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  1. Can there really be as many as 400 "audio journalists" on the planet? Seems like a high number. Opposing mQa has at least one of those "audio journalists" using words like "partisans". The implication being that their whole-hearted endorsement of mQa is something that's deserved and proper, and that the purveyors of this latest bit of lossy-encoder-meets-DRM should be believed without question. But any skepticism or open analysis of the codec is dismissed out of hand as the work of anonymous, unskilled "partisans". Isn't this like the very first thing you learn in Pr
  2. And this is someone whose technical knowledge we're supposed to respect???
  3. And where you lose me is the implication that JA had a valid point about the anonymity of the people who posted that data. It is a red herring, and nothing more. Put another way, they are not him.
  4. And the world JA describes bears very little resemblance to the modern world where "influencers" often drive marketing campaigns. The "citizen engineers" posted data from tests that can be easily duplicated by others. That is why their identity is irrelevant, and it's also why mQa has only attacked them, and not their data.
  5. Jbarra et al were looking for litigation targets. This is why they were insisting on knowing real identities with addresses to send process servers. 45 years ago was 1976. The internet has made what you've been doing for the last 45 years mostly irrelevant in 2021. That's not meant as an insult, it's simply a fact. mQa is the worst thing to happen to music consumers in at least 2 decades. The lack of consumer advocacy from The Old Guard of audiophile publications is a disgrace. The idea that someone's "relationship" with Bob Stuart trumps all concerns of consumer i
  6. And I suspect the points made in that post will never be answered by JA, Quint, his boss Scoggins, or the rest of that ilk.
  7. I fled Radio Paradise at their first embrace of mQa. But I also don't play video games by EA, Blizzard, or Ubisoft for similar reasons.
  8. There is a a macOS "helper" app called BitPerfect, but it seems to suffer from not keeping up with how each iteration of macOS CoreAudio changes the API. I'm curious to know how people will get bit perfect playback of the new Apple Music content as well.
  9. Amir really likes him some mQa for some reason. He and Lee Scoggins have that in common.
  10. If your display device isn't giving you sunburn, it's not bright enough 😊
  11. As long as we're on the topic, do you know how many nits of brightness your TV has? My Sony claims to be 900 nits.
  12. In the OP's first post, the correlation to HDR Video is right there. A real logo for HDR video side-by-side with an imagined logo for "HDR Audio".
  13. I was a veracious reader of Stereo Review back in the late 70s and early 80s. I joined the military in 1981, but I remember reading about the Nakamichi Dragon and realizing I could *never* afford it on an enlisted salary. Then those dudes came back from tours in Okinawa with ......... Nakamichi Dragons! 🤬 For those not familiar with what I'm talking about, exchange rates and duty free shopping available to military people serving overseas was insane back then.
  14. Wow. How long before Chris starts posting rants on The Audiophile Confidence Game? 🙂
  15. There's a reason HDTracks doesn't publish DR numbers. The record labels don't want them to. If the MQA debacle has taught me anything, it's that the record labels loathe their consumers more than almost any other media companies. When HDTracks had an "uncompressed version" of Band On The Run, I absolutely purchased it. I also note that the 192kHz version of the Van Halen catalog had little to no peak limiting where the 96kHz and below versions DID. And I purchased the 192kHz versions as well. But again, HDTracks is a niche. Bob Katz somewhat famously pre
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