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  1. Thanks @thyname I knew that but started to think about those Sean Jacobs PS's.....
  2. Question about power cords on the Phoenix. Recently upgrading it to an AQ Hurricane Source. Starting thinking I may have made a mistake not getting a high power version. Any thoughts on this based on what the Phoenix is doing schematically?
  3. Hi Alan. I am using the Sablon 2020 LAN ER to Phoenix. Very nice cable and upgrade. Might be worth trying one of their USB's - maybe in combination with the Lush.
  4. Congratulations on the Ridgeline Alex. Have a 2020 myself. Nice vehicle
  5. Hello - I am enjoying the Phasure Lush 2 in/out of the Phoenix
  6. Roon is admitting it is their issue: Paul is definitely correct that this issue is definitely occurring on the RoonServer side of things vs an issue happening on the DAC, there are almost certainly environmental factors that are resulting in this errors occurring. For the vast majority of our customers this type of issue isn’t occurring, and so we need to understand what about your specific setup is resulting in this issue. I am having some luck with setting the Resync Delay for the PSA Dac endpoint to 1000ms. Been running pretty good for 3 days with only 1 stoppage I n
  7. I may run the same test using iPeng. I'm sure it will run fine as well. The only issue is this would be local files only and the problem may be streaming. I have had zero issues shuffling through my local library with Roon
  8. The 500ms didn't solve the issue. Ran for about 12 hours & stopped. Could not get it running again for awhile. Back running. We'll see for how long. I reported back that Roon works fine to other endpoints (iMac, iPhone, iPad). Now Roon wants me to move the Core to another device to test/isolate the issue (which I really don't want to do). Not sure if they are trying to blame Innuos or this is legit troubleshooting Maybe @nvitorino can chime in on if other owners are reporting any Roon issues since the last update Frustrating
  9. Thanks @charlesphto. Mine was at 0. Will give it a try. Thank you
  10. I'm on a MAC but Roon Server is on a Linux based Innuos server Agree on inconsistent. It is streaming ok this AM to my DAC
  11. Same here @992Sam Been working with Roon support. Eliminated streaming to any device (iPad, iPhone, iMac) as a problem. Seems to be just to the PS Audio DAC.....I need to update my support ticket For me I'll often get one song and it will stop. Controls unresponsive. Sometimes it will start back up at some point. Sometimes an hour later
  12. To update at 400 hours: I went back and forth between the 2020 Sablon Pantela Reserva and my Ghent Belden 1303E (ET11A) CAT6A Ethernet (JSSG360) The 2020 Sablon Pantela is a very nice cable. Smooth top end. Excellent separation of instruments and soundstage. A bit brighter. Had some vocal sibilance early but that has settled down at 400 hours. Ultimately it stayed in my system. However what this also showed was the Ghent is also a very nice cable for the price. The difference at 400 hrs isn't huge (10% better) and the Sablon is 5x more expensive
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