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  1. Please try the EtherREGEN with the REF10 as the only switch in comparison to the other two switches in series. I have an EtherREGEN on order and plan to use an LPS 1.2 and Cybershaft OP13 with it. In my temporary setup I can hear the OP13 effect as you describe.
  2. The Phasure Lush^2 USB cable is used by many on AS. €275 for one metre.
  3. I think you need a high end DAC designer to answer this question. Listening and measurements are used in design. There are likely trade secrets but what I see as most important are: multiple power supplies; lowest phase noise clocks possible for the unit price; discrete balanced analog stage; DAC input AES/EBU or EMM optilink, not USB; lowest possible noise source from streamer and into the streamer ie EtherRegen -> EMM NS1 -> DAC.
  4. I have had the same vinyl rig for about 15 years and not played vinyl much as my digital chain got better. But now there is new hope for playback of my vinyl collection with DS Audio's optical cartridge DS-E1 and perhaps DS-W2. EMM Labs or Meitner will be providing an equalizer for the DS Audio cartridges in addition to or replacing DS Audio's equalizers.
  5. Monty Alexander is one of my favorite jazz musicians. I downloaded this one from ca.7digital.com, 192k/24. Roon dynamic range is 12.
  6. The recording of Handel's Messiah that is currently my favorite is Dunedin Consort on the Linn label. https://www.linnrecords.com/recording-handel-messiah-dublin-version-1742 The soloists are recorded to make you feel close to them, about 6 rows back. You can try samples at the Linn site.
  7. I prefer the original notation, eg. A:B-R+W-Y B:B-R, and any new and improved schemes are just confusing for me.
  8. PNF is A:B-W & Y-R, B:B-W and shipping default has been A:B-W-Y-R,B:B-W-R. Do you want to restate your findings ?
  9. I have configured eunhasu with static IP for 14 months and have had a few versions of the OS that have reverted to dynamic when upgrading. I am using 0.4.56 now and the last few upgrades have stayed on static. I also suggest using a network scanner to show device IP addresses to locate devices that use DHCP to set their IP address.
  10. SOtM support, please explain what logic calls for the activity LED to be on. This preocupation with a LED is too much.
  11. To this date the preferred configuration is A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R.
  12. @mansr, it would be interesting if you could measure some popular configurations of the Lush^2 USB cable.
  13. Your screen shot is of a 0.4.22 bin copy to the SD card. Do you have a screen shot of the 0.4.51 copy, the one you have trouble with ?
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