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  1. Received the Finisar SFP+ FTLX1475D3BTL from Mousser yesterday. It is between my OM Deluxe and the ER. No issues although the ER must boot up last. Replaced the FTLF1318PBTL Sounds very good cold out of the box. Looking forward to more serious listening at 250 hours or so
  2. Hello - interested in getting the Finisar FTLX1475D3BTL to run between the OM & ER. Does After Dark sell these separately or only in a package?
  3. Hi @JohnSwenson - I have been battling Roon dropouts since last June. On my 3rd network at this point with the same issues. When you say 10% of the network problems can be bad cables - is that a bad cable anywhere in the home network or would that bad cable have to be in the audio streaming path? Thank you
  4. I use a 7V Farad Super 3 with the ER with no issues. This was Mattijs's recommendation for the ER at the time
  5. I will look for Finisar FTLF1324P2BTL-MC and wait for one to come available. Thanks everyone Hi @kennyb123 that is very generous of you. Thank you. This community never ceases to amaze me! Let me search for a bit and I will PM you once I get antsy (probably soon)
  6. Hello @ericuco I did see that on Ebay but thought the TL-MC was preferred
  7. Hello - Finally finished my 100% UniFi network. Love the control/visibilty it provides. I seem to have moved on from the constant Roon stoppages Just ordered the Sonore OM Deluxe and have the fiber cable Thanks to @kennyb123 for the recommendations The last piece needed for me to try a fiber connection are those FMC's. Getting a bit confused on which one would be best (especially considering availability. From what I can gather below are the 3 best options: I can only find the latter avail (at DigiKey for around $63/ea) My pl
  8. Hi Kenny, Looks like you have a nice direct/clean run for your network. Mine is a bit more convoluted. Are you going Ethernet out of that ONT or the traditional RG6 to a FIOS cable modem? Really like this UniFi ecosystem. Thanks for the recommendation. The amount of visibility into what is going on is incredible. Setup software is great as well. Been working on isolating my networks/devices (lan,guest, IOT) and firewall rules. So far so good I am interested in your OM>ER fiber run. The OM is a Sonore? Probably with a Farad Super 3 powering it right
  9. No improvements on the update to Roon 1.8. I have also upgraded my router to a UniFi Dream Machine. No improvement as of yet. Still have some work to do Anyone else still having these issues?
  10. I am going down the UniFi rabbit hole. Thanks @kennyb123 😋 that control software is amazing Have already added a Dream Machine before my Verizon Fios modem/router. Have more products on order (switches/access points) Upgraded to Roon 1.8. Problem still ongoing. Once I get the Trendnet replaced with the UniFi switch I'll have to see if I can prioritize the Zenith's port. Maybe optical Not sure where else to go.
  11. I am not 100% sure it's a Roon issue. Tried bypassing Roon & running iPeng on a 100% Qobuz stream. While better it did stop a few times Working on some network improvements....
  12. Thanks Kenny - thought this might be too convoluted a problem! Pretty impressive control software. They look like nice units that would definitely be an upgrade over what I am using as the backbone of my home network. Are you using their wi-fi access points as well? Will definitely investigate I know you are a fiber proponent. For me to get the max benefit do I have to convert to fiber close to the cable modem/router or can it be farther downstream? Thanks again
  13. about 30 minutes and a reboot
  14. Hi guys, Looking for some advice on network improvements for my audio chain. I'm seeing a lot of people using the Buffalo BS-GS2016 (although I only see the Buffalo BS-GS2016P avail for around $300). Been having a ton of Roon issues (think reliability of Experimental on the Innuos) since last May/June. PS Audio blamed Roon. Roon agreed but has provided zero support. Some testing eliminated the Innuos since it also happened on a MAC core. They finally looked at the logs 6 mos later and now think it's my network since it stops on Qobuz content. Of course I have zero issues any
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