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  1. I appreciated this review very much. Here some people talk a lot about Ruark. This also ticks a lot of boxes. https://www.ruarkaudio.com/products/mrx-connected-wireless-speaker
  2. I am very glad I bought the venerable Sneaky DS more than 10 years ago. It still serves me well as a streamer, and once served me as a small streamer/amp integrated. It continues to be supported and upgraded by Linn. Not many companies display this kind of commitment to their legacy products.
  3. Hi Barrows, how does your DSD-2 compares to the DAC's you mentioned? Would you say it can get you 80% of the qualities of the other mentioned DSD DAC's or is it much further away? And is there a clear path to bring a DSD-2 closer, or it just makes sense to go for a complete solution instead of the DIY path? I agree with you, most ESS implementations sound "accurate" for the first listenings, but lack tone and timbre, and some color "saturation" like the LH Labs dac I have at home (I rarely listen to it).
  4. Chris, thanks to you and the supporters. This just might get me the extra encouragement I need to jump to a new music server.
  5. Our esteemed fellow clearly as his taste directed more to "straight ahead" jazz. Nothing wrong with that!
  6. Chirs, "CAPS Twenty" sounds good to me. Time to see if I can upgrade my Linn sneaky DS as a source.
  7. While I truly admire the effort of this review I would never put myself in the position of doing so many "tweeks" and deal with so many variables. It also reminds me that we can also have pleasure in simpler things; and as I grow older, starts to make sense to me to not pursue the avenue of looking for the ultimate resolution... Bug hey...admirable effort! And great reading as well.
  8. Mitch, I live in an apartment and getting decent bass from a pair of QUAD ESL's is a bit frustrating. I know I would enjoy immensely a full but well defined bass. Lack of definition and articulation in bass is mainly what has stopped me from moving away from ESL's as I found that is not easy to get that quality without investing serious money... Maybe there is a good solution here.
  9. I have a more question about usability. What exactly happens when we are listening to music with the dragonfly cobalt and we have a incoming call and we want to listen to it. Does the DAC (1) silence the music automatically (2) pass trough our sound, if the headphones have mics... Thanks anyone!
  10. Brilliant review. Rarely I read something so clearly outlined. Makes me want to listen to these great machines.
  11. The description and the approach is wonderful. I just hope that some of the magic can be obtained with a much smaller budget, because a circuit based on DSD opens the door for some "simplification".
  12. Sorry mates, one more question. If what I am after is to introduce the benefits of optical isolation between my very standard switch and my linn ds (ethernet input streamer, spdif output to dac) how can I apply the sonore optical module to do that ? Will I need one extra device? Thanks
  13. This will be (finally) my first Sonore product. I would prefer to source from a European online retailer. Will it be sell in this conditions in europe? Another question. Will it make any difference to upgrade the power supply?
  14. This was a great review. Having had great experiences with Chord DAC's before, this makes me wanna spend money, so I must admit I have to calm down now!
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