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Keith Jarrett Live @ Köln in 24/96

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HDTrack only sell´s it in USA, no chance for me as a poor european KJ fan.


Does anybody know´s a way to get access to HDTrack outsite USA?




Digital Sources: MacBook 8GB / 512GB internal SSD, iTunes, OS X 10.10 El Capitan, Amarra Symphony iRC 3.0.3 and Pure Music 2.0, Weiss DAC 202 Firewire, Creek Destiny CD,

Analog Sources: Transrotor FatBob Turntable with SME M2-9 tonearm and Benz ACE-L MC cartridge

Preamplification: McIntosh C500T Tube preamplifier; Clearaudio Balance+ Phono preamplifier (balanced);

Power amplifier: McIntosh MC452 Stereo

Loudspeaker: B&W 802 Diamond


AC: Audioplan power conditioning and 5x Audioplan Power Cable, 1 Shunyayta power cable, 1 Audio Pro power cable

Kimber KS 1130 XLR between Phonostage and pre-amplifier, Speakercable Kimber 3033 incl. Kimber BiFocal Bi-wiring- adapter, Audiopro Advanced Listening 3 XLR, 1 digital SPDIF cable CD to DAC, Firewire MacBook to DAC Kubala-Sosna,

Accessories: room treated with accoustic elements from r-t-f-s, Hannl Mera Vinyl Record Cleaner; 5x bFly Audioabsorber, Creative equipment rack

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Toshiba Satellite P300 laptop--Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit--M2TECH hiFace USB-S/PDIF interface-->coaxial output cable-->


MacBook Pro--Sierra--optical output cable-->


Raspberry Pi 2--Pixel--USB output cable-->


Simaudio MOON 100D DAC (USB, coaxial and optical connections in use)--Yamaha RX-V640 receiver


--Grant Fidelity Tube DAC-09 (with NOS Raytheon 5670)--used as bypassable vacuum tube preamp stage--Topping TP60 stereo power amplifier--one pi bass reflex speakers--homebuilt--plans from Wayne at pispeakers.com


--QSC model 5.1 stereo power amplifier--ACI Rage 12" subwoofer in homebuilt sealed 2 ft^3 enclosure


--Denon AH-A100 headphones

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Item Audio,


The tricky way is to use a program (HIDE MY IP), and allocate your IP in the USA.


They have Mac & PC versions, and works perfectly.


I think is not a sin to hide your IP, since you will pay the fees to HDTracks.


I'm not from the USA and use it when I need to, even to protect my identity from hackers.




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