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  1. I'm somewhat glad you suggested this ... conspiracy theory. I've (not surprisingly!) been interacting with friends who are deep into conspiracies, and one of the most telling aspects is their ignorance of the complexities of any form of science. It's very telling to have access to high-level doctors or scientists who actually know, in detail, about any subject that you see reported on the news. You quickly realise how incredibly ignorant people who put forth conspiracies are, as well as how painfully simplified what you read in the news is. Ignorant people can be educated, unless they simply
  2. It's a religious argument, and an expression of ignorance. When you don't understand the underlying science of something, it's easy to be deceived by people who can present something that looks scientifically correct but is actually flawed. Take the Ever Given, for example. What do you know about how it got stuck? You've probably heard about it being very windy. There was an article on ft.com which went a little into the complex science behind steering boats through narrow canals and interviewed someone who was researching it. That was a far cry from the superficial writing of most news arti
  3. In a chat someone told me that they felt that the MQA versions of music they'd tried sounded better. So, as usual, I asked them for a list of tracks. I tried three -- it was all I needed. Kacey Musgraves - Slow Burn Jack Johnson - Big Sur Jack Johnson - Better Together All are available either on Qobuz as 24/96 or as MQA "24/96" (quote marks intentional). MQA was set to unfold in Roon. The set-up is a Soundaware D300REF feeding a Schiit Yggdrasil and going to an ALO Audio Studio Six and Final D8000 headphones. I think my set-up is a bit better than Peter Veth'
  4. "I want to believe" factor? He failed to consider that the file Jim was given at Stereophile had not been "folded" at all, but had been processed in whatever other way the MQA group desired. They obviously handed out carefully DSP'ed files to the press, which I don't doubt sounded more impressive than the originals, and, because the "origami" hadn't stripped the frequencies higher than 48k, still had the ADC noise visible. Unless I'm mistaken, the amount of ADC noise in there would require a 32-bit file to encode, if they wanted to shove those bits underneath the noise floor of a 24-bit file.
  5. The reality is, most people don't control their preferences, but are lead along by the mainstream press. When a person or group wants to invade the current list of popular narratives, they have to make a big enough splash to attract significant attention, and make themselves and their ideas the "new normal" or "new right (correct)" thing. With significant enough momentum, they will capture enough people that others will be too afraid to be against the tide of opinion, and will either capitulate or will be drowned out by the captured masses. Thankfully, music file formats and the t
  6. I'll be happy if they stream 24/96. I understand that it's a difficult situation for Bill to keep RP running, given that he relies on donations. That means getting RP more well known. Doing so through a manufacturer makes sense. Sadly that has to involve MQA.
  7. The original MQA article has a false premise, in that the idea that the ringing surrounding an impulse response (an illegal, out-of-bandwidth signal) is related to anything audible, which it is not. It's the same false premise surrounding those graphs showing no ringing from an impulse response put through a non-oversampling DAC as being better since, when you put actual music through a NOS DAC, you get very audible and measurable distortion.
  8. One of the credible things that can be pointed out about this "yet another" member is that, instead of looking into the facts, they immediately attack the people here, instead of actually attempting to discuss a different point of view. When you post comments like this one, it allows the pro-MQA crowd to discredit what is posted here in the same way, using posts such as yours as justification towards suggesting people ignore this thread and its contents. I've had it in mind, for quite some time, to make a video about MQA. If anyone is interested in helping with that, please PM me.
  9. Sucker for punishment I am, I'm going to reply. The digital filter used can often distinctly affect the perception of the soundstage. The music waveforms show distinct time domain shifts. An easy way to hear it is with something like a Chord Hugo 2 or Qutest (or better) with their very long, time-domain correct filters, and compare to an iFi Pro iDSD using the very short GTO filter using a high-quality recording with a good stereo image. With the Chord, you get the correct soundstage image, left-to-right and front-to-back. With the iFi, everything is pushed up into your face. The d
  10. TIDAL marking everything as MQA, even if it's bit-for-bit identical to the 44.1 music, then suddenly selling themselves to Stripe days after Spotify announces that lossless is coming, could be the writing on the wall. It smacks of desperation. They can't claim to be doing anything special if most of the music is just a flag and has nothing different about it. They seemed to be having enough trouble as it is convincing people as it is, and they just shot themselves in the foot with their latest move.
  11. Does the Bridge cut off output when nothing is playing? I had this issue when testing DAPs for noise, which I do with Campfire Andromedas, as they are very sensitive. Since they save battery by cutting off the amp circuit when nothing is playing, I play a track of silence to ensure the amp circuit is switched on. The reality is, everyone is a subjectivist. A so-called audio objectivist is just someone who prefers the subjective appeal of how something measures over how the music sounds using it for playback. He also claimed to know better than the A
  12. While it is fair enough to take issue with some of the things posted on Stereophile in the past, regarding MQA, I think that this is unreasonable, especially given that they altered how they described MQA to be more technically correct after discussion in this thread. Irrespective of anything, there are people who will ask about particular functions of a DAC, including MQA. It was reasonable of him to ask the manufacturer how it is handled and report that. It isn't a statement for or against the format.
  13. If popular music, then the originals would have been PCM to begin with, so you could just buy conversion software and use that instead I reckon. You'd get the same result.
  14. I reckon that TIDAL saw the writing on the wall with Spotify going to release a lossless tier, and quickly sold themselves.
  15. Much of the argument about measurements would be negated if people actually knew how much processing went into most music, including adding distortion. The discussion of brand fans is interesting. Personally, I'm a fan of designers and companies that make products with the honest intent to enjoy music, even if the different approaches can be very contradictory. For example, I could readily see myself owning both Audio Note and Chord gear at the same time.
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