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  1. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Congratulations Jord for the award! Nice 😄
  2. I wonder how many people have actually heard the SGM Extreme and the Pink Faun 2.16x? Preferably in the same system? They have both been out for a while now.
  3. Hi Piero what you are charging is very reasonable, thank you for all your support and hard work to date! What new improvements can we look forward to? Hopefully some of the AMD compatibility issues are resolved.
  4. Turns out I made a mistake clearly warned about in the help files about using Ramroot with "Copy App Config to Memory". Forgot to toggle it off first. RTFM
  5. After Euphony installs into an internal disk and creates the 4 partitions, does anyone know if one can use the music partition to keep the main music files? Say Euphony is installed into an internal 1T SSD, with the music directory offering over 900G of space, would it be possible to use it as the main source of local files? Especially when running Ramroot? Is there a special way to define the path where the music is stored? I am finding that Roon is confused depending on whether Euphony boots from USB flash drive or internal SSD and also normal boot or Ramroot boot. Each variation seems to require an entire new Roon setup.
  6. On a separate matter, can someone share their optimised way to copy the current song in RoonServer so that it's easier to paste it into Stylus search for playback? Is there a trick involved for a quick switch?
  7. From what I gather then it makes comparing from USB dongle : Stylus (on ramroot) RoonServer+StylusEP (on ramroot) rather difficult then. Since for the former you should not use "Copy app data to Ram" while the latter you should? I take it that the switch will require a reboot.. I didn't encounter any problems when comparing the two even though I kept the "Copy app data to RAM" function on in both cases.
  8. Does anyone know if there is anyway the Euphony OS can be installed into an internal SSD drive (from the USB drive) that already contains music files without deleting the music files? Euphony help indicates you need a new internal drive for the installation which suggests that all data on the drive would be deleted.
  9. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Hi Matt, I wouldn't know for sure but I guess they have to select shows to attend due the effort involved?
  10. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I think it might also have to do with the new Realtime Manual Assignment function also. I'm finding it better without at this time. Which means that rtapp and rtirq isn't being adjusted manually. But setting extreme priority is still essential.
  11. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I'm having difficulty with the latest kernel. I'm preferring the older v4.7 to the current v5+. I'm finding the sound a little too forward for my taste
  12. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Nope! Wish I had! 😄 Did you manage to find better rtapp apps? I'm not sure if listing the RoonBridgeHelper actually helps ..
  13. I've been reading this entire thread but can't quite recall if anyone is playing Roon and Stylus EP on separate cores of the same CPU? Is this possible? On AudioLinux, RoonServer and RoonBridge can't be run together in the same server on different cores as far as I know.
  14. Here are the findings: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/43629-pink-faun-216/?do=findComment&comment=984416
  15. flkin

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Had a chance to install the latest menu/system and 5.1 kernel. Went smoothly for me executed from the old menu update page. I want to discuss the new option Expert option "ENABLE/DISABLE realtime manual assignment" On questioning Piero in detail about what this was all about it's to do with IRQ and audio application priorities - very important things actually! AudoLinux is already pretty compact as it's a built-up OS rather than a cut down from a large OS. But unless the assignment of priorities of what is going on internally is set correctly, the computer won't rank important priorities like "play back" over say less important priorities like "displaying/searching lists of music" correctly. I believe that is what the Extreme modes and Normal modes are already doing when AL allows one to select them. But you can get much finer control over the settings. What follows are specific to the Pink Faun 2.16x and my particular set up but it might be useful for general computers as well. There are 2 files being controlled by the realtime manual assignment switch. When it is on, the rtirq.conf and rtapp.conf priorities for IRQ and audio applications respectively are in place and active. Both seem to affect the sound. 1. rtirq.conf (IRQ priority) I used File Editor as Root and went to /etc/rtirq.conf From suggestions on this link https://www.audio-linux.com/html/realtime.html I did the checked rtstatus and rtcards to figure out which IRQ item referred to my connected DAC. For my computer it turned out to be xhci_hcd. The original IRQ priority was simply any connected usb. If I had other USB devices connected, my PF would have given the same priority to any connected USB device - clearly not want I want. The connected DAC should be first. So Original RTIRQ_NAME_LIST=“usb” To RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="xhci_hcd" 2. rtapp.conf (audio app priority) I found the following on a French discussion board http://forum-hifi.fr/archive/index.php?thread-4783-14.html where someone asked and RoonLab support replied to define the Roon apps being used during playback. Seems that RoonAppliance engages in both foreground and background processes in different threads, and adjusting process-level priority would unduly elevate background work. So perhaps it shouldn't have a higher priority as an audio app. After some back and forth with Piero and some analysis of what is running in the computer when playing music, we came to the following few options for listening tests: I again used File Editor as Root and went to /etc/rtapp/rtapp.conf Original APPLICATIONS="jackd mpd hqplayer hqplayerd RoonAppliance RoonBridge mediacenter24 networkaudiod deadbeef a2jmidid ardour-5.12.0 rosegarden audacity” This lists priority of apps with names in the order of the priority. So HQplayer has higher priority than RoonAppliance and RoonBridge etc.Technically you can remove all names of apps not being used. But leaving them there should make no difference ... or does it...?! Option 1 - Disable rtapp Disabling rtapp by command: systemctl disable rtapp.timer then rebooting means no priority for applications but continue to have priority for irq makes my system duller, treble is affected. Option 2 - Disable both rtapp and rtirq Disabling realtime manual assignment makes my system much less clear, imaging far softer. I prefer it on Option 3 - Using rtapp APPLICATIONS="RoonAppliance" Makes the image fatter and less separated. Option 4 - Using rtapp APPLICATIONS="RoonBridgeHelper RAATServer” Nice. Clear but not bright, engaging and good imaging. But slightly too forward imaging. For flexibility, it should be possible to add back the other unused apps in the rtapp file but for some unknown reason, it doesn't sound as good to me! Perhaps I am imagining it.. If added back it would then be: APPLICATIONS="jackd mpd hqplayer hqplayerd RoonBridgeHelper RAATServer RoonBridge mediacenter24 networkaudiod deadbeef a2jmidid ardour-5.12.0 rosegarden audacity” Summary This sounds really good - but might need some speaker adjustments as the image is slightly more forward than before. rtirq.conf (IRQ priority) RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="xhci_hcd" rtapp.conf (audio app priority) APPLICATIONS="RoonBridgeHelper RAATServer”
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