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  1. I don't know if austicpop is feeling the love right now, Chris... 😅 I just heard the HiFiMAN Shangri-la electrostatic headphone system last week and it was crystal, crystal clear. But the entire supporting front end chain was not up to snuff and I don't know if the let down is coming from there or that I prefer a sound with more meat on the bones. In the end, I was satisfied with its clarify and instrument definition, but would never spend the money on them because they didn't 'oil my gears' so to speak. So, it's interesting to hear such a rave teaser coming from you here, at half the price of the HiFiMAN system, and with an integrated frontend. I'm looking forward to Austinpop's in depth feedback.
  2. Now, I want you to apologize 1 more time so that you’ve met the minimum requirement for such an act... I knew what you meant, but I know with 8 people in the house here and multiple devices each, it wouldn’t fly. I’d say the was more than likely a faulty device and bad quality manufacturing. With Samsung’s Note 7 battery scandal a few years back, though, it’s not like anyone is safe with buying from a top tier manufacturer either... With a piece of kit like this, and in line with Sandyk, it’s meant to stay ready for use. If it’s not ready and in the right place, you’re either likely to forget it or it to not be ready when you need it. Which is sad, because you certainly can’t trust them...
  3. Thanks. I did post essentially the same thread over there, but I got pretty similar replies about the offer being way too low and no one really recommending much about how to do it. I'll follow through over there as well, but I'm more of an AS'er forumite faithful than anywhere else, so I posted my news here first. Thanks for the heads up, though. I agree and expect that as I get into the assembly part I'll be asking more questions over there. I think I maybe didn't get a warm reception because I'm a newb (like <10 posts) and the post itself was pretty green sounding. I think once I've got some materials on hand and I'm trying to do something, that'll count as paying cover and people will be more helpful.
  4. I will update the thread as I receive the parts and move through with the build. It's going to take some time because I'm going to try to push the quality level, but I hope the final results can be a good reference for anyone else interested in this kind of situation. Oh, and prices. The Bent Audio parts so far cost $2400 USD and I'll spend maybe another $1000 USD on the chassis. I expect the assembly wire and such to cost maybe another $100 USD as I already have the soldering equipment, silver solder, and nice wire, but there should be some incidentals. It is a semi-DIY effort, but coming in around $3500 USD and almost hitting all of my "NEEDS" and "NICE TO HAVES" sounds pretty awesome to me. I wasn't trying to avoid the DIY aspect initially, I just don't have the time for anything intense and in this case, I'd call this more assembly than DIY as everything is already done and all I'll be doing is fastening things to the future chassis and soldering some connections. Anyway, I'll update the thread as time goes. Hopefully it all turns out as nice as I can see it in my head.
  5. Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the discussion in here. I was juggling some crazy projects at work and then spending my spare time actually trying to sniff out the trail I caught wind of, so I didn't end up posting in here. Sorry about that, but I'm not MIA, so that's good. It took a lot of digging and asking around, I will have to do some assembling, but I've really lucked out and mostly covered all my needs. I found some NIB Bent Audio AVC-1 Slagleformer/autoformer modules and the associated internal PCBs for the front panel/volume, rear I/O, and power input. Then I contacted the Bent Audio owner, John Chapman, and we worked out how to reconfigure the I/O logic to work for me, including the front panel buttons and the remote. I will have to source a chassis and then assemble the parts, but that shouldn't be too hard where I live now and assembly is easier than "no solution". I know some guys who do CAD work, so I'm just focusing on finding the right chassis and brainstorming on the external looks and optimal internal layout. Preamp will have: 1. 2x XLR ins + 6x XLR outs. 2. Everything can remain connected at all times. 3. DAC output impedance is 22-ohms and collective input impedance is >5000-ohms, so damping remains well over the 10:1 ratio in the worst case scenario. 4. All inputs and outputs are isolated, so only 1 input and 1 output are "in circuit" at any time. 5. Uses the Bent Audio, 13 button remote. - This includes input switching, output switching, volume control, L/R balance control, mute, and power on/off. Nice stuff, but not 'needs': 1. Volume memory for each "input+output" combination: I'm not sure yet, I'll find out soon. 2. Use Tortuga Audio LDR preamp boards: Didn't happen, but uses my other leading candidate, Bent Audio Slagleformers. I feel I really lucked out here, I've had my eye on these 2 implementations for several years. 3. Use Tortuga Audio OLED display and Apple remote receiver: Uses Bent Audio displays and LEDS, and Bent Audio remote. 4. Use a tube buffer for the outputs: No buffer right now, but there is room in the chassis for balanced buffers. 5. Use output transformers after the solid-state/tubes to create a pure balanced XLR signal: The Slagleformers achieve this.
  6. When I was researching about the issue beforehand and later when I was discussing it with Domenico from Amanero, that was what I understood. I guess I was incorrect and I appreciate the courteous way that you have corrected me about it. If there is a time that I can afford the new SDV3100HV, I will enjoy giving it a shot. I am still happy with the DAC8DSD's sound quality, but it's lack of modern Linux compatibility is not a pleasant thing to deal with in my system. I think the approach that you've taken with the SDV3100HV's USB and ethernet implementations will serve you very well into the future. I'm very happy to see your company taking a different approach this time around and I hope the SDV3100HV meets a warm welcome in the market. Hopefully I can join those new buyers sometime later.
  7. I could pass on my own assumptions about a few things from what I believe Chris was getting at, where it was coming from, and also that I understand the victories of your post. But overall, +1, this deserves a reply.
  8. 10-4. Looking forward to further information and a release when available 😀
  9. 10-4. And what about any tentative release date? If it's any different than the standalone version.
  10. For the DIY or OEM component, would this be like a PCIe expansion card? Say, like the JCAT Network Femto Card, but optical and made by Sonore? I'm trying to understand how it could become "internal" and what I'd need inside my PC/mobo to use it.
  11. You really like stoking the fire, don't you? It does make me laugh how often people get you guys and Sonore mixed up... And see, there we are again 🤪
  12. Good to hear, Al. I don't have my HQPlayer upsampling PC built back in action yet, so I'll outline my current and future playback flows. Current: 1. <-> Windows 10 based "NAS" (I'm in the process of building an Audiolinux based, dedicated NAS). 2. <-> RoonCore NUC7i7DNHE based server, upsampling in Roon to DSD512. 3. -> Fidelizer Nimitra + Nikola LPS as renderer. 4. -> T+A DAC 8 DSD playing "native" DSD512. To-be: 1. <-> Audiolinux based, dedicated NAS. 2. <-> RoonCoreNUC7i7DNHE based server, upsampling in Roon to DSD512. 3. -> HQPlayer DSD512 upsampling PC. 4. -> Fidelizer Nimitra + Nikola LPS as renderer. 5. -> T+A DAC 8 DSD playing "native" DSD512. I couldn't quite understand what your original, JRiver only playback chain looked like, nor your follow up Roon based chain, and finally not your 3rd chain. Sorry about that. Could draw/list the playback chain like I have above? I'd find it easier to see how all your pieces for together that way. Then I could think about the pros and cons and how it relates to what I have experience with.
  13. Hello again, Alvin. It's over a month after CNY holidays now, are there any good updates? And can you say anything about a new, higher-end DAC from Denafrips? I'm wondering with all the new components from them and the lack of upgrades or new releases with the Terminator.
  14. Al! You're still around! It's been a long time, I was wondering what happened to you. Maybe I just haven't been in the same threads or on the same forums as you lately? I certainly feel that I haven't seen as many threads by you these past 1-2 years. Anyway, good to hear you're still in pursuit of great sound and trying all kinds of things.
  15. I think it's OK to ask the question and present some information that's been found, but unless any of us actually know what we're specul-guessing about, we should probably just stop at the asking questions point. Or better yet, email the mumetal/permalloy manufacturer, and then past their replies. The cable manufacturer could be anywhere between spot on and completely misleading. It's a crapshoot.
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