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Patricia Barber's "Higher" - Now in Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound DSD & DXD

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Hi flkin, filters and modulators are only employed when converting from one format to another, or within a format, one rate to another.The DSD512 recording of Higher has already been converted from its 352.8KHz 32 bit PCM edited master to .dsf DSD512 files, so no decoding is required. The recording will play like any other DSD .dsf file in a DAC capable of playing DSD512.


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As I described in my previous post, all NativeDSD deliverables were produced from the label supplied 32 bit 352.8KHz PCM (DXD) edited master(s). There was no modification of the levels of the edited master(s). The full scale peak levels in all the Pyramix Album Publishing produced DSD deliverables were below the maximum +3.1 dB specification. The  max FS peak of the DSD FLAC was +0.02 dB. The HQPlayer Pro produced DSD512 peak FS level was 0dB after three passes.


HQPlayer Pro has subsequently been revised, removing the soft limit feature above 0dB for DSD production. In the future, NativeDSD DSD512 deliverables will conform to the DSD 3.1 max peak FS specification.

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