impressed 🙂
  11. I asked a question a while back when the civility dust up was in full swing and CC's inbox was overflowing with complaints of incivility. The question was sincere and in no way meant to "stir the pot". That question: "Is it rude to call irrational thought "irrational thought"'? The answer from a majority of the forum was "yes!". I'm still honestly flummoxed by that. I guess being civil is politely lying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I can't speak for "they" (heck, I don't even know who "they" are). Now forgive me if your post was "meant for a wider audience" and you're not really participating in the thread. I wouldn't want to embarrass you. 🙂 For me, anyone who is in this hobby and utterly rejects the notion of confirmation bias or the merits of blind testing is somewhere on the irrational scale. Where exactly isn't really the issue. But there is a sort of stubbornness with some when it comes to accepting the existence of confirmation bias. I'm not saying that's you, but you've never struck me as a para
  13. I appreciate your response. And don't spend another second clutching pearls about "the usual suspects". They're gone. Oh, and why do you always go to fisticuffs? :
  14. too late Oh, I guess it's not rude when you do it?
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