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  1. @Gavin1977. Sorry, has been crazy busy here.... haven't had a chance to do a direct comparison of the Hugo TT2 and T+A DAC8 DSD. Will likely set up in the new year when the rest of the family are away for a week!
  2. I have a Chord Hugo TT2 and a T+A DAC8 DSD.... I bought the TT2 when the power supply on the T+A DAC8 died a couple of months ago. Will finally get the repaired and serviced unit back from T+A Germany (!) this coming Friday. The T+A DAC8 DSD is a lovely, lovely DAC - either PCM or DSD. I bought it within 6 months or release. I tend to feed it DSD from Roon or HQPlayer+Roon if listening to high quality recordings. However, I find the TT2 a little "sweeter". It seems less "fussy" with what its fed. Following a lot of experimentation, I now stick with PCM and the Chor
  3. Mitch, a very good point about most people not starting from scratch. I have a UMIK-1 from Dirac v1.0 days... that didn't go so well as per earlier post! I can just imagine the trials you would go through professionally to help people get set up! I do think that Dirac were onto something in the past (v 1.0) with their very user friendly GUI, wizard and the Virtual soundcard+convolver (can't remember what it was called). UMIK-1 strongly recommended and easily available (including here in Australia). It really did help that the program generated a suggested starting target room curv
  4. Thanks Mitch. At the risk of sounding a bit cheeky.... I think this highlights why the overall take up of DRC with non-experts is low overall... way too much setting "tweaking" required, particularly in the absence of step by step documentation of the main program. Scares a lot of people off, I think. This is why I ended up using the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 interface: No requirement to install additional ASIO drivers and configure. No requirement to check "Use Clock Drift Correction". It just works. I really do think there would be increased take up of DRC if a stra
  5. Hmmm. I couldn't get Settings to work that had the UMIK-1 as the input mic with the Chord ASIO USB as the output. I would like to edit my previous post, but it seems editing is locked... :D
  6. Can I put in a vote for Audiolense XO? Brilliant software and amazing results in my 2 channel passive system. I am in awe of the author Bernt Rønningsbakk. To get it up and running..... Must read (and then re-read!): https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/ca-academy/audiolense-digital-loudspeaker-and-room-correction-software-walkthrough-r682/. Thank you mitchco! In addition, a few comments from my experience getting Audiolense up and running on my 2 channel passive system: USB measurement mics don't work - I have a UMIK-1 from Dirac 1.0 days. Don't bothe
  7. Isn't the Roon RP limited to 320kps.... ? (Would be delighted if I am wrong!) The JRiver implementation streams FLAC.
  8. I still use JRiver on a daily basis. Mainly because of the JRemote and recent addition of Radio Paradise FLAC streaming - is just so easy and the sound quality is great. Where is Radio Paradise on Roon.... ? Nope. I am trying to love Roon, but am struggling. It is very pretty, supports HQPlayer, has lots of album info etc, but.... I can't configure it how I would like. Dammit, I like folders!! Also... J River's smartlists are very easy to setup and just work. Without J Remote, I'm not sure I would be sticking around.
  9. For me the biggest factors are: speakers, room and DAC in that order.... Changes in pre and power amps were more subtle, although I wasn't starting with crap...
  10. This. When we designed our house, I made sure to have multiple cat6 runs between the server "room" (AKA study) and the living room.
  11. The system is exactly as you outlined. The server is in the study and is pretty quiet, actually. The endpoint is a silent Windows 10 PC in the living room with the HiFi system. It runs the HQPlayer NAA. Connected via LAN ethernet connection. Have tried via wifi and was fine also. Cheers,
  12. Might be a tricky ask given the computing grunt required for the conversion. I have a T&A DAC8 DSD. In order to upsample any rate to DSD512 with HQPlayer xtr filters, I have server based on 6700K with a new ASUS DUAL RTX 2080 (CPU load 35-40%, GPU 70%). A powerful graphics card is required to facilitate the highest conversion rates with the extreme filters. I then feed this to an HQPlayer NAA endpoint on a silent Streacom FC5 alpha case based PC which is in the living room! (Before the RTX 2080, I had a 960GTX which was OK on DSD256 but stuttered on DSD512). I recommend using a
  13. Sorry.... I made a mistake in testing.... i cannot get poly-sinc-xtr filters to work from 44.1 (and multiples) to 512k x 48. Just hangs with the progress bar... No problem with 48 to 512x48 as expected. Maybe hold off on the order until the DAC is fixed...
  14. From 44.1... CPU 28%, GPU 12%. Stable, no problems.
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