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  1. I know Lee has now been banned, but it still gets me how someone can't see the contradictions in their own comments, i.e: The high-res part could be chopped off (rather than the bits within the audible range) and people probably wouldn't hear it either. Heck, given a lot of the "hires content" is supposedly ADC noise (according to Dan Lavry and others) it would make more sense.
  2. I'm with firedog on this. I think that some people just don't want to see. Even though I don't think people should have been as hostile, I can understand the frustration when dealing with such people.
  3. I think showing that we're better than that is important. If you're goaded into being rude, then it's easy to say (as has essentially happened) "That chap is rude, so everything he says can be disregarded."
  4. I'm still trying to get my head around the idea that "MQA sounds better to me" but leading industry professionals couldn't discern any difference between MQA and the high-res original. I don't think we should be rude to him though. Heck, I have relatives that are both respected scientists and Marxists. I don't understand how they can hold those contradictions in their heads either.
  5. Even though I'm here mostly to read and understand, I can't help but reply to this. Your two points: 1. You're mixing up technical facts with listening tests. A listening test doesn't counter a mantra. Heck, just compare listening tests of NOS DACs versus their shockingly bad measurements. 2. Because they are using tricks such as increasing the volume by a dB or two, enhancing certain sounds, or removing noise so that you'll feel they sound better when they listen. It's the same with R2R DACs, tube amps, and cleverly tuned circuits that add even-order or 3rd-order harmonic distortion to make you believe you're hearing more than you really are in the music. It sounds better! I have experienced that (I'm listening with a NOS R2R DAC right now in fact) but that is not the same thing as actually "better". Value points: 1. It has been processed through a DSP, with remastering to enhance certain sounds and/or remove noise as I've already said. 2. If the compression is audibly lossless, then likely too would be the difference between a CD-quality version and the high-res one. 3. The bandwidth issue has been debunked already, but you are promoting the idea of using files which have data in the audible frequency ranges removed in exchange for compressed, inaudible mostly ADC-generated noise or aliased versions of the music from poor filters. That is not high-res, but the opposite Do you really consider this a good thing? Seriously Lee, does NONE of the technical information provided here, very often by experienced professionals, make any sense to you? Do the lies that were told not matter? Do the facts not matter?
  6. You could ask Kingwa of Audio-gd if he'll build you a custom HE-9 with all the outputs. I think his remotes would have enough buttons to be able to handle the switching too.
  7. First time I heard about the TICE too. We used to have a few Micronta alarm clocks in the house when I was young. Maybe that's why my father's hi-fi systems sounded so good back then.
  8. Rob Watts suggested that the issue with noise may not be from the PSU feeding the Chord DAC, but noise from the PSU affecting amplifiers connected. In other words, the noise was going back from the wall-wart into the amps through their power connection. However if no amp was used other than the built-in amp in the TT2, then I guess that wasn't the issue here.
  9. How about the profits from those sales too? How much of the $680k is left? Is there any way of knowing, or was it all pooled together and now LHLabs/Light Harmonic has almost nothing? If so, where did it all go? I'm going to speculate again: If my suggestion about buying commercially available DAPs and sending them to customers instead is unviable, it suggests the LHLabs has blown all their funds and is running on fumes, only keeping up the pretence of actually completing the project to avoid being sued into non-existence. Bringing up a guy famous for taking a lot of money from people, then giving them nothing for years (and sometimes nothing at all) is really putting your foot in your mouth, isn't it?
  10. LHCommSquad is correct about Head-Fi. What I suggested LHLabs should do is this: 1. Kill the Geek Wave Project. 2. Use whatever funds are left to buy, at wholesale prices, a good alternate DAP, with a retail price equivalent to what backers paid (or less, if funds are too low), and send it to them. I seriously doubt that even if the project is completed, that they'll be able to actually afford to support and provide updates for it.
  11. I pulled it from a public update, here: https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000037905-wave-update-chart-9-17-2017 I totally believe Larry is determined to pull through all this, but it would be nice if he posted where the $1.1M (or whatever it was, as the page has vanished from Indiegogo) for the Wave went. Edit: Found some old pictures:
  12. The original Geek Out shipped. I bought one. The V2 completely shipped AFAIK. They claim the Pulse and variations shipped fully, but there are still a few people complaining about broken units. The last total shipped units information posted that I'm aware of (unless one was posted last year) was this one: I'm with you on a public audit. Gavin Fish said to me in person, a few years ago, that he "did $12M this year" (or words to that effect). Take from that what you will. The problem is, of course, that the company is completed FiretrUCKED. Larry seems to be trying to innovate his way out of this disaster, by making and selling new products. I'm surprised he isn't actually focussed on the Geek Out and GOV2, as both are good products that are right where they are needed in the headphone market at the moment. However if your company name is poison, I guess that kills things. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  13. I find it puzzling why they haven't completely sh--canned the Wave, and still annually pull out that "Completed soon" nonsense. I've speculated about this before, but I heard a story that the hole that LHLabs had dug for themselves threatened Indiegogo's existence, as if they hadn't delivered, the fallout would have been too big. My speculation is that they cannot cancel the Wave because Indiegogo has some kind of hold over them still.
  14. People aren't on forums for the "truth", but to satisfy their ego. People wanting excuses to buy gear to get their dopamine hit when the delivery guy rings, and other people with no money enjoying trashing expensive products that they cannot afford. Years ago, running a (non-audio-related) forum, I found that even one or two extremely opinionated and noisy people could ruin a forum with thousands of participants, driving off people they didn't like by attacking their credibility. I see this nowadays both amongst people who want to defend their expensive purchases, as much as from "objectivists" who use arguments of inaudibility and lack of testing to imply a lack of credibility of people who post their impressions on products. The majority in the middle just end up wanting to have nothing to do with what amounts to veiled personal attacks. On a greater scale, discussion of serious topics on the internet is overwhelmed by noisy minorities too. The solution is... for people not to be a-holes. Seriously.
  15. This has nothing to do with MQA -- They re-mastered the file to enhance the instruments. This is what mastering of a recording does in the first place -- sets up the music to sound better for whatever final market it targets, eg: heavy compression for modern pop/rock and more minimal processing for jazz and classical. If the MQA group didn't run all the music through whatever DSP software they set up, people would be all over the place saying that they didn't hear any difference with MQA and it would be dead in the water. The flip side is they wouldn't succeed in selling a pure re-mastering system, as there would be no reason to persuade music labels to adopt it for their back catalog if there wasn't some kind of file format they could re-sell consumers, along with a bunch of new equipment from manufacturers. The obvious problem is that their whole pitch about "masters" and "de-blurring" has been shown to be a bunch of BS. It's the Emperor's New Music.
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