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  1. Thank you for the link. I meant to say the complete installation from a new PC including the correct version of Windows Server, especially the optimisation of the Win settings with say AO and/or Fidelizer. And suggestions on which disk or partition to do it in since most people here are using Euphony already and probably wouldn’t want to wipe out their installation during comparison tests. Currently Euphony installation is a simple process of insert a USB and boot.
  2. Try doing a reload page in settings. When you see anything unusual in Euphony, the reload page often solves it.
  3. Hey Paul, yes Anwar reached out and said the same to me. It's on my todo list already but having just completed a major hardware switch, I'm trying to get in some listening time first to rediscover my music collection. 😄 It's a cliche but its so true that once you get a good step forward, old albums sound totally different, almost a new experience again. I'm also wondering how to try - I gather it's a more complicated setup having to install a specific version of Win10, adjust it manually (or load optimiser programs like Fidelizer or/and AO) and then install JPLAY. And whether it's best installed onto a separate drive from Euphony since the Euphony boot drive has a few partitions already? If someone here has a simple step by step guide for the JPLAY installation that would be great as a reference.
  4. I’ll reply privately @auricgoldfinger I wonder when the next update of Euphony is coming? It’s been a while…
  5. Using the QSA purple analogues - 2 in power amps and just ordered 1 for the preamp (only the pre section of the L2iSE) after testing with a QSA blue and there is benefit. They differentiate between analogue, digital and sub fuses but I’m not aware how they are different. I experienced a large step up in natural sound after the initial power amp switch. Thanks to @AngeloVRA for the heads up about these fuses.
  6. What an excellent album! Thanks for recommending it @jiminlogansquare. I especially liked Ravel’s Duo and the way it was recorded makes the sound so energetic and immediate. Were those enthusiastic foot thumps? 😄 And how appropriate Widmann‘s 24 with the recent 007 flick out.. Qobuz has a high res offering with tracks in correct order. Not so with Tidal.
  7. My experience with upsampling over the years has been varied but mostly positive. Good way to enhance details but not easy to find a consistent setting that worked for all types of music. I found it necessary with Euphony until around the end of 2020. However with the latest version of Euphony/Stylus 20210716, HQP upsampling or PGGB files aren't adding much to the sound in my system. Playing files in their native resolution to my NOS DAC seems to sound the best now. Very natural with full details and harmonics already. PGGB files and upsampled files sound sharper and over tightened without adding more details in my system. Recently the only upsampled files I do like are NativeDSD DSD512 files upsampled off-line with HQP Pro. Still natural sounding but they don't come across as a whole lot better than NOS files. A big step towards sounding natural came with my pre-amp upgrade to the VR L2iSE from the already excellent VR LIO-DHT, some QSA fuses and some Bochinno RCA connectors. It's easy to forget that the streamer isn't the only part of the system that matters. It's astonishing how much echo, reverb and ambient sounds there are in recordings, audible without upsampling and sometimes almost as loud as the music itself.
  8. For streaming files like Tidal or Qobuz, Euphony also caches 2 tracks in advance into RAM. You can disconnect the network and still play those files also. Actually Euphony plays files from RAM whether they are local, NAS or streamed.
  9. Excellent, personal album! Music like the name all slow and beautifully played with his family. It seems that the Argerich, Janine and Rachlin tracks don’t appear in the streaming versions. Only as bonus tracks in the CD
  10. Say you use an iPad to control your music, are you able to run both Roon and Euphony on it? If so you’re already there. Only Euphony needs to be playing in your main system while Roon’s Storage just needs to point to Euphony’s database or wherever you keep your local files. So Roon sees everything Euphony sees. And when you need to find streaming music, just switch to Roon. After finding the album add it to favorites. Switch to Euphony and the favorite will show as the last added album.
  11. For storage, Stylus can show both - pooled under the main albums and under Files shows the files separately in the drives pointed to
  12. A while ago, I wrote above that I liked Euphony version 20201102 best. That has now changed. For various reasons, I decided to do a full reinstall of my downloaded copy of 20201102 from a USB drive. Boot from the USB and choose to install/repair current installation in the streamer. That went smoothly but my playlists stopped working. Reaching out to Željko, he said to try updating to the latest version and see. That I did and my old playlists worked again. I didn't have this issue before during moving from 20201102 to the current 20210716 but that was simply doing a toggle/reboot from the Euphony settings and not via a complete reinstall. Looked like I had no choice but to stick with the 20210716 version. However, the sound character changed. I earlier felt that 0716 was too hard sounding and not organic enough but now it's organic but yet detailed - a step better than the old 1102. I now believe that my Euphony installation from a series of updates over years 2020/21 corrupted some files. But a fresh reinstallation and update repaired that and now shows what the latest version of Euphony 0716 is capable of. And it is good. Don't do updates to software while Ram Root is being used. I think it was this that caused my issues. At the time I was doing this software switching, I upgraded my pre-amp from Vinnie Rossi's LIO-DHT to the current L2i-SE. Not sure if this has anything to do with the sound changes but it might have contributed to the better organic sounds. Whatever, 0716 sounds very good in my current system today.
  13. My best of both worlds is to use both simultaneously : - Stylus for playback - Roon for music discovery and finding albums/tracks. I set up Roon on a on a different server. When I find streamed files I want to play in Roon, I just add to the Roon database and it appears inside Stylus automatically at the top of the list. If I don't want to keep it, I simply delete from either Roon or Stylus and it disappears in both apps. On an iPad, you can run Roon in full screen mode and Stylus as a slide in app, so they are both visible at the same time.
  14. I have to post a quick note of thanks for @JohnSwenson for thinking of and informing us about this low pass filter for sine wave clocks. Although I didn't use it for my EtherRegen, it goes to show that the filters do work nicely. I have a Cybershaft OP-14 which was part of my earlier Trifecta Stable system. I don't use it anymore since upgrading to a Pink Faun streamer but I was curious about the effect of the low pass filters on the clock. So I purchased 2 of them - the Crystek CLPFL-0010-BNC and the MiniCircuits BLP-10.7+. I figured that if one worked, then perhaps 2 might be better. From their performance graphs the insertion loss was only 60-80db for some frequencies so perhaps using 2 in series would make the slope steeper with better total attenuation. It worked! Through a sMS-200neo (clocked by tx-USBultra) and a tx-USBultra reclocked by the Cybershaft with it’s Cybershaft branded 50ohm BNC cable, the sound is clearly better with the Crystek filter added and when the MiniCircuits filter was added in series, further improved. From memory, it brought my trusty Cybershaft OP-14 up to possibly a Mutec clock or at the very least sounded like I added the expensive Habst ultra BNC cable. So thanks for the tip, gratefully accepted. 😄
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