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Article: Meitner Audio MA3 Integrated D/A Converter Review

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9 hours ago, Kray said:

Thanks for the great review @The Computer Audiophile. I was considering folding my streamer/DAC/preamp into one unit and the MA3 came up in several threads. Well I just setup my newly acquired used unit, and blown away. One Ethernet cable and done using Roon. 

it replaced my:

Lumin U1 Mini with sbooster LPS

Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE DAC

JCAT USB cable

Custom built Slagle autoformer preamp


i absolutely loved my Audio Mirror DAC (R2R NOS based on AD1865N-K) and tried lots of other dacs, but the MA3 finally beat it. 

one question I had. I use Roon exclusively but just tried Mconnect on iPad. It said there was a firmware update. Current was 3.9.19, what is the latest version? Why can you not find any details online about it? I’m hesitant to upgrade it as I’ve experienced a bricked product before updating firmware and since my MA3 is working fine didn’t want to risk it. 


I am using firmware 3.9.20 with a static IP address for the MA3.

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