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  1. Not to worry, it seems that our discussions has reached the ears that matter. And efforts are afoot to bring back the euphoric Euphony we all love. 😄
  2. A little late but for the record: Stereophile Dec 2020 issue, page 85 by Kalman Rubinson who reviewed it and said : " The Pink Faun 2.16x Streamer is, sonically, as perfect a stereo source component as I have used. The sound I have enjoyed from it has been consistently satisfying and often breathtaking. It is expensive, big, heavy and bold. It is also silent and a pleasure to use. Highly recommended. " https://www.stereophile.com/content/pink-faun-216x-music-streamer
  3. More info about the 2.16 Ultra. Pre-production units have been shipped to dealers for listening tests. https://nintronics.co.uk/blog/post/pink-faun-216-ultra-review.html In addition to our own mods to date, looks to have a new motherboard/CPU, adjusted power supply and that interesting sounding Farad Ultracapacitors. I wonder how this is deployed?
  4. More info here: https://nintronics.co.uk/blog/post/pink-faun-216-ultra-review.html The Farad super capacitors sound interesting...
  5. After updating to the latest 2020.02.17, managed to return to an earlier version 2020.11.02 and it’s back to beautiful organic sound again. For sure it’s not as focused, details not a clear, bass not as tight as 2020.02.16 or 17 but more enveloping sound and far better vocals. I’m back in the room engaged with the music rather than just listening to the music. It’s like comparing the old Panasonic plasma TVs with it’s beautiful colours and lower contrast to Samsung’s early OLED attempts with far higher contrast screens. Yes Samsung has richer colors but it can be a touch glaring an
  6. For me, both Feb updates sound more digital. More details, tighter and a touch more dynamic but for sure less comfortable sounding. Treble harder and that for me is a sure no. A step backwards but unfortunately since I updated to the second Feb update, I am unable to return to the fantastic Jan version. I'll give it a few more days and if it's still the same, I will make a request to return to the Jan version.
  7. To get Stylus to group tracks into albums isn’t difficult so long as the main tags are labeled correctly and files group in your storage logically. I use TAG, a Mac app that is simple to use and works fine for me. Having tried a few more complex ones this simple app works best.
  8. 1. Stylus doesn’t show streaming music side by side local music files. For me half my files are online and having access to them beside my local files is useful - rather than have to switch tabs. 2. Especially since streaming files cannot be sorted by ‘recently added’ like local albums which presumably is what most people are interested in. Always finding my Tidal “A” songs listed first is pretty irritating. Apparently it’s due to Tidal not offering the data but Roon gets around this by having a deal with Tidal allowing them access to their entire database index. 3. The
  9. Run both Roon and Stylus at the same time for discovery and playback. You’ll get used to it and it works, sort of. HQP is also spotty, sometime needs to reboot the app to get it to work. Unlike Stylus that buffers 2 tracks from both local and online music allowing it to have gapless playback, only one track is buffered in HQP. Until recently it didn’t even do this and it was a really pain to use. Better now but Željko has said HQP used a different method for the buffering and didn’t that he have time/priority to do 2 track buffering for HQP.
  10. If disconnecting the LAN from the streamer and buffered tracks sound worse than if the LAN cable was connected, you have to ask why. I don't believe it's due to the music file being changed for the better by using expensive network gear - safe to assume the data is still bit perfect in the streamer buffer before playback no matter what equipment is being used for the data transfer. If the sound is better when LAN is connected, the obvious reason that come to mind immediately is that downstream of the LAN input, the playback isn't fully optimised and the LAN network disturbances so
  11. My PF (mid-2018) is using a Rizen 1700x. Under Stylus it’s hardly stressed more than 1-2%. With HQPlayer, most upsampling apart from the hardest configurations mostly work too.
  12. Use the i button to check the meta data of the tracks. Mismatching is usually due to slightly different meta data especially the top few fields. Sometimes a ‘restart app’ or a reboot refreshes the fields also. On occasion I’ve had to unplug the streamer, wait a few seconds then replug the power cable again.
  13. Welcome to the club! The 2.16x platform can be tweaked quite a bit - especially if you use AudioLinux or Euphony for the OS. Mine came with the highly configurable AL but I've switched to the simpler Euphony with good results. Try the RAM switch and tweaking, made quite a difference for me.
  14. Look forward to your opinion about improvements in sound with a good network card and the latest version of Euphony playback, especially if offline mode is selected. I am finding that this latest Jan version is offering a better sound even without offline mode selected. Having used HQP over Stylus previously, for this latest Euphony version I am considering moving to Stylus for all playback the sound being so good.
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