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Wow... I've spent more time trying to sort a boat load of information...

I'm ready to listen to some music .... Is there a place to purchase 24/96 music that I can trust ... Another words I wouldn't have to understand star trek and what ftt

.@(?!);?'l$$&& etc... Like when one used to go buy an album?


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I was giving a WD hd 1 TB full of live recordings . They appear to be flac files

How can I tell the quality ... Outside of listening to them?

Also .. Any tips on storing and playing them w my mac mini waiting to be hooked to my new w4s dac2 . I was taught to play them on my iMac using vlc player

But that's on my iMac in office area .... Not thru my Dac>amp> kappa7's


give thoughtlessly ...love fearlessly...dance like no ones watching

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ITunes does not in itself support FLAC files. Either a third party player software like Pure Music (if you are on a Mac) must be used or you must convert the files to a format supported by iTunes (ALAC, AIFF, WAV)


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