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  1. Why don't you turn this off in the BIOS settings?
  2. MQA can only be decoded by software up to a maximum of 88.2 / 96kHz. With MQA 352.8kHz, for example, a large part is not decoded. Is that the best technical solution or is it better to play 44.1kHz lossless instead?
  3. In my opinion, anyone who uses Roon with the HQPlayer should deactivate the Roon DSP. This also applies to MQA. Otherwise Roon will decode the first level to 88.2 / 96kHz from a 44.1 / 48kHz file despite the deactivated DSP. The HQPlayer algorithms are so much better.
  4. Another topic because I'm just noticing: What does the display in the HQP desktop mean in the bar below: "Offload: resampler = disabled convolution = disabled" For me it appears very briefly and then it is gone. Convolution is definitely activated audibly in my case.
  5. I do it like this, too. The next audio PC has i9-12900K on board. I am particularly interested in the Intel Thread Director Windows 11. But AVX512 is not included.
  6. I reported here from the Afterdark Buffalo Switch: This switch has the "entry-level clock" grade PRINCE. I suspected that there was still something more possible. So I bought the Afterdark Switch with the Grade Emporer Giesmann EVA, the top model. Here are the different measurements: Prince: -100 dBc / Hz at 1Hz, -131dBc / Hz at 10 Hz Emporer Giesemann EVA: -121dBc / Hz at 1Hz, -145dBc / Hz at 10Hz The sticker on the side shows the clock grade Emperor Giesemann EVA. There was also a measurement record that confirmed the good values.
  7. I tried Delock and EMOSAFE EN-70HD The disadvantage of these boxes is that additional plugs and sockets are required. I always try to take the direct route to avoid contact resistance and other malfunctions. Bernd from fis Audio sees it that way and has therefore integrated the network isolator into the cable. He never told me from which manufacturer. It is not one of the above. In addition, the shielding can be switched on and off. Further informations in German are available here: fis Audio Ultraclean Linear Ethernet Cable. The best thing is to a
  8. According to my information, the end of September at the earliest. But I'm afraid it will take longer. 😆
  9. Thanks. But what do the CPU sensors say? I think you can read it out with HWMonitor.
  10. I am a big fan of the HQPlayer. But it concerns the engine, not the user interface. Compared to Roon, the user interface is anachronistic. I get all favorites displayed, regardless of the format or whether streamed or on hard drive. I can play my entire library at once or only certain tags, genres, formats, composers, etc. A lot of further information is offered to me about the album. When the album is over, Roon Radio continues to play with astonishing accuracy. So I've already discovered a few new albums. Incidentally, I do not th
  11. TDP stands for thermal design power in watts and relates to the energy consumption under the maximum theoretical load. The power consumption is less than TDP at lower loads. The TDP is the maximum performance a system should be designed for. The trick is to achieve high performance and low energy consumption with the clock frequency and the voltage limitation. It takes a lot of attempts. If the equilibrium has been found, the system is very stable at low temperatures. I have had good experiences with network isolators. fis Audio offers a network isolator integ
  12. Warning: this post may be a bit to long. 😉 New Fanless Chassis of HDPLEX H5 Version 3 Disclosure of my financial interests: I use HDPLEX products in the fis Audio PC! Larry gave me the permission to briefly introduce the product innovations. The new heat sink made of solid copper will be able to cool Intel's 12th generation core. The new dimensions are very well described on Igor's LAB: Source: Igor's LAB - Intel Socket LGA-1700 and LGA-1800 in detail - Exclusive data and drawings for the new CPUs from Alder Lake Here are the ne
  13. Hi Phil, do you also have Windows 11 on the plan? 😉
  14. I agree with your footnote. 😁 @firedog All absolute statements about audio are false
  15. Do you mean Denafrips? Then take a look at Amir's measurement results: https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/denafrips-ares-ii-usb-r2r-dac-review.11166/ His conclusion: I have great respect for engineers who think outside the box and are humble. And that's what this article is about, as I understand it: Not everything we hear in reality can be measured. 😉
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