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  1. If only you could have devoted this much time and effort to actually join in the discussion about MQA. Your talent for ad hominem is impressive. Your subtle suggestion that English may not be @Rt66indierock 's first language is particularly skillful. But please let's keep focus on MQA and not let the content of this thread be dictated by the Old Guard.
  2. I don't disagree about Gavin, but Larry's lack of transparency to date has not helped his image. That lack of transparency makes people assume the worst. Generally speaking, Larry's proxies (like Jarek) have not done well in explaining "Larry's side of the story". Larry's apparent shyness with regards to people who are still waiting for product has made and continues to make the name Light Harmonic rather radioactive IMHO. The passage of time alone with no concrete goals of order fulfillment is de facto evidence of malfeasance.
  3. Hoffman has posted the annotations from master tapes over the years, and you're right. Often it's barely legible scrawl.
  4. Of course, your results may vary, but when I stepped up to a pro grade ADC (Antelope Audio Pure 2), I find the vinyl rips utterly indistinguishable from the direct vinyl playback.
  5. I agree. But appreciate that I would have to measure at least 3 sources that don't work and 3 sources that do to have enough data points to be useful. I probably won't have the time and access to a scope for at least a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. EDIT: Don't I need a spectrum analyzer to measure jitter?
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses so far. I will say the best results I've had so far is from an iFI iLink, so there may indeed be something to the jitter tolerance than @Miska notes above.
  7. I have both a D50 and a D50s. This isn't meant to be a review of the DACs, suffice to say they are adequate for the price and the DAC price to performance ratio in general continues to impress. The issue is the coax S/PDIF input. At first I thought my D50 was faulty when it wouldn't lock to a signal from a known good source. Then I tried the D50s. Same issue. What? Can't be. So then I started experimenting with every coax S/PDIF source I could find. A few worked, many did not. And without exception, all of those sources work just fine with all my other DACs. And to be clear, the TOSLINK input works fine on both units. I searched around the internet and found some, but not an overwhelming number of similar experiences. One poster said Topping's response was something to the effect of, "our DAC is S/PDIF compliant". My suspicion is that the target demographic for the D50 mostly isn't buying it for S/PDIF, and that's why I'm not seeing more complaints. I just wanted to post this as a heads up and maybe if someone else has this issue they can chime in. I guess what I really need to do is put an oscilloscope on the S/PDIF sources that work (and don't) and see what the differences in levels might be. But my experience is that at least with these particular DACs, coax S/PDIF compatibility is not universal. And even if I knew what the voltage window was that worked, I seriously doubt most people know without testing what voltage levels are presented by their S/PDIF sources.
  8. Past is past. Let's move on please.
  9. Since almost all my listening is with headphones/IEMs, I'm not missing what you would miss with headphones. And no, I don't use DSP crossfeed as I prefer my playback to be pristine. 😎
  10. When Tidal was brimming with UMG audibly watermarked files (seems some/many have been replaced with MQA), people listening with headphones seemed much more likely to notice than those listening with speakers. To me, that's a ringing endorsement of headphone listening.
  11. I'm trying to be nice. You should too.
  12. If the record companies won't fix the Loudness Wars damage, I think the things you're talking about are even less likely. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see the record companies care more about audiophiles, but to date, I just don't see it.
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