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  1. Oops, after you first released PGGB I stepped away for a bit and didn't keep up with the updates. I did mistake that one, however, I am a long time and happy Foobar2000 user 👍 In my case, I have a T+A DAC8DSD, which does play PCM, but sounds best with DSD and DSD512 specifically. I was still hoping that offline DSD->upscaled DSD and PCM->upscaled DSD would still become available sometime. Was that added or is that in the works?
  2. A gentleman and a scholar. Very nice work dealing with that drive-by. I'm hanging out until the DSD update, thanks for all the good work, ZB.
  3. (deleted, but I don't know how to clear the editor and remove the quote...) To the OP, I'm not sure how many of us started out as wanting to be audiophiles, but I certainly didn't. I wanted good sound for a reasonable price. I learned more about what I considered to be "good sound" by trying things. I didn't want that, I never bought 1 item with the intention of hunting around and trying things, I bought them to listen to music. I learned along the way, and in that time "became" an "audiophile". I'm not sure how else you can get something satisfactory unless you pay so
  4. Just in case anyone ever comes across this thread and wonders where it ended up:
  5. Are you sure that's not a Streacom FC10? I always thought the FC9 was a noticeable bit narrower than my FC10, but I could hardly tell in that picture. I have the T+A DAC 8 DSD too 🥳 Thanks for the write up and hello from a fellow Canuck 😀
  6. I never heard anyone say these weren't for PC. I'm totally eyeing one for my upcoming HQPlayer Upsampling computer and also considering how I might add one to an Intel NUC11i7 via a m.2-u.2 adapter since I put my NUCs in bigger, silent aluminum cases anyway, and the u.2 drive would fit.
  7. Thanks for answering, Phil. That's good news🥳 Sadly, I didn't realize so much time had passed... to the point that WS 2022 has been in public beta for 2 months already and is planned for release in just another 6-8 months 😱 That puts your upcoming release not too, too far off 👍 Good luck with it, I'm certainly looking forward to it 🙂
  8. Hi Phil, It's coming up on the 2 year anniversary/birthday of AO 3.00 and I was wondering if a 3.10 or a 4.00 might be coming out any time soon? I read the last 2 pages, but didn't see any mention of it.
  9. 1. Interesting choice on footers. The designer behind Bocchino Audio also like an air pocket stone like you showed, but his is vesicular basalt. You're probably onto something there 🙂 2. Denafrips product release timeline: Denafrips Terminator 1.0 - Released 2017 Q2/3 Denafrips Terminator 1 DSP upgrade (T1.1) - Released 2019 Q3 Denafrips Terminator Plus - Released 2020 Q3 Denafrips Terminator 2.0 - Released 2021 Q1 When it's laid out like that, it looks really reasonable. And the T1.0 -> T1.1 wa
  10. And in case anyone else had completely no idea about the Terminator II, here are the details from 2 months ago from Alvin over on Head-fi: Overview: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/denafrips-terminator-the-king-of-r2r-dac.851085/page-50#post-16171049 The Terminator II DAC, is a trickle down of the Terminator-Plus DAC. Improvements of the Terminator II over the Terminator: - Total segregation of Digital Signal Processing and R-2R Network Arrays (Analog) boards - Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators replace the TCXO clocks - High-speed Digital Isol
  11. 1. I am not going to disagree with you on this point, but I will laugh a little because there were many technical points across your whole article. And also because, this is AS, it is quite well known for getting deeeeeeep into things. Don't reign it back too much, it's part of the sparkle~ 2. Thanks, gotcha. At least with the T+A DAC 8 DSD, DSD512 sounds different and better than DSD256, but still sad about those high-end modulators. I don't know what the workaround will be, CPUs have been pretty much capped @5.2GHz on 2 cores for a couple years now ☹️
  12. Who did "leave" anyway? And where did they mostly go? I haven't thought much about it, but hey, it's worth asking 🤷
  13. Isoacoustics also has an even cheaper model called the Iso-puck. It's less blingy than the Oreas and made for the pro audio market, but as far as I can tell, they're coming from the same approach. I've got a set in my cart now that I'm hoping to pull the trigger on once I've got my rack put back together.
  14. But given that you did so much already~ Why no DSD1024? You even mentioned it in the intro ;-) HQPlayer might not be able to output the full deal modulators at DSD512 or DSD1024 on any PC yet, but there are a lot of options to scale down the processing requirements while still outputting a DSD512 or 1024 feed. With Jussi at your You did say you took it to DSD256 with the EC modulators, then over to PCM at 1500k. Does that mean you went on up with DSD rates, but didn't like it? That'd be odd for you to skip saying if so. Thanks for the review. As anoth
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