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Article: Meitner Audio MA3 Integrated D/A Converter Review

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15 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

With Meitner and EMM DACs, I've found the same thing. I prefer sending audio to them natively


currently experimenting with and without filters... initial results , very initial, are I prefer without filters. That led me to try the Mconnect iPad app that Meitner recommends, using it with Qobuz  and Tidal instead of Roon. Can't say it is better but the same, and since I am fed up with the quirky issues I experience with Roon as well as paying for the frustration, may be finally dropping Roon. AND you don't need a server as it streams direct from the internet. It also found my NAS 


I used the Roon radio (auto-play) feature a lot as a way to discover new music but for me it keeps going  into a cycle of repeating songs it just played an hour ago. Roon says they are aware and working on it, but I see complaints on their forums going back over 5 years for the same issue so I am giving up on them. Using the Mconnect app you can use the Tidal and Qobuz auto-play feature which tend to repeat the same artists, but not the same songs.


I have hesitated because I will need to rebuild my Roon playlists .. oh well..




see my system at Audiogon  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/768



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