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DIY Project High Performance Audio PC with high quality wiring

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3 minutes ago, evalon said:

It is also my impression from reading on and off on these webpages that DSD is generally preferred over PCM playback ... Is this also an opinion shared here?



I think this is very dependent on the DAC you are using.  With Chord DACs, I (and most folks I know) prefer PCM to DSD.  With other DACs, folks seem to have a strong preference for DSD.  For folks that want to really take advantage of the more advanced filters in HQP, they tend focus on DACs that do better with DSD content.


Generally speaking, I try to acquire music in the format that is closest to what it was recorded/mastered in.  That is virtually always PCM, but there are some audiophile labels that record straight to DSD (Blue Coast Records, etc).



ATT Fiber -> EdgeRouter X SFP -> Taiko Audio Extreme -> Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE w/ Level 2 DAC -> Voxativ 9.87 speakers w/ 4D drivers

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