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  1. I filled it out. I was surprised to see some of the choices there, or maybe the way they were written? Anyway, I think this'll be a good read if enough people try filling it out. One part I found pretty funny was the "advice" I'd give for the priority of those items is -not- the same as how I prioritized those items as I put together my own system. Maybe I should stop being so stubborn and take my own advice 🤣
  2. I'm really happy Chris or someone at AS opened the doors for content like this. Josh is a fantastic researcher and writer and I really enjoy all of these TBVO articles. They are great and I am happy that they are here on this site, I see it as something tastefully different and very valuable. Thanks again for another great article, and to introducing me to another great musician, collection of albums, and interesting history.
  3. The panzerholz part isn't too surprising since they use it inside the Extreme Server, but the spiral pattern is pretty unique looking. As soon as I saw your pictures I thought it looked familiar, and then I saw your description saying it was the same as their isolation platform. Haha, I can't say how much I buy into it, but the copper really looks fantastic. Thanks a lot for sharing those. One other DAC I'm keeping an eye on lately is the new Rockna Audio Wavelight. I don't think I'll get in a listen unless I buy one, but reading what I have on it gives me the feeling
  4. This is very interesting reading, I have had an eye on the Tambaqui for a while but they're so uncommon where I live that I've never tried to find one for a listen. I guess there are a lot more DAC 8 DSDs in the field, but they're still a niche DAC and not FOTM anymore. This was great to hear your feedback on the two, much appreciated for sharing. Is there any chance you can take more pictures of the copper mods or just the whole DAC 8 DSD? I have one too and that first picture looks pretty great.
  5. I can't believe I never knew that! That's AMAZING news. That's honestly been one of my gripes with Roon until now. Thanks a million for that and the screenshots 👍
  6. The folder is named "Artwork"? And can you show some pictures of what that's like? I follow, but my server is down right now and I can't test it.
  7. I'm interested in these, but what are the build materials? - What is the mirror polished cup made of? - The black base? - The steel ball?
  8. I actually bought an iPad Pro 12.9" Gen 3 so that I could replicate an experience kind of like this on Roon. I think what I've got is good, but for sure there's a ways to go and it's not quite up to the level that I'd like, which I think is pretty much aligned with what OP Chris is talking about launching. But for me, I like the flexibility Roon gives me, especially how I can use the hardware I know and love compared to just something they make and bundle with a software suite. I like that this part of Roon came out of Meridian, which was "locked" into that approach.
  9. Superdad's company UpTone Audio makes a competing "hub-chip-based USB regenerator" called the ISORegen. He's certainly very familiar with the topic and I don't think there's anything in your reply that helped him get a better handle on the perspective he needs to understand what Innous is offering with the Phoenix. But what kind of rubs me an odd way is him taking the time to comment on and insinuate that the Connor-Winfield clock used in the Phoenix are substandard or somehow not good enough. Most of the MOT follow the unwritten rule to not throw shade at competitors
  10. It's a nice little setup you've got there. Why have all the speakers? Why not sell all of them and get just 1 "better" pair? And what kind of target sound are you after with the bookshelves? Just on my side, the smallest I have been able to go and get the sound I like are 8" drivers + 2" ribbon tweeters on a pair of now-discontinued active EmotivaPro Stealth 8s.
  11. Thanks for the feedback on both fronts, Will. That's interesting that they're for resistors to flavour the highs. I haven't looked into it, but I haven't see any Tekton owners talking much about that. That seems like a prime Tweekers Delight opportunity~
  12. Hi Will. Thanks for posting up all the pictures and detailing your journey with the Ulfberhts. I'm also awaiting a new home to be built and I've pretty much desided on the Ulfberhts for my combination music/entertainment room. My home won't be done for another 2 years in order to line up with a few other schedules, so I've got a bit of time to figure out the details. I already got in touch with Eric about the build several months ago and I'll be getting back in touch with him in another few months to work out some more details. I wanted to ask a couple questions: 1. I am also
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