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  1. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    The pictures you show above are not the ultra PF clocks but the standard OCXO clocks PF also uses made by Connor Winfield. FYI
  2. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Yes I have, sometime back. Have a look at my notes on that.
  3. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    In the menu there is: 9. Squeezelite select DAC 10. Squeezelite start and enable After install the squeezelite, Selected 9 and it asks for a DAC configuration. Selected it. Selected 10 and nothing much happens. Roon cannot find my DAC under squeeze box. Is there an obvious step I’ve missed?
  4. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Has anyone been about to get squeezelite in AL3.1 to work? Doesn’t seem to in my PF.
  5. Tried switching to a generic Ghent USB cable but as expected the soundstage collapses, details are lost, imaging is blur and more. But the stronger treble balance remains. Looks like I still have to continue tracking the source of the treble balance... Tried a few locations including 6 inches before the streamer or right after the router in the room but the treble balance doesn't seem to change that much, other sonic attributes do though. I suspect it's something else not related to the streamer or upstream components. There are simply too many people with good results with the ER. Many here have offered constructive comments - many thanks to all for their thoughts. It's one of great attributes of this AS site!
  6. I used the sPS-500 through a HPULN 5A cleaner, and a Gophert CPS-1610 II through double HPULN 1.5A. Also a 30W, 9V zerozone. And the including switching unit. No configurations managed to tame the treble. Within my specific system.
  7. Didn’t try all A side yet. Will add this to my todo list. I read about that somewhere and should have tried but forgot. Yes I tried without the SoTM cables but I only have Ghent, Blue Jean, Supra and other SoTM ethernet cables at hand. No higher end ones. Didn’t seem to help enough.
  8. Ok here it goes, something most here wouldn’t like to hear, but it’s my observation in my system. Over a listening period of 2 months and many different configurations of power supplies, external clocking and Ethernet cables, I’m going to conclude that the EtherRegen isn’t for me. Yes, the information retrieval is great and so is the imaging and bass control but I’m unable to reduce the harder and treble-centric sound to a level I’m happy with. My initial impression after a week of breaking in was very positive in line with what most here have found - many positive attributes especially improvements to the speed and control of the music but with lengthy listening sessions, I’m experiencing fatigue due to the harder treble. After 2 months, I returned to direct from router to my Pink Faun 2.16x and immediately found relief - like an old comfortable sofa. Bliss and more connection with the music and singers. More emotion and more pulls on my heart strings. For me this matters most, not the analysis of the sound but the emotions imparted. I’ll keep my EtherRegen as it’s an intriguing device and hope to find a way to incorporate it in the future but in my current setup, it’s not staying in the system. For reference my signal path is: Orbi satilite -> dCBL-CAT7 -> iso-Cat6-> dCBL-CAT7 -> PF2.16x (the dcblcat7,isocat6,dcblcat7 is a SOtM cable) Added the EtherRegen between the Orbi and the PF. Tried: A-B, B-A on the EtherRegen, different power supplies for the Orbi and EtherRegen, external OCXO clock and without, different Ethernet cables with different lengths before and after the EtherRegen, metal and plastic Ethernet heads, different cable conduit wrappings with mu-metals, different DC cables, external earthing the EtherRegen or not.
  9. I’m really curious if anyone has hear both the SGM Extreme and the Pink Faun 2.16x and compare the nature of the sound. It’s a comparison of a 2 box system (2 CPUs in one box) with the Extreme and a 1 box/CPU system using software to assign different cores of the CPU to act like a 2 box system with the Pink Faun.
  10. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I believe the limitation of the demo Euphony is a 30 day trial and that it can’t be installed into a drive. Its intriguing that you find Euphony the same as the latest version of Audio Linux. At the time that I switched to Euphony half a year ago I found it quite a step up from AL, especially using the Stylus player. But I really miss the Roon interface. I’ve just install the version 3.1 Pink Faun, and I will have a chance to try it out this weekend. If it plays as good as stylus in my system, I’ll switch back in a heartbeat to use the Roon interface.
  11. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    You’ll need to burn the download to a usb dongle. I use a free download Etcher for this. The usb has a setting to move the OS into RAM and usb removed. Try this. I’m going to return to the last update of the Pink Faun Audiolinux to see how that sounds in comparison. Jord suggests it’s quite an improvement.
  12. My preferred player is Euphony currently and using Stylus without HQP. I keep trying different HQP settings (within Stylus) but always return to using it without. Roon/StylusEP is pretty good too but inevitably I’d return to Stylus eventually. The interface isn’t as smooth as Roon, not even close, and it isn’t good for finding new music at all. But after a while of using it, it’s getting easier to navigate. one trick I tried is to keep a backup of my music database (both local and Tidal) in another computer with my bookmarks/tabs settings via a Restore from a Roon backup from the 2.16. Then use that to run Roon for music searching. I use that as a reference when I can’t find things in Stylus. that said I haven’t compared the latest Euphony to the recent AudioLinux major update. Might have a chance to do so soon.
  13. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Hi Brett, Switched to Euphony and haven’t looked back since. Far easier to setup/use/upgrade and next step in sound (when I was using the older AL).
  14. One advantage of using internal SSDs is that it can be separately powered. Rather than onboard Nvme Optane which takes power from the motherboard shared with other components.
  15. Would passing over the moat in the EtherRegen remove/reverse the effects of the modulated clock output in this case? What I’m trying to ask is whether a B side external clock’s power supply matter on the A side?
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