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  1. The comments above all reflect how I feel: it seems like they've been announcing this launch for years! I've also submitted my email so that I can receive updates and haven't received a single reply. Not impressed and frustrated with the wait.
  2. Please stick to YOUR view and leave us ("gullible audiophiles") out of your generalizations. Please speak for yourself by using first person singular pronouns. Although I have problems with MQA, I believe that what you say above does not characterize what I have experienced, read and observed in the "bubble" I live in - it merely reflects your views (or those of "some" who inhabit your bubble).
  3. Yes! This reminds me of when DACs started to incorporate USB inputs... Some refused to do it, which led to the proliferation of USB converters. Fortunately, that's part of history.
  4. I have just contacted Bryston asking them whether they plan to implement MQA in their products (DACs) and this is what they replied: "We have no plans to implement a signal changing type feature in Bryston products. We will leave that to other audio companies. [...] Brian." Too bad. I really like their products and I was contemplating buying their BDA-3.
  5. angelo, I'd suggest Tidal, mostly because of its integration with Roon. I used to have Qobuz, but their customer service sucks and, honestly, for jazz, classical and Brazilian music, I've been able to find pretty much everything using Tidal. In sum, go for Tidal, IMHO.
  6. Cool, Chris. I look forward to reading it! I heard a friend's and was very impressed, but I want to hear your opinion. Thanks!
  7. For me, option (a) would be more than enough. Exciting!
  8. This is WONDERFUL news, Damien. I've been waiting for drag&drop in A+ 2 for a very long time. Exciting! Thanks for the update.
  9. This is WONDERFUL. I'm glad to see Audirvana 2.+ betting better and better. I still don't see the drag and drop function, but I hope it'll come in the next release. Thanks so much! And welcome back to the CA forum.
  10. Just to add a bit to the discussion (and hopefully change a bit the direction the discussion is going): I also had some problems with TIDAL in the beginning, but not it seems that all problems have been solved: Smooth playing (I haven't had a single stutter in the past two weeks!), songs load quickly, great SQ (sometimes better than my VPI vinyl setup), etc. I use the HiFi setting via Amarra SQ. In sum, I'm a very happy customer and will continue using TIDAL.
  11. Please, please, please, just one request: Drag & Drop from any folder into Audirvana, just like in version 1.+. I haven`t been able to use 2.+ since its inception because of this limitation (note that I haver 6 5TB hard drives with music, so associating A+ with a location is not a possibility).
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