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  1. Ah, ok so the tx was not paired with the sMS200 and then compared with the NUC without tx. Not sure why I mis-read that.. In that case you are right, the silvered tx wouldn't have any effect on the sound at all. My apologies @auricgoldfinger ☺️
  2. In my experience silver wires generally produces thinner, harder less natural sounds and might be the reason the tx sounds this way compared to your NUC?
  3. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    For me Ramroot is also quite close but seems to make it a touch smoother, more natural with good control. It's difficult to compare as the boot up with Ramroot takes quite long for me. And Roon takes an additional half minute after the PF has booted up. But all in I prefer with it on
  4. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I'm liking E1 better too. E2 seems too hard and in my system the soundstage is smaller. Are you finding that Roon takes a longer time to boot up in Ramroot mode also now that you keep your Roon database in SSD?
  5. Please be very careful when you set your pre-amp to 100%! 😮 Very easy to blow up your speakers and ears if you are not careful...
  6. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Hi @Metnoc, I did a review of the Pink Faun 2,16x a while ago and compared it with the Antipodes CX and EX. It's here https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/43629-pink-faun-216/?do=findComment&comment=886404 I have since changed my opinion about convolution and upsampling. Feelings and findings in audiophila is so fickle! I found the sound pretty much neutral in my setup, not particularly bright nor dull but balanced. One thing about PF is that they believe in tin coated copper wires wrapped in Teflon. They don't use silver internally. I didn't try their I2S connection as my DAC doesn't have this input option. I read it's pretty good and is on my list of thing to try later when I get a chance. Their i2S is highly configurable since the standard isn't fixed and comes with an OCXO clock on board too. I'm also curious about their new Scion device used as an endpoint. Please update us here if you find out more. I read your comments regarding Audiolinux in another thread. I am finding the recent V2 update with Ramroot makes quite a difference in sound quality so it definitely contributes to the PF sound.
  7. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    A quick few words about the sound of the Audiolinux Pink Faun Headless V2, the new OS for the 2.16x out just a few days ago. In a single word - amazing 👍 😄 It's not only the easy access menu which, as those familiar with AL headless knows already, is possible through a browser, the step up in sound quality is not subtle. How this is possible given the level the Pink Faun is already playing at surprised me. The soundstage is larger and deeper. The music in that stage clearer especially the finer sounds and interaction of complex harmonics so beautiful to listen to. Strings are especially good, the interplay between a mass of orchestral strings reminds me of the live setting more than ever before. More natural sounding and detailed than I have heard before also. I'm finding level of details or focus simillar to upsampled sounds without having to upsample. So it comes across as more natural, organic, denser yet highly detailed. All music tracks were already sounding good to me before from all genres of music but I had favourite tracks I used to listen to for enjoyment and comparisons. Now I'm finding that all tracks are evoking simillar feelings as my prior favourite tracks. They all sound so good that any one of them can be a favourite. 😄 The V2 needs work. The CPU temperatures do not display and the Ramroot settings work but are fiddly to use. Roon has a strange issue with V2 and requires an additional 1-2 minutes to boot up. Otherwise it runs fine. Settings best made through a laptop or computer not through an iPad or iPhone. I'm finding that in my particular system, the Extreme setting with Ramroot sounds the best. Extreme2 is well, too extreme for me. More of everything - details, focus but harsher and smaller soundstage. Also the problem of using Ramroot is that any Roon bookmarks, tabs created or other changes to settings are not automatically saved. This has to be done manually in the V2 menu. Not sure about auto backups by Roon. I have a feeling they don’t work in Ramroot mode too. All in all, this upgrade is substantial to me and making me stay far too much time in my music room. 😁 I recommend for those using the Pink Faun 2.16 series should get in touch with busy Jord and arrange the appointment for the software upgrade. It requires a download of the new OS, setting up a Linux boot dongle and an hour or so of setting up under Teamview.
  8. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    The temperature of CPU doesn't show anything. I think it's a bug which I will report to Jord shortly. But by holding the hand against the box, it's quite a bit hotter using Extreme2 than with Extreme.
  9. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I have the headless AudioLinux Pink Faun V2 loaded and working for a day now. There is the Ramroot function and 2 extreme modes as expected. Under Extreme 2, the 2.16x runs hot. Quite a bit hotter than Extreme. But there is a clear change in the sound character. Once I have listened to the various versions including Ramroot, I will report back here again.
  10. What an excellent effort! Bravo Bob!
  11. A quick note to clarify some facts about the Pink Faun mentioned by WindowsX. The PF WindowsX uses is an early v2.12 unit sent to him from a customer that was looking for a change in sound with a different motherboard than the 2.16. Also it has a 3rd party JCAT card that is powered separately rather than PF's own output boards and no OCXO clocks on board. So it's a very different beast from the current 2.16 unit. The OS is also different as the current PF AudioLinux version is optimised for the 8-core Rizen chip which was not present in the older 2.12 unit. And, for better or worse, the PF is primarily designed to be a single box player (baring the super, 2 box, 2.16x version) rather than split into a server and endpoint with their corresponding issues. So as hinted that the PF2.12 (2-3 years old?) in a 2 box shoot-out with AL loaded is inferior to a single box Windows installation is not entirely fair as there are too many unknowns in the hardware combinations to make the comparison meaningful.
  12. What DC cables and connectors were used with the SR7?
  13. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    One more thing I was pretty bad towards Piero writing to him on new years day expecting him to reply only when he got back to work. But he got back to me in 10min and teamviewed into my system to make some adjustments shortly after. Doesn't get better than this for support