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  1. I received the Phoenix USB last Sat. Swapped out a tX-USBultra (9v)/Uptone LPS 1.2 for the Phoenix. Had a bit of a handshake issue but a reboot of DAC/Server/Phoenix solved it. Using Phasure Lush I & II USB cables and an older Wireworld Aurora III for a PC. After burning in for 48 hours here are my initial impressions: Larger and deeper soundstage A few levels of high frequency glare removed while at the same time adding a shimmer. In a good way. Really notice the delicacy/accuracy of the cymbals It's early but so far I'm happy and will try to get 100-200 hours on it before critically listening again. And at some point reverting back to the tX for comparison Promising
  2. Thanks @firedog Clears that up in my mind
  3. I was afraid of that. Thanks Kenny. In researching the PSA DAC it looks like it packages it over DoP via USB per Ted Smith: DoP is DSD, but wrapped in a PCM “envelope”, just like flac is PCM wrapped in a losslessly compressed “envelope”: in both cases you don’t loose any information, it’s just obscured for a little. DoP is a way of smuggling DSD thru an other PCM delivery chain. So rather than having to use something that supports 1 bit at 2.8224MHz, you can use the 24 bits at 176.4kHz path that most hardware supports. I2S can accept Native DSD
  4. Maybe I'm doing something wrong on my PS Audio Sr DAC does not accept native DSD. Does this DSD playback in Roon make sense (DSD over PCM)? Thank you
  5. Hi @kennyb123 Agree 100%. iPeng is the best sounding out of all options. But usability is far below Roon. I'd be happy with a functioning Experimental Mode/Roon as the alternative. I used to use it much more for critical listening and your comment has me thinking I'm going to have to go back for another extended listen.
  6. Thanks for the thorough and detailed review as usual @austinpop As a SE MKII Std owner I have had my eye on this unit to replace my tX-USBultra/Uptone LPS1.2 spaghetti chain for awhile. You certainly are one of the most trusted sources out here so that holds quite a bit of weight with me before expending those $'s. I had been waiting to sell some equipment before pulling the trigger but you may have killed my last ounce of patience. Thank you. I think 😂 @kennyb123 I do agree we have been waiting quite a while for some of these promised improvements from @nvitorino I am particularly frustrated with Experimental Mode bugs not getting resolved because it clearly sounds better but I've given up due to the unreliability.
  7. Selling my 1M pair of Audioquest Earth RCA Interconnects (RCA). Have too many cables currently. 1 Owner. Burn-in complete. Near perfect condition. Connectors: RCA to RCACondition: 9.5/10Tobacco Free Home: Yes List Price: $1199.95. I am asking $799 Audioquest Product Info: https://www.audioquest.com/cables/analog-interconnects/elements-series/earth Included are:Pair of AQ Earth RCA cables, Carrying Case & Original Box I ship fast via USPS Priority for a flat $15. Payments via Paypal F&F no charge. Otherwise please add 3% to Purchase Price + Shipping. Zelle/Venmo accepted Thank you for looking
  8. Hope everyone is well. When might we get a new software update with a more stable squeezelite player @nvitorino ? Thank you
  9. Appreciate the feedback @ken6217 I like the idea of the 1 box solution and the Sean Jacobs PSU's.
  10. Hello @Blackmorec I am currently using a MKII SE with the SOtM tX-USBultra/Uptone LPS 1.2. You seem to have gone from something similar to the Phoenix. The Phoenix is not a cheap upgrade. How would you describe that jump?
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