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  1. And right out of left field, Melco with the S100 for the win?! Nice review. And I'm also happy to read some positive feedback on that Melco switch. Good for them. And good for the eR in all ways.
  2. Thanks for explaining a bit more, I follow what you mean now. It sounds interesting, but I can't see anyone ever taking up a commercial offering like that, it would really cut the legs out from under the total potential client base, in an already niche market. But it might work in a First Watt style approach, as a labour of love by a skilled designer(s), schematics and part lists fully offered for DIY, and an assembled version available in standard case work at a DIFM premium. First Watt has done well off this approach and produced many unique components that might never have otherwise made it as a pure, commercial, Pass Labs product. From my seat, that's an "inside man" project, and an industry insider like you might be in a good position to make it happen, or by coordinating a collaboration with other members of the trade?
  3. I see you comment a lot over on Mike of Mivera Audio's forum, especially before when he was releasing a PureStream Mk2 standalone DAC, that was specialized for DSD256 only. I'm not sure if you ever for to listen to his Mk1, but isn't that just like what you're talking about here? Or are you meaning something better than that? I would also love a DAC 8 DSD upgrade option, but the DAC 8 DSD's internals are all a single PCB, so the looks of the upgrade path to me are a full guts replacement... Which sounds pretty out there. I'd say if anything, given the situation, they'll just release a whole new DAC 8 DSD replacement, without any upgrade option, as the cost of the upgrade would be too significant. I'd be happy to get surprised, though!
  4. You've got to hash it out a bit more~ I also have OOYH and as annoying as it is to get working correctly, once you know what to do you can manage it pretty straightforward. And the sound is great. It's a not the right answers all the time, but it's a great card to have in your hand and I enjoy it most of the time. So, how is Redscape comparing sound wise? There's a lot of variation with OOYH and the different speakers/rooms you can buy for it.
  5. This is an awesome move, Chris. I hope this does take off.
  6. What does that mean? That sounds exactly like you're a dealer/shop owner...
  7. You covered it all pretty well in that post. It's worth a shot to try it out in a qualified listening environment, as in, not just with budget gear or something you don't care much for. I think it's a decent Linux OS for audio and more than qualified to play the part. But as you said, can I unequivocally say it's the best and beats all the others, no. I just think it's comparable and totally worth a spot in the list given what's being covered here. And I must say thanks for all the effort you put into this 😀
  8. That was A LOT of content about operating systems. I'm sure there are many other ones and I assume other people will mention ones they figure you missed, but I want to throw Snakeoil OS (https://www.snakeoil-os.net/) out there as another 100% audio dedicated Linux distro. And it has Roon and HQPlayer configurations now too. I've always thought the lead developer Keith was a great guy and very focused on being an audiophile and making an audiophile OS.
  9. Maybe shoot for 150hrs each? You could do that by running the DAC ~24/7 for 1 week on each circuit. I think that'd be a safe way to start and not cost you much time. And you're very welcome. I do have 24/192 PCM white, pink, and brown noise files now, but before I had them I just cycled playlists with various music, trying to reach that 150-500hr target on my new components. Even now that I have the noise files, I still put them in a playlist with real music. The best and "official" way is to use a conversion transformer, the likes of a Jensen ISO-MAX or Radial _____. They both use Jensen transformers and come from the pro-audio world, but that's the ticket to real XLR-> RCA conversion. However, another approach is via a pigtail style adapter. I don't have any, but they just take 1 side of the balanced signal. I've heard good things about both, and better things about the transformer route, for various reasons. But then you're at the whim of the transformer quality and sound~ I'd probably just give the standard Terminator RCA outs a shot first, then pick up a conversion transformer from Amazon (about $150-300 USD) and try. If it's not worth it, you can return it. And in the meantime, you get nice music.
  10. I believe USB and i2s HDMI LVDS are the 2 favoured inputs, with some preferring/hoping the i2s input is better. I have sided with the I2s input so far, from sources like the USB->i2s DDC Singxer SU-1 or new SU-6. What you just described may be what's called the "USB receiver handshake", and after that the USB power is supplied from another source. If so, then it means the 5V power leg from the USB source device can likely be disconnected after the USB handshake successfully occures. This was a common tweak that many people said improved the sound quality of these kinds of USB implementations back a few years ago. Might be good here too? - Pink noise, white noise, brown noise. - 500 hours. - PCM and DSD circuits are not the same, thus need to either be burned in separately if you're going to rotate or just go with the one you need firstly and then burn in the other one after you get to 500hrs on the first. - Don't forget connecting the desired output as well. XLR seems to be preferred. Me included.
  11. Thanks. Never heard of them before. I did a quick Google and that model is called OMA Monarch, and costs £60,000. I didn't bother hunting down the centre stack too. Pricy stuff.
  12. What are these? And what does that system cost, including the centre stack?
  13. What's wrong with the Tektons? They're pretty run of the mill multi-driver looking tower speakers. And once there's a grill on the front, even more so. I listened to these about 6 months ago, they were fantastic. They look worse in person.
  14. It was raised several times in that thread that there was a small list on maybe 10-20 people who were making things difficult. When you read that, didn't you consider you might have made the cut for that team? I was sure of it. On topic: I'm pretty surprised to hear this, I figured the DA2 module would just enter production and completely replace the DA1. Sure, that leaves them to figure out what to do with whatever stock they have of the old ones, but this result seems like the wrong choice. Thanks for bringing it up.
  15. Ben-M


    I like this idea too. It could become a total gong show, but an unmanaged channel where manufacturers didn't need screening and could post there garbeled English and whatever links without worrying about passing some kind of test would be nice. There's lots of gear out there, like the Denafrips stuff, that was on the scene for a while before it caught on and got digital love. If there had been places where manufacturers could have posted it for any willing party to have a look, that would be cool. It could even become a platform for upvoting which could entice reviewers to take on new gear that wouldn't otherwise consider. But it would need policing because for sure assholes would abuse it and try to game the system.
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