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Cafe OTO Downloads

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Just virtually stumbled upon this club in London called Cafe OTO that offers 24 bit downloads of the performances recorded at the venue. Anyone heard of this place or heard the recordings?


From the site:



Yes. When you download a recording as part of your digital membership we pay the artist £1. For downloads by non-members we pay the artists 50% of receipts.



All of the live recordings available will be professionally mixed and mastered and approved by the artists. Most recordings are sourced from the high quality multi-track hard disc recorder we installed in May 2013 and all are handled with the same attention to quality that we’ve given our vinyl LP releases.


Recordings are available to download as 320k MP3 / 24-bit FLAC files or 320k MP3 / 16-bit FLAC in the case of some older external labels.


LINK - https://cafeoto.co.uk/downloads/

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Cafe Oto is a club which features avant garde live jazz. I've never been there, but people on jazz sites that I used to follow often talked about seeing people like Peter Brotzmann and Tony Oxley there. I imagine that the recordings on the site are pretty far out. We used to say that if you had a tune stuck in your head and wanted to get rid of it you should hum the Hawaii Five-O theme song. If you've got Jazz in the Pawnshop or Misty up there, this music will do the same. Those who like free jazz ought to love this site.

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