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  1. On more thing to add, HQPlayer must be running for the access to work.
  2. Thanks, @di-fi it's all about the music in the end 😄 I found that from 0217 (ie February) onwards, focus and bass tightness was more than the earlier versions - but when does it end? I find that with 1102, when the image of say a singer is right in front of you and palpable, does one need more focus? The bass in a live jazz session is naturally unfocused, you can't hear the edges of the instrument like you can with a brass instrument. So do we need tighter bass? That's why I think any valuable improvement would be more towards the texture and micro details. And perhaps a touch tigh
  3. Ok, I bit the bullet and tried the 0716 from 1102. Luckily Euphony still allows me to return to 1102 from the menu. Historically this is the software sequence and my recollection of the sound: 1102 - sound good, enveloping and not harsh. Bass slightly loose, details a little less than optimal. Long term listening comfortable. Harsh recordings play nicely. 0102 - from recollection, better than 1102 (haven't used 0102 in a long while). I think a touch more details? I recall this was the version that allowed me to stop using HQP to help with focus. After this, it
  4. What an excellent effort @AngeloVRA! Look forward to hearing it! 😄👍🏻
  5. Exciting news if the latest 0716 sounds like the 1102 version! Will test now and confirm this soon… update - 0716 update is not available to me while on 1102. Only the 0421 version. Which might mean that one has to move to 0421 first then onto 0716 in steps. Or perhaps just wait a day or two for the update to appear.
  6. The problem of selling dust gathering stuff is to realize the real loss of value! I’d rather deny that and just hang on for now … 😆
  7. True, but only if you enter into Settings. Otherwise the prompt doesn’t pop up. Of course you won’t get the latest changes too but to me the 1102 sounds far better than the latest 0614 which I find less engaging, more digital with a smaller soundstage Based on memory alone do you have a comment about the older Euphony versions (Jan 2021 and before) compared with the Win10/Hysolid?
  8. Which version of Euphony did you use for the comparison? Did you happen to try the older 1102 also? I agree that the latest Jun version doesn’t correct the Apr version which to many here sounds worse than the 1102 (nov 2020) and Jan version.
  9. Let’s see if anyone else has issues then I’ll gather the data and ask Željko about it.
  10. Problem started around after the Jan update or so I think. My balance would sometimes move to the right side but usually the bass would more more than the treble. And mostly only after say 10Min of playing. But sometimes it wouldn’t happen at all. A power off of DAC and preamp would solve this issue if left off for around 3min. Any less and the bal issue would remain. I never thought it could be related to Euphony and though it was my preamp. But this would be the third user that faced the same problem. It seems to be better now but still occurs with the Jun versio
  11. Guys, just want to ask whether any Euphony users are experiencing balance issues. I have having balance problems past few months and haven’t been able to troubleshoot it to any specific hardware issue. During discussions with another Euphony user, who is facing the same problem, seems there is a chance that it might be caused by the Euphony program itself. Wondering if anyone else here is facing the same issue as us?
  12. Here’s something different - a chinese rock/pop album on Tidal. “北京北京" by 汪峰 https://tidal.com/track/148463652 It’s track 12. Talks about making it in a city coming from a small town. Some trivia - Wang Fen’s wife is Zhang ZiYi who acted beside Michelle Yeo in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
  13. Yeah it would be better if that pop up calculated the remaining time on the playlist rather than the entire playlist duration. Also pressing the power button supposed to cancel the disconnect but instead switches of my streamer! Work in progress..
  14. Yup, using the VR DAC2 in NOS mode. ZB did mention that he expected good results with this DAC and although I do hear some changes it’s not much. Thanks for following up 😄, let’s continue this under the PGGB thread.
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